Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #208 'An Old Place With a Calm Soul'

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'An Old Place With a Calm Soul'

This romantic scene caught my eye when walking one of the oldest and largest parks in Europe. Yes, we have that one right here. The name is Maksimir and it was founded already in 1787. It has several lakes and spacious old woods. It is always a pleasure to walk here, regardless of the season or the mood one is in. The place has a magic touch of repairing a bad mood and enhancing a good one. You are free to imagine yourself sitting on that bench and observing a local family of ducks. :)

I used an interesting colour scheme to further the impression and contribute to the already existing sad but still romantic feeling. Notice the touches of green and purple which define most of the colour scheme and beautifully work together with the dark areas. The tree which is completely closing the right side creates a bit of mystery as if there is a secret that may, or may not be revealed. Its curves are just too beautiful not to mention. I deliberately left some space to the left of the tree on the left side. If you try to imagine the photograph without that space, you might notice that the overall feeling changes.

Not sure if you can notice a few pieces of bread sitting on the gently frozen surface. Some kind soul left these for the ducks, knowing it is winter and they're hungry. If you've noticed that on the first sight, your attention is absolute. If you didn't, worry not, it's really not that easy. :) If you ask me about that stone cube in the middle, I'll be honest up front and tell you that I have no clue. It does look good, pushes the mystery forward, therefore I decided to leave it as a part of the composition.

Use your imagination, fill it with good thoughts and take a walk through the park. If you ever get a chance, visit the place in person. It is very soothing and calm this time of year.

Enjoy! :)

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Amazing art .. Good job @velimir

@alaminhosssain Best regards from beginners

This place is suitable for relaxation. By sitting on the bench in this quiet place also effective for the patients of anxiety and depression.

I love this type of place when you can just relax your mind ;)

a very positive thought about how to calm down when the heart and mind are in trouble and have a million benefits of enjoying a calm and beautiful atmosphere.

hi frnd

The landscape makes you sit down and think about your past and future.

Very calming image

I like your photo. It is perfectly processed. Transmits the mood of the photographer. Great job.

I liked it also, i cant believe somewhere very Old like this can be this cool and Cute. Its really amazing

Yeah I agree with #assasin, the picture describe it all. Indeed a perfect place to relax with your love ones

Beautiful. I find this image so soothing. I could look at it all day! :)
(Upvoted and followed)

that place look very calm and peaceful. A perfect place to get relax!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Reallya nice @velimir, thanks for sharing. i alway vote and resteem. U can see my blog.

A picture that is less than what is said about it is wonderful as a painting from the creativity of a creative painter
Romantic place par excellence between the desolate and the lake in front of you Shi guided
You really are a witty photographer

I get the mood "contemplative" out of this photo. The stillness of the water, the focus upon the cube seem to draw pure thoughts from the air.

I can tell this photography its wonderful Really it is
I like your work and your story i enjoye in your bloog
Good luck Mr @velimir

very good...

@velimir nice post anf follow uvpote thank you.

i am following u hope u follow me back

nice photography dear.very beautiful place it
i like this.
i appricate your photography
thank you

i am following u hope u follow me back

Nice pic and location (a little bit creepy but your view is fantastic). How do you take your photographies (with a camara or a smartphone)?

Ahh, this photo makes me long to be at such a calm and peaceful place right now. It gets so crowded and hectic with the job and the daily routine, that finding time and making the effort to go somewhere quiet and peaceful has become imperative.
Love that this park has lakes and ducks and benches to sit by. The closest I've come to this arrangement is a little dry pond in the center of the park.
Love the composition of this photo!

Wow..Thats very good photography...I appreciate to see this photo... That's amazing looking so much ..
Carry on ....
Best of luck ..
Thanks for sharing your valuable content dear

upvote and resteemit done...
keep it on..

"AN OLD PLACE WITH A CALM SOUL" ADDED its taste beyoundd maximummmm .....
Awesome photo....
Double awesome caption.. thanks

I love this .

I am new to this community .

nice ,,,,,,,,,,and good article

Look good, i like to view some photo like this.
This photo make me peaceful.. :')


I am new to this commuinity

I know a place , a small lake like this in my hometown, Tata. :-)
Beautiful picture! :-)

my imagination runs smoothly with your story about this old place, i can imagine the uniqueness of historic sites in europe, greetings from @sailor01.


Hello, it is an excellent photograph, you capture incredible nuances of just seeing it relaxes you and gives you peace. Congratulations

I love art, I do my painting but I am not famous artist

Romance is found amidst the busy city among the chaos like this

It's very beautiful to look very little to see, good post @velimir

some times we get connected to some short of memories and by reading your post its simply reflect that space of love and romance in your soft heart and yes the photo is amazing reflect the old age romantic place

Very nic photography.

Very nic post.

this pic showing lonlyness :(

People who buy or own a house, of course, usually expect there is a remnant of land that can be utilized for the park. The existence of a garden in the house actually has many functions. In addition to beautify the house, the garden also makes the atmosphere of the house is not arid. A house will feel comfortable and look attractive if equipped with a garden.

But not every house can have a garden. Just look at the dense settlements found in various urban areas. Even if there is the rest of the land was generally not used as a park, but for the parking lot of motorcycles, stalls, or adding a house. The existence of an exterior garden, is actually very important. Park is not just an empty space filler, but has many functions and a much larger role.

You know, all these
sentiments about beauty
coming from within, they've
always resonated when I've
read them, but it takes a bit
of living to truly appreciate
them. To realise we are so
much more than our
experiences, that we are
who we are because of the
lessons we've learnt, now
that's what true 'beauty' is for
It is possible to experience
an awakening in this life
through realising just how
precious each moment, each
mental process, and each
breath truly is.

Nice picture. I like it. Thanks @velimir

imagine u r sitting on that bench and look at the flow of water feel the air touching body that scene will feel u very good and relaxing. its seriously a great imagination i like this photo with this imagination.

Maksimir, Zagreb??

I would like to have the pleasure of knowing this place, by your words I can understand a perfect blend of peace, harmony and beauty. Excellent!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Very romantic scene dear

I read ur whole post and found it quite intresting. I felt like im watching some high graphic animated movie. It is so beautiful scripted that it caught my mind and compelled me to to write somthing in this context.
Sir as u said u left the space on the left side of the left tree gave a complete different perespective of view so does the curvy tree on right side. The stone in the middle is there for no reason, sir i may suggest u add some village kids resting on it and using it as a rest while jumping into the water for bathing or swimming.
The presence of ducks and Geese in water may add more life to it.This may give it a live look and take away the beautifully created calmness and convert it into totally different place.
Also over the opposite side of the lake is a space where i would add kids playing cricket.
By adding thses two things in this pic may completly change the scenerio of this pic.
Hence by this addition we would have two complete different and opposite drawings.
Sir my ideas may not feel good to u, but to my lil mind i would add these thing to it.


Nice Post!

The processing of this photo matches the scene perfectly! Pulls me right in so that almost feel like I'm standing there myself.

Well iam totally impressed with your choice in photography because this place is looking very magical and at the same time very calm also, it's really a good shot sir @velimir

such a calm place would love to spend some time sitting there alone

A wonderful photo. I like such quiet surroundings.

Bravo EX YU

Very Goooood

Thank you that you have showed us there is such a nice place in the world! Upvoted!

Beautiful photo!

Тhe photo comes alive...

very good...i am following u hope u follow me back

this makes me anxious to leave this hectic life and enjoy this serenity... beautiful picture :)

good post brother I invite you to stop by my blog

when I look at your photo and read what you say about the picture, I am more imaginative to mystery and horror, maybe because I see the trees on the other side, plus the touch of nuance, this is the place good to calm the heart and obscuring upset heart for a moment

I am amazed by your writing, old town with a quiet soul, you are a smart person hopefully in the world your motor will be achieved what you

The photo is very beautiful and the landscape very relaxing, I congratulate you

This picture really tells a story! Good work Velimir!

Beautiful post because the garden is to be beautiful. The garden has become part of us because the Garden is an area or plot of land planted with various plants and given some additional components that are beneficial to humans. Components in the park consists of biotic and abiotic components that support each other Other.Cotton biotic components, among others: human, animal, and plant.

As for the abiotic components of the park, among others: land, air, air, and sunlight.In some parks there are some additional components such as fountains, walkways, ponds, gazebos, swings, and other decorations that can add aesthetic value to the garden. In the last garden was created to arrange, plant, and organize various plants, such as trees, grasses and flowers as one of the greening efforts. areas become more beautiful, cool, comfortable, and neatly arranged.

Thaks you....

Beautiful inspiration. :)

So beautiful- keep posting . Would like permission to do as a pastel---? Impressionistic style....

Very good me gusta mucho saber sobre eso

@velimir The picture is very good, surely if sold this expensive

An amazing place to spend some time near to the nature.

amazing ! i follow u

You have some amazing photos!
Gonna follow and upvote :)
Hope you like mine... Good Luck!

This does look like a place out of a dream! I imagine sitting there with a gentle sun on my face and read a good book and it warms my soul 😊

If we try to give the stone block a deeper meaning - we might observe the way that the left tree spreads it's "hands" to the block of stone standing in the middle of the lake, craving to move from his constant dwelling of years and rest on the water blanket of the lake.

We can think of it as a metaphore to the people who are so fixed and glued to their certain way of life, they lived like that for so long that they almost do not know anything else - just like a tree that doesn't even remember the time he was a young sapling, new to the ground. But in certain times of enlightenment, this man might suddenly have the vision of living a better life, putting effort and advancing to new ways of life and thoughts. So the unbelievable happens sometimes - those old trees wake and bloom!

But it takes a storm to move such a massive tree - let's hope this people will find the storm inside them!

Just by looking at the picture makes you calm. Beautiful photo.

Just wow!!!!

beautiful scenery

you really take us into a wave of emotions with all these details that you know give them a perfect meaning in the whole picture. I plan to get started in photography and just this, I would say, a piece of art of yours give me a big inspiration. I imagine myself taking a walk in this park taking great pictures, then go home and edit the pictures with Lightroom and share them with everyone. Thanks for the inspiration.

Very peaceful looking place and also a nice shot as well. Places like this with history on it make it more attractive also...

it's cool... i love it, because photography will give more about important moment and beautiful subject...

This is a wonderful place with a special attractive atmosphere. It resembles the atmosphere as in the old films about vampires. Transylvania and forests, a certain Gothic style of that time. I think that the season of the year plays its special role in creating such an atmosphere.

Yes, you correctly noticed the fact that the tree to the right creates a bit of mystery and adds pictures of the atmosphere no less than the prevalence of the salted flowers and a slight predominance of violet.

I was not too lazy and looked more detailed information about this park. Now I can say with confidence that this is one of the main attractions of the city of Zagreb. A good place.
Thank you

So beautiful =)

Looks as an artistic paint more than a photography.
Definitely a good inspirational pic!

wonderful place


Wow Amazing place.

You have a good taste of a romantic place...I wonder how you make such a good photo, with all the combined lights and colors. I guess you are a professional photographer.

I can feel the peace, honesty and love...
XoXo @maryansetro

hola!! me interesa participar!!! ¿cómo puedo hacerlo?

Beautiful photography, gives that feeling of peace, inspiration, good job @velimir

I just discovered your photos today, and am thoroughly enjoying looking through your work and your writings. You've got another follower. So glad to have stumbled across your photography.

Really it's an art by you!!
This the place where we can refresh our mind and boost energy.
It's really beautiful place art by you!!😍😍💓

beautiful photo

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good the post you,,@velimir by @mitakaya

It is a very beautiful place. 감사합니다 good!

Very gud

Photos show tranquility and coolness.nice post @vemilir

I like your post. The picture depicts the deep silence, behind the image has deep meaning.

I love the angle of the picture...like being a fly on the tree lol...a different perspective sneaking a peek at Ghosts lovers sitting on the bench. :) Don't make a sound and scare them away . :)

sencillamente hermoso / simply beautiful

After a bad phase in life, all you need is just a chat with a sensible friend. It's so wonderful place for a talk. And great photograph too. Love it @velimir

Que lugar tan bonito, denota tranquilidad y paz espiritual. Me encanta tu Post.

brutal that image is great very good, as soon as you see it you want and you feel that you are there, very good work brother I congratulate you. greetings and success.

wow... nice photography... and amazing art

Wow.. Exelente foto transmite calma.

Love the dark nature of the scene. Looks like an interesting place to sit

It maybe odd looking but your picture has made it look beautiful. I actually wouldnt mind sitting on that bench.

Very beutiful and amazing photograph
Great work