Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #201 'The Balance'

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'The Balance'

The title of this one might come off strange at first but if you continue reading, you will see that I'm not off the target at all.

There is a balance in everything. Without it, nothing would really be able to function and progress. Nothing works without it and nothing would. Lost balance is the last thing we want or need. It keeps forces at bay, it makes everything run smooth. The balance is very likely the most important thing keeping the world society together and alive. Politically, financially, trade-wise, you name it. Therefore, I decided to give it a shot and try to portray its inner workings.

The outside that we see through the window is overexposed and not much can be seen out there. Inside, everything is much too dark and it is quite hard to find details. But there is one place of balance. The reflection on the open window shows the right, correct exposure and we can see the outside. It is the only area kept in balance while the rest is either too dark or to light. I believe the message is right here and pretty loud and clear. Colour treatment closely follows the general idea. The only place with clear colours is in the same place. The colours in all other areas are either too subdued or too light (but still in balance with each other).

It's also important for a person to keep the inner balance. Between love and anger, between emotions and reason, between all of the opposites human mind can ever imagine. To be mature also means to be able to use all the tools that we are given at the right time, and only when needed.

I love that piece of broken glass on the sill. It so beautifully signifies what happens when the balance is lost!

Enjoy! :)

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It's in fact, balanced when it comes to light and darkness. I like this photo because it's good even though the thing is bad (broken). Thanks for sharing another masterpiece!

the composition is all over the place and it work. You are very skill in the trade of photography

I looked at the picture and absorbed the details so i would be able to comment my thoughts - but you got all of the ideas I had covered! Even the broken glass 😁

The only thing I have to add is regarding the windowsill - his position between the dark room and the over exposed windows gives it a beautiful, bluish, color - this is one of the best elements in the picture, in my opinion.
We might take it too the direction that yes, life should be balanced in order for us to live with each other in this world, but sometimes we might let ourselves do unbalanced things, go skiing on a whim or whatever, and it will make our usually balanced life deeper, more whole, while still being balanced and manageable.


good commend LOL

Life is indeed balanced, without our consciousness. Yesterday we can forge various problems that we feel life is very hard to live. But today or tomorrow, it could happen otherwise, which makes us re-excited to live life.
The inner balance is very important for the laity who live in a chaotic world, amidst a wave of turbulent, erratic circumstances. The world has shaped the weak inner form of human beings, so the favor often gets criticism and incoherent and fraudulent attacks, even not infrequently blocked and obstructed. When one can maintain his inner balance, then he is a great hero. Fortunately, fame and bad names, praise and reproach, happiness and suffering are the eight unimaginable worldly conditions in the life of mankind . Most people are confused and disturbed when there is such a situation, both pleasant and unpleasant. People feel happy when praised, sad and depressed when reproached or denounced. In this case the Buddha once said: "The wise man does not show happiness or disappointed in the midst of his praise and reproof of steadfast rock unshakable ol uh storm. "

Balance is what I was thinking about last week. Balance - really should exist in everything. For example, you can not always be quick-witted, sooner or later there will be changes. The balance is like the karma of a person - are you doing - evil and happy? - evil will return to you.
Balance must be respected in all aspects of human life. You should not eat with food or alcohol. Even excessive drinking of water can be harmful. Therefore, it is important to realize that life is like a pendulum, there are good and bad days, and it is important to know that for a good day in life there will be a good one. This is Yin and Yang.
The face of the balance is clearly visible on the photo. Through the closed window we can not see the whole picture of what is happening on the street. As well as through excessive expectations, a person can not soberly see what is happening. This is called wearing rose-colored glasses. But through the open part of the window - which is on the left - we clearly see everything that happens. This is the line of balance to which one should strive. A sober view of things. In some situations it is necessary to remain cold-blooded to accept the situation as it is.
Thank you

I love a good bit of philosophising! Yes, balance is important in everything! :0)

A picture they say is worth a thousand words. I'm a great lover of everything art, but sadly my country do not pay much regard to artist. Growing up my uncle paints fascinating abstract pictures which he hangs on the wall. I spent many hours just gazing and dreaming of more abstract images. I tried painting but due to lack of support dropped it at a tender age. As time goes on he went to the University to study "serious" course and thus ended his art career. I called him up some weeks ago and asked if he still paints. I got the sad reply I ultimately somehow know I'd get: NO.
Never stop sharing your art. Somewhere in the world it makes someone's day✌️

This is a lovely photo and you indeed have a beautiful message. Every person has a different perspective on things and many a times the message the artist wants to convey gets completely lost as the audience tends to interpret it in their own way. For me this is an image of sorrow, the crack window somehow remind me of war and fear. The light outside showing that everything is finally over. It makes me feel an eerie silence that is felt post war.
Whatever our interpretation, it is amazing that a picture can bring out so much emotion in both the person capturing it and seeing it.


The balance of life is what's needed by every human in existence. If the scale tips even by a fraction to the other side, the entire slice of human dependency becomes uneven and we see injustice and falsehood everywhere we turn to hence the need to maintain a true scale first within ourselves before we hope to impact and thus change the world.

I love your act of merging and discernment. It's what I try to do as well. I pick up art works and images and draw motivational words from them for the community (I've been off for a while though).

Good job.

I liked the photography. Your thought there's equilibrium in everything does make sense and opens a door for me, in my mind. Great writing. Keep writing. Btw, I write too. You can visit my page and upvote if you like anything there. Would really appreciate your support. :)

Yeah, you are right balance is the key to live a happy life :) yes I'm talking about balance in everything.
Our life is also divided into two parts,
one is dark (sad)
one is bright(happy).
If you are sad cuz of something, Don't let this sadness ruined That part of your life :)
Try to overcome this sadness by balancing it by happiness and by thinking beautiful moment of your life :0
if you happy, don't get too much :) the overdose of happiness is also harmful to our health and for our soul.
Too much happiness also makes you selfish, So try to remind the hard days of your life or try to remind those people who don't have this happiness :)
if you can help them? do help them.

Great reminder to remain as equanimous as possible – to be swayed neither by the gripping shadows nor the brilliant light – to remember that each is but one end of a spectacular spectrum, between which we spend our entire lives oscillating. • The photo is also compelling. Reminds me of images captured with a Holga. :)

Wonderful commentary on your picture. Thank you for mentioning the glass sliver as I missed it on my first viewing.

I would love for you to view my sunrise photo I posted earlier this evening. @ladyartist I am afraid I am too new to this Steemit platform to quite know how to include a link to it though.

Velimir as they say in the Houses of Parliament, "you one talented mofo".

Fantastic picture my friend ,
There is a project called CopyTrack(( ©2018 Velimir Kovačić All rights reserved)) Its role is to preserve property rights to blockchain technology (you can see my blog )
Do you use it?

This is great art, i appreciate this photography.....resteemit

@velimir, I love this photography and the comparison with the balance between our internal and external self.
In the glass of the window you can see a reflection, which can be interpreted as memories and experiences lived.

resteemit done dear

What is between good and evil ... I think that there is nothing. There is a balance ... each page has its own message.Good or - love, life, warmth ... Evil - anger, death, cold ...How to combine the first and second, what we got ... nothing. Regards.

Nice picture! I just posted too, check it out.

you´re so right, balance is a concept that has been in my mind a lot lately and I really enjoyed what you wrote, in a way it was something I really needed to read today, so thank you.

All we have to do is to trust the process. I am definitely one of those who have a belief in the balance of the universe.

Nice, worry not we are still here with you

I agree for this "I love that piece of broken glass on the sill. It so beautifully signifies what happens when the balance is lost" is perfect, I thought the same before reading it

Wow.... Now this is Art

verry niice photography! great ! good work !!

nice 👏👏

balance is everywhere hehe.. it's like when your riding your bicycle, to keep your balance you must be kept moving :-)

Great mood captured with this photograph, Velimir.

Thanks for nice sharing.

Great message and photography!

it's so nice my ghadd

Excellent post, it's quite interesting ☻

Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film. Typically, a lens is used to focus the light reflected or .

I just feel like this picture is talcking really, well done

I like your photography !
I'me a student from Switzerland and created a new format:
monday coffee rush
It's a weekly load of motivation. This time it's all about Casey Neistat :-)

Odd but true, that the "balance" is in the reflection. Genuine eye allowed you to see it.

Fantastically psychedelic! Really like your posts...


Balance of darkness and light, with a small "mirror" in between. I like this photo!

Classic Photo Design, good job @velimir

Great idea :) i like your post 😎😎😎


Really nice photo and write up to compliment @velimir. I always find myself saying "you need balance" and you in many ways echo my thoughts here. Have a great day. :)

Balance is important, but people sometimes forget the importance of that balance. I also stop thinking from time to time. Thanks for the thanks!😃

I love your perspective on needing balance in all things in life. I have been working on finding balance in my own life as of late. The photo is helpful in developing your imagery about balance. Thanks for sharing your photo and perspective!- Ivy-

Really great photography!

nice shot it really is THE BALANCE .. Don't forget to follow

Well balanced post....
To me nature is balance and we humans are foolish enough to try to destroy it....

'The Balance'

The whole world is running with this 2 words. There is balance in every section. Even on peoples life balance exist. Outstanding photography. Keep sharing.
thanks you.gif

There is beauty in the flaw, even though it is dark, mysterious and broken, we are drawn to it and find it alluring.

Amazing the reflected part in the window that shows the exterior. love it

Loud and clear @velimir! A very moody image brimming with messages to discover. Thank You!

i like your topic,i up voted ,re steem and followed you ,i would be happy if i grown up like you .thanks

Very cool pic @velimir I love how u captured the broken glass. In love with abandoned places, u can take the best photos. I'll post one of my pics too (how I see balance) , hope u like it. As well this will be my first post on Steemit, so be kind with me :D DSC_0043.png Pic taken in Cozia National Park (Romania) I encourage u to try our mountains, unbelievable for hikers!

there is a good balance of the light and darkness. Though it seems like the window has an incredible design. thanks for sharing

There's something aesthetically soothing about this and I love the metaphorical meaning you extracted from it. Can't wait to see more.

Balance place a huge role in human lives... But at times, its so hard to archieve, no matter how simple or difficult life is... Only wise men, finds it as a hobby

I milhat this photo a lot of works of art of various colors and other weirdness, I really like

really deep meaning, when I see the window on your picture makes me think that walking in the place is something wrong but come out to see the bright sun and moon. live only theatrics with the prescribed scenario, we just run the scenario carefully to get to a good and perfect end.

I might disagree with your point of view but the photograph is beautiful and I like the way you explain it. Indeed, the shot makes much more sense with your interpretation.

i love every detail of it

photos are very cool

Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

You always wonder what's on the other side of the window but the brightness of the sun shining through keeps you stuck inside the room thinking what's in the room. Great photo! I like to shoot doors and windows there's so many styles and different era's from when they were made.

Love your message with the photo.
And the photo of course is oddly attractive.