Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #198 'Like A Bird'

in art •  10 months ago

'Like A Bird'

Who wouldn't like to fly and be free as a bird? Imagine sensing the air under your wings and gliding through the currents as if you were born to do that; seeing the world as you pass over it, carried by gentle movements and unstoppable thought of freedom. I wouldn't mind being a bird for a day. Piloting a small plane was the closest we could get to flying before the new jet-powered rocket suit methods were invented. However, I'm not sure that they can replace the feeling of a real bird flight. :)

A limited breath of pink and blue in the sky is covering the background and strongly accentuating the bird. The bird is in wing-forward position, pointing downward, what I find the most peculiar position of the bird's flight motion. This adds a level of ambiguity, which I find very pleasing. The silhouetted foreground is divided into two parts: the dark shape of a building and the tree which is made of many lines. They are two very different looking objects and work quite well together as opposites. I also used defocused areas to further soften the image and put even more accent to the bird. Steep, slanted angle is not too visible but it still strongly creates dynamics.

Do not miss the birds sitting on the ledge, as if observing the one in the air which is positioned exactly on the perfect two-dimensional distance from the building and the tree.

And as for flying... Maybe one day. Technology advancements are rapid and huge, who knows what's next big thing ahead of us. Maybe one day!

Enjoy! :)

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thanks for sharing , keep it on guy !

I think birds are rarely photographed with their wings at this angle. -They're pointing forward. I think it's a symbol of progress. Very nice lucky shot!

Another excellent article

I also like birds. In this we can feel the potential energy.

The picture looks nice! As it is difficult to shoot a bird when they are flying!

I believe I want to be Velimir when I grow up :) No really, it took me some time to understand how out of ordinary you are. I was just reading a few hours ago, about one modern music symphony which I could not understand until I herd explanation. Translated to your photo it would be - anybody can take a photo of the bird, but it takes tons of creativity and extraordinary mind to write that. That's art. Thank you man, keep a good work :)


Thank you, Each of us is completely different and need to explore our own minds. Takes time, though! ;)

Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

your photography is nice dear
keep it up

Wow!! Your photography skills are amazing.
This image just touched me so deeply, because it touched the same place in my heart where "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" lives.
This book was my very favorite when growing up in the 80's.
A story about a Seagull who wanted to fly where no Seagull has flown before...
Who wanted to see every Land and every Ocean.....
and who wanted to know all there is to know of this life....
...soooo different from the flock (like the ones on the ledge).
Thank you so much for this post... for you have awakened a forgotten inspiration.... That a real Jonathan Livingston Seagull lives within us all.


Definitely, read "The Illusions" by the same guy, Richard. That one is amazing. ;)


Thank you so much for the recommendation! I was not aware that Richard Bach had other books out. This book was a prize that I won as a child in a writing competition.
I checked him out and he turns out to be an amazing human being with an amazing insight. I cannot thank you enough. I watched a Youtube video of him and it brought tears to my eyes to see him in person after so many years of not knowing anything about him.
Amazing how we neglect things like such a profoundly important book for me, and to think I never bothered to know more about the author. I will definitely read "The Illusions".
I am so glad I commented on your post and you replied.

I always looked at the birds as a kid and thought about how amazing it would be to be a bird. They still amaze me though. And you're right. I read an article here on steemit about a drone taxi which brought me to the conclusion that flying cars are very near. So let's hope that us flying like a bird would also be possible some day. Hope I'd be alive by then :)
Thanks for sharing this beautiful photography and words.

Flying is the symbol of freedom, a thought the excites everyone...
Imagine the power to look at the vast horizons and ability to chase those horizons!
The pinkish sky is indeed giving the best feel and the blurriness on corners is making it mild..


When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

Love your work, nice to see a good photographer here:)


Man cool and free would you be being a bird :) just like a nomad lol

I will not stop repeating that every person sees this photo in his own way :)
In my opinion a dark photograph and we are observers - we are from below. We clearly see the departing bird. The bird is in the center, the space around it is blurry, which is why attention is focused on it.
Man, thanks to technological progress, learned to fly, got into space. But wherever we are - in the airplane in the sky we are still inside the iron hull of the aircraft. We do not feel freedom, as her bird feels.
Although some people know how to "fly" by changing the sensations of drugs - but this is a negative example.
Good photo, thank you.

Birds to me, are the only creatures with the highest degrees of freedom, they cover the most distances in the shortest possible time, they have the highest field of view (birds eye view), and most importantly they fly in multiples without any collision or employing the services of an Air Traffic Controller.


When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

I think the soft focus of the tree branches to the right hand side of the photograph makes the real depth of the image. The black/gray foreground during the dusk (?) makes the the red/pink of the sky pop. Wonderful shot!

That wing forward position is almost disconcerting to me. You see it so seldom captured, it happens really fast in nature.

A great photograph, not only for the image capture but the light and dark. Thank you for it.

i'm read your all series


Hola @velimir !
love this image, looks like an analogic picture. i love the composition too, and of course i would like to be a bird! Thanks for sharing

I've followed your work since I joined steemit and i'm always amused!
Almost missed the birds on the lendge.. The flying one takes all the attetion!
I love the soft colors of the sunset and how they contrast with the shadows.

Yes, I would love to fly, only if superwoman was real. I would be her.

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.
Thanks to you for share with us your filling.

@velimir. You write up sounds poetic.I love the photograph and the poetic nature of your content.I enjoyed it.Thumbs up.

a good opinion.
I also think like you @velimir.
@velimir is great at making a post.
surely @velimir has many interesting experiences in making posts.
I am very amazed to you.
Good luck @velimir

you have completed the task with my friend perfect.you are very great, we can take advantage of your posting.send for all achievement you are my friend....!!

Amazing this photography.... i appreciate this art. carry on dear... resteemit

Nice fast caption @velimir the picture is so real..
Reminds of one black and white challenge I did of a bird it was so awesome

Do you continue this series? Or will it make a whole series?

beautiful the photo, I have an identical photo, here I leave it23172863_1437156013004883_2315806166944906748_n.jpg

this article is very useful for the steemians to avoid plagiarism posting, should the work of each, thanks @velimir have shared.

this article is very useful for the steemians to avoid plagiarism posting, should the work of each, thanks @velimir have shared.

You are committed to ur art. Your article is brilliant. Yes fly like a bird and continuous struggle to get your goals.

Ohhhh nice photo shoot ......i like bard

Fabulous photo! I would like to be a white dove for a day as well. It must feel good to fly and see all the beautiful sceneries!

amazing posts Man, Keep inspiring people Thank you

verry niice !!! Thats very good photography

Nice post brother

Wow.. amazing photography i appreciate your art.. thanks for sharing.. Best of luck my dear friends..

great for sharing your valuable content

I enjoy your Motorcycle Travel Article, because one day I will also drive around the world with my wife. Thank you...

wow its a great photography.
thanks a lot...

Ya maybe, technology is awesome!
#letsFly :p

Dope image. Your timing is amazing @ velimir..

Thank you for post. :) I have voted for you:)

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Excellent post! I hope you can take a look at mine and see what you think and vote it. Regards!


Wow..Thats very good photography...I appreciate to see this photo... That's amazing job

verryy niice photo and great post !!!

wonderfully written....thumbs up


what a Picture ....

very nice sharing

excellent, I give you my vote, give me yours, I will love you forever.

What a great picture! Perfect moment!

I wish i could also fly like a bird and be free and seeing the world as you pass over it is the best feeling ever.

Awesome photography boss i also like birds @velimir

Arkadaşlar takip yorum beğeni birbirimize destek olalım..

best regards for steemit friends good luck always

Wow.....wonderful art....amazing this photography..i like this post..best of luck...

I love! your work is very nice, a thousand successes

nice catch

Just as we should feel each of us, free. Good post!

Wow Thats very good photography...I appreciate to see this photo@velimir.. That's amazing job

you always have great artwork from each of your portraits..success

Wow amaizing

Wow!!! Beautiful photography I really liked it

Flying bird photo caption very good. Thank You Very Much for sharing this post.

Great photo. I love watching birds, theres something special. Btw what kind of camera did you use?

Nice photo....... would love to see more!!

Nice timing ! Keep up the good work

NICE post
Please vote me to

I love this picture, and a title like a bird, this amazing @velimir

Just Awesome. Keep It Up .

really a nice photography need to continue such kind of work!

Good picture brother.

Wow...... Beautiful photograph and amazing writeup..I'll surely love to be free like a bird...😊

graet photography dear
resttemit done and upvote

Nice photo and nice post


yes yes Nice photo and nice post

vote and follow blog.

all the people want to fly and feel the wind under the Wings and beauty of the Sky.@velimir success always for you

Love it! We'd love to show some of your work at our Decentralized Art Shows, check it out...


Beautiful view of picture angel

Nice photography you got here, simply breath taking. Good one!!

@velimir, great thinking. Outstanding art work. I always think freedom like bird

a good catch looks like a dive. maneuver as if to join with his friends ..🦅

thants an amazing shot @velimir!

Excellent. I leave my vote. I invite you to visit my publications.

Amazing shot. I so love the angle. Thank you for this. :)

The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.


When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

Feeling of freedom.
Run without looking.
flying for peace.
And impressive article

what a creativity in art

Hey Velemir, how are things? Would you consider maybe consider adding a selfie of yours, to be turned into an art portrait by me?


PF 63.jpg


Wow thanks for this amazing shoots !

Thanks for sharing original work! I enjoy photography and writing.
"Be yourself and stay yourself. This is a proper way to build steemit.com."
I agree! Following your blog as of today.

yes I love Bird and bird photography.