Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #196 'Two Skies'

in art •  11 months ago

'Two Skies'

I feel the winter sun coming through the naked branches of several old trees. Even though the feeling I get is not warm but rather cold to the point of strange, it is always nice to see the sun in winter time.

It is one sky, of course, regardless of the title. We all live under the same one, just like those two old trees. I named it after the blue and cyan colours that halve the background of the image, each taking its own side and letting the sun take charge of the middle. The light area under the sun appears as if it's coming down from the sun. It creates the third part of the background.

The foreground is fully graphical, its linear treatment adds a touch of a scent of fear but, I believe that it is very much softened by the treatment of colours, thus presenting a perfect example of colour working against linearity. Very dark, strongly subdued green ground under the trees definitely 'grounds' the image, giving it a strong base. I made a version without the ground, too. That one is more 'airy' and far more abstract. Decided to publish this one but the other one is not bad at all. Only different.

I could say the beauty of this one is hidden in its ambiguity. The atmosphere is moody but the sun is present. The colours are cold but the light is there and we're happy to see it. It is about sky and air, but it's strongly grounded all at the same time.

How do you feel this one? :)

Enjoy! :)

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It's fantastic! The photo is better than other shots I saw possibly because of the enhanced colors. I can't tell for sure but it's very eye-catchy and relaxing at the same time.


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@velimir your work is really inspiring, I really love trees and the blue is perfect.
I'm an artist who has just joined steemit. I created digital work using 3d software and other programme, i just wrote and intro, appreciate support and welcome from art community. check the intro here


The colors are a simple contrast to the level of detain in the branches.

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

I don't know what it is about tree limbs reaching upward and outward in silhouettes against a beautifully lit sky, but I also love capturing my perspective of these striking visuals whenever they call to me. Although this photo has a contrasted darkness to it, I feel it is illuminated with light and warmth and only brings joy and connection to the life around us.


I like how the colors are a simple contrast to the heavy amount of detail in the branches.

thanks for sharing!

Beautifull picture.. it also reflects that in dark moments the sun will always
shine through! With hardships always comes ease! Great picture!

Great photo!!!! The color combination is perfect!!!!!

"I could say the beauty of this one is hidden in its ambiguity. The atmosphere is moody but the sun is present. The colours are cold but the light is there and we're happy to see it. It is about sky and air, but it's strongly grounded all at the same time."

Really like the positive vibe you are trying to generate amidst all these negative things.Great job!!!!!

This photo is so beautiful, but it makes me a little sad too

Wowww just Awesome your photography make me to paint this picture on canvas i will paint it on canvas soon..:)


let me know if you do! :)


Yeah sure hope it will become same as you captured it:) ^_^

Without reading your text under the photograph, I will describe my first feelings - the cold and association with the "bare" winter. Naked just because the winter in the usual sense is snow. But the photo feels winter cold - but there is no snow.
After reading the text, I understand that I was partially right. The processed photo thanks to shades can really cause feeling of pavor. But I would not call it so, it's more a sense of confusion when you do not fully understand what's going on. You look at the picture, you have certain feelings, but you are in turmoil .... good work @velimir, good work

Beautifully described with superb photo.I always follow your post it gives me sheer pleasure and joy.@upvoted

Wow..Thats very good photography...I appreciate to see this photo... That's amazing looking so much ..
Carry on ....
Best of luck ..
Thanks for sharing your valuable content dear

This is by far my favorite of any of your postings iv'e seen so far! Love the colors and perspective. Perfect!!!

wow this is amazing..i like the light rays coming through the trees..it is like a mini heaven :)

Lolz! I could have wondered how many skies do we now have. The view you took the shot was just perfect. The trees, the sun inbetween 2 colorful sky.

Very beautiful! A perfect combination of the sun, the trees against the sky of different shades

More than a wonderful painting of nature and @velimir
Thanks for sharing with us

Lovely photo I can feel the winter sun from there it cool

Nice photo he atmosphere looks very cool in there.

Wow... Amazing art photography @velimir.

Wow..Thats very good photography...I appreciate to see this photo... That's amazing job

I love to see that place where you can have a quiet time to think about life. And having a good conversation to God as well...

Wow thats outstanding art , i like this @velimir

Deferent feel when you see the sky in the winter and summer, I think for me when I seen it in the dessert in Morocco 10 years ago lovely feel.

really cant wait

Wow fantastic images

I feel like this place would have a bit airy and scary yet a calm place. I'd always love to stay in a place like this alone. I am an earth dragon that's probably why I love the smell of the ground after a light drizzle. I think I am like the nature, silent at most times but scary when angry. By the way, the photo is very impressive. I love the colors that the sky is giving. Though, the woods give me the idea of Taylor Swift song's 'Into the Woods'. hehehe

Dear good luck you are work hard for photograpy

nice photography over all that is great I like is
resteemit done

Amazing shot.. Winter sun is always soothing.

just look it and wonderful

Wonderful this photography... i appreciate this post....restemit......

I am from Indonesia I love you @velimir. Follow me @yasir123

hey man, very beautiful shot, what camera was used for this shot?

Para una noche de reflexión ,hermosafoto

Just wow to your work and perfection 😍

Amazing photography ..I like this art.
Thanks fr sharing this post.
Best of luck.

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very-very good picture ok I've vote.jangan forgot vote back

It was amazing place.joss picture bro👌🏻

resteemit done dear

Much appreciated work.... I admire your support to steemit community.... Keep sharing the good knowledge

what a creative click bro... really awesome... well done brother

Love how the sun shining through in between the trees! Thanks for sharing!

nice art dear
thanks for sharing

This is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.
I'm not at this standard yet :)

Wow nice photography man 👌👌👌

As we know that plants can not move where to find matahri. However, plants can grow in the direction of sunlight. As it grows in the sunlight, it uses the food stored in the tubers.

I enjoy this Motorcycle Travel Article, because one day I will also drive around the world with my bike. Thanks velimir

This is a fantastic picture!

I think have seen you in an European Movie before, Film Maker in your profile got me confused.

high skill

Wow.. amazing photography i appropriate your photography thanks for sharing this post best of luck my dear friends..

Nicely written

resteemit done dear....

Jebena slika... ajde bratu pomogni malo.. ;)

your post is admireable
good activity
i have resteemit that

In a word it's a great photograph! I'm really impressed with the picture, thanks to the photographer to take this picture.

Vsry nice ambience captured

NICE ! Check my photo ; )

nice shot sir
i’m like your pictures ..😍

The color contrast is really great! Awesome picture!!

This is really awesome view.... Nice photography.

You photograph looks so real and I will love to appreciate the producers of the camera you used in taking this pics. All your blog post are always awesome.

These are so cool ♥ awesome job :3

Stunning photo! Thanks for sharing!

Wow!!! It's really amazing.

Wow .......wonderful art .amazing this photography....i like this post.....

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Your post was promoted with 0.001 SBD.

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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my feeling after looked at your beautiful picture , i thought it was more than 3 skies :-)

thank you for your great job as always , my husband and i we enjoyed :-)

OMG! this is so brilliant! @velimir...i love it! 👌

Beautiful very nice

good view

Very good photo. Congratulations, I love your work. I am a lover of photography

Really like this one a whole bunch!

a very precise point of view with lighting

Your beautiful photograph conveys a strange but pleasant sensation. I think it's about the color combination that you managed to capture. Thank you very much for that image.

@velimer hi sir, this is the first time that I saw your work. I got inspired on how you capture a photo, there is really a feelings. I am not a photographer, but being a photographer is one of my dreams, but you know I only have an android phone to capture events. I am not a pro but I want to learn.. You are such an inspiration.

Now that's atmospheric.

this photo is able to attract attention. the composition is very good, I think it's hard to get the same hanging moments at a later time.

very very very nice photo.
thank you for sharing these beauties :)

The sun shines in the spots in the leaves of the tree, it looks very sweet

Wooow looks perfect i wish i could be visit this amazing place

Your post are to good and attractive <3 keep sharing :) you are amazing

Hi @velimir🙋 yes it's a little scary, but there is light as you say...The sun is always beautiful ☺

Very awesome and inspiring Art. keep up the good work to you

Nature is nature, it gives its natural beauty. And nature should be appreciated at all times. Coz its only the nature will make us feel brand new no matter tough life could be for us. ^_^

Good job.

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