Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #185 'Denied'

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Doing something like this to a fashion photo is extremely cruel. We are witnessing an absolute success of denying commercial beauty. I've found it in a shop window this morning, I didn't do it myself. The place is being renovated and the poster seems to be a left over from the previous owner. I deliberately left in the top reflection above their heads and the bottom where the inside of the shop can be seen. In the first version, I've cropped them both out but then I realized that it completely killed the reality of the place and redid the whole thing. Now the message is fully readable, we can see that it is a poster which some joker converted into something he deemed more appropriate than the boring original. :D

In today's fully commercialized world, people live from selling useless merchandise to each other every single day. The whole idea of getting into someone's mind and creating a subconscious need to own that glittery dress is totally destroyed, revealing completely another reality. Why is it so? Because now when a person sees the poster, she will not be able to identify with the models and subconsciously want to own such a dress. Thus, denied! Maybe we could transform every single commercial out there? The world would be a happier place. People would probably yearn for much less.

Marketing 'experts' often use animal drives and self-worth value of ego to work their ways into creating a need in people's minds to buy whatever they need to sell. Apart from that, just imagine how these three models would feel if they found out how little is enough to completely destroy the illusion of their perfection and turn them into objects of laughter? :D

The grander idea behind this is that the beauty is really fragile. Takes so little to remove the veils of mist it puts in front of eyes and, whats more, it doesn't last forever. Therefore, it might be a way better idea to invest in other virtues. :D

Then again, nothing is forever...
Hm... Maybe diamonds?


Enjoy! :)

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Horrible... I cringed. Scary pictures

Great :D

looks like twilight scary vampires lol

LOL, that's a funny prank 😂
Laughs aside - one of your best analysis- the concept of breaking the illusion of beauty express by the anonymous vandalizing fella goes really well with the way you decided to take the picture, exposing it's nothing more than a flimsy poster on a gloomy shop's window.

What i take from that picture is that by breaking our concept of beatury and surprising us with it's destruction- our mind might take us one step forward: The shop is renovated, because it original design is now old-fashioned and not glittering and contemporary, we can even say that the graffiti just points it out clear for us - this is not beautiful anymore! We can take that idea to our contemporary post-modern world - no value is constant, the world is dynamic in this aspect too, things consider moral last year might look abhorrent today, and in our specific topic - the definition of beatury is liquid and ever changing - in the past, an obese person was considered really attractive, why?! Because it delivered a message of prosperity and financial ability!

Is it a good thing or a bad one? I'm not sure - but it's today's realty- our post modern values are changing fast, and we should really think about it and adapt.

Thanks velimir - I missed reading your posts 😊

I am a model and i have a very aggressive hereditary gum disease. I literally woke upi like the hangover missing my front tooth. I had drank entirely too much the night before and woke up in a bush missing my front tooth. It was quite the kick to my confidence The shittiest part about it is i didnt know where the damn thing was because if i did i would have glued it back in or at least tried. I couldnt afford a new tooth for almost 2 months ! I wound up sewing myself these lace face masks that i wore everywhere and anytime anyone would ask me about it i would say it was my silent protest against GMOs. This story suficed no one ever questioned it. It was back when i was still dancing too i even worked at the club secretly missing my fron tooth. Lol Missing a tooth suxs but i didnt let it eat my confidence.

Oh and by the way the cure to gum disease​ is active charcoal. That stuff is magical. Before brushing with that every one of my teethe where wiggeling BAD my teeth where so loose i wouldnt dare eat an apple. None of them wiggel anymore! Active charcoal is an Instant reliefe to any tooth aches and it whites your teeth emmencly!


omg...I didnt know about this. thank you for sharing! hope I didnt evoke some bad memories. if i did, please excuse!


no at all

in the general wave of confessions, I am also ready to give evidence - in my childhood I also painted pictures of different objects and sometimes it was obscene :)
I agree with the idea that thanks to marketing today we have an army of people who are ready to work to buy a thing that they do not need, and that would impress people who do not like them.
Still often I see that people buy a car on credit - that would go to work and earn money, in order to pay the loan. That is, there is a vicious circle. But this is beneficial to many but the owner of this machine.
You know how they talk about technology now (in particular, about the reliability of older machines, compared to the new ones) ... Previously, machines were made by engineers and cars served for a long time. Now the machines are made by marketers - that they would look beautiful (but did not last long).
Therefore, invest in knowledge - they are the most valuable thing we have in life. :)
Thank you, and good night :)


Yeah, I used to paint tits on the ladies in fashion magazines.

This is what I have done in my childhood.That is not what made me suprised.Your thoughts about it.I have never thought this far by looking at that picture.But when you have said it that way,I understand how true that is.I am so amazed by your capacity of thinking!!!!! You are a great artist.It is not because you write things well.You direct the people to wisdom through the entertainment


Thank you for your kind compliment! :)


Lovely post @velimir !With pleasure I read and completely agree with you!A very funny photo.))


I couldn't hold myself from laughing...this is really cruel what they did to this models. People really can go to any length to spoil other peoples image just to earn or get respect. Nothing really last forever, can diamond last forever under intense heat? Lol... @velimir sir, I thought you did this...OMG! the models are going to be so pissed when they see their pictures that way...hahahaha


Being pissed or not being pissed. This is not just a matter of respect, but modifying what is not intended to be modified. What does freedom signify in modern society? What should be expected of free people?

These are questions that need to be asked particularly in an environment like this one where censorship is so hard to achieve. What are we promoting? I think it's great, and I have given great thought to it, but a lot of reflection is needed in order to philosophically promote creative environments.


Hahaha i used to this post, when i an in collage... Too like this post


I used to do that to pictures when I was a kid :D


hahaha ;-) finally an honest person! :D


Don't lose your dreams on the way! Keep doing what you enjoy and you'll be doing yourself a favor.


I agree, a lot of us get caught up with life and we forget our dreams.

Hey @velimir this is really disgusting. I'm fully agreed with your statement of DENIED. Today's world is totally commercial and everything is selling and at the same time everything is buying irrespective of the value of that stuff. Sometimes a pathetic style or fashion make a trend and race starts.
Thanks for sharing such a great stuff and also your views. All the best!

Business market experts use sublimely messages everywhere, just drive down the road and before you know it your yearning for a hamburger.... coincidence???
Like the article, ummmm why do I want some diamonds all of a sudden🤫


hahahaha right on, brother! :D


I want a cristal that looks like a diamond. I just like cheap and shiny things.

or if they find their way to identify themselves with these models, breaking their teeth? : D would be very ironic: D


lmao :) that crossed my mind when writing :D



It seems that teeth are the core reason behind anyone's beauty if not then at least this photo shows it :P

Look at the picture keenly you will notice they are miserable with their smile and just trying to laugh :D But ooooops those black opaque are the ultimate logic to disturb the whole scenario. Shopkeeper seems a legend to me who turned this beautiful creature to an awful creature :D

this thing i used to do in my childhood with ballpoint when ever i received a magazine with celebrities photographs on it, yes i am creative since my childhood :D : D

P.S: I think you don't bother to visit blogs of others to give them feedback to bring about more quality, look i am the biggest victim of your ignoring approach :D :D nor you reply me :P

Jokes apart! I am a huge fan of your sense of humor and i am convinced that you are so blessed with this awesome skill My Friend <3

Keep inspiring others as you inspired me in all these days ;)

My Support is always with you @velimir

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Hahaha! this is true, sometimes it is like cryptocurrency, we overvalue at first sight but then we come to realize beauty is in the project as a whole, then it comes the so painful correction when we must consider that the outside is not the most important part.LOL!


Well, cryptocurrency is also an investment. Depending on how much you put in, independently of its aesthetic value, you need to consider other things in order to get in the appreciation ride.

This thought crossed my mind long ago. People are sent subliminal messages through the Television or posters like these for the sole reason of making money. Goes on to show that just a little modification in an image can do so much difference.
I found it funny rather than cruel :P


I've always thought about this. What if someone made a political campaign for a candidate and posted pictures with slight and unnoticeable modifications that make the picture anti-appealing but at the same time looks properly marketed? It could lead a politician to ruin through the art of subliminal messages while leaving the designer free from consequences.


they'd never pay for it. the experiments are always frown upon in that strata ;)


Oh, no, I didn't mean knowingly. They would never knowingly pay for it, I meant as in, they pay someone respectable to do an expectably good job, and the job that comes out is great, except that there is a slight distortion that no one knows why, but it looks kinda evil or retarded. But as no one knows why, they just go with "the design is absolutely fabulous and this designer got my dad and aunt and best friend into power so let's run with it".

But yeah, I get it that proofwatching would avoid this and you'd get your arse kicked for making such creepy design choices for a client.


of course, i was being ironic :D


How could I miss that. xD

WOW!! How one can pull up such realization from a common prank. We obviously see this kind of prank everywhere but never have I thought of it this way. Way to go @velimir :)

my god..you have given us a beautiful message using a very simple thing..the message is very powerful and it is the bitter reality that we should admit :)

Someone should develop a black tooth app so we could all have fun with all the ads that come across our various screens all day long.

Diamonds are not forever. Women are :) I agree beauty is a fragile thing but that's why we have estheticians right? There are too many models like someone producing them in a factory.
Well this is a funny post :)


hahaha you are so right! :) in both!

Such a great post @velimir. It really shadows many of the thoughts I've had over the last year, mainly about simplifying my life and getting rid of the unnecessary. It's amazing how many attachments you notice that you didn't see before.

Seeing such a poster in everyday life and contemplating on it in the way that you did is really great isn't it? It's happened to me quite a few times and I always take something away from it.

Thanks for inspiring me with your commentary and photography. I'm trying my best as a newbie here to do the same and hope to offer some value to the community. Keep up the good work and speak soon.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I really enjoyed reading your post, you pointed out very true things. And you are totally right, I didn't even noticed the dresses. I just had to photoshop them back to see how different the image would affect you all. Would love to hear what you say!


ahahaahaha...someone took the time to destroy that guys contribution and make them look nice again.... :D the illusion is back up!

Hmmmmm. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bones? I see it as social commentary. It has taken me a pretty long life to want what I have, rather than what I don't have.

Another great photograph that makes me think. Thank you.

I think its the idea that even models(maybe even remind them), also appear less attractive with a rotten or missing tooth. I doubt that it's to specifically make them ugly, more about feeling better yourself.


hahaha this is a valid point, indeed! thank you!

Ive used to do that on my mothers magazines!

I agree @velimir Even #Fashion #Photos are an #art. Most people don't understand what goes into a photo shoot. I use to work for a company Named #Anatex. They were located in Van Nuys Ca. They were a toy manufacturer. We use to have children come in a play with the toys and at the same time have a photo shoot. Setting up lighting, angles of shots, etc was always a challenge, especially with children. Then I would have to take the photos, touch them up, color correct them and remove the background for packaging labels, web photos, and trade shows. A Lot of work. Thanks for the post. Jeronimo @adsactly

It part of the meth series. LOL

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Ride on @velimir

Is it the perfection of the models that sell the product or the neediness of the purchaser desiring to be like or at least similar to the models? I am very utilitarian and swayed more by ratings and genuine need more than want. You are right though. The blackened teeth blew the attraction : )

Advertising is one means of promotion in product marketing strategy. So it makes perfect sense in an ad, which proves to be the best product. Advertising always presents the best scenery, so people will be interested to buy the products sold. Not infrequently, people are tempted to buy advertising products, but when the product is in hand, the results are very disappointing.

@Velimir I'm very impressed with your beautiful art its make people attraction. You have nice thinking and make your work enjoyable that's the best part of an art in its work. Your message is very nice I'm also a graphic designer but I must say that you did it perfectly. Especially the picture of models with a broken tooth that good. You show what you think. Art may be beautiful but the concept and message behind it should be meaningful. Well crafted keep on doing like that.
@Velimir would you like to share your personal thought beside this post behind because I'm very excited about that :)

Regards : Aqib Ashiq

with a slight change of your model makes people focus on the clothes not on the beauty of his model. This is amazing, focusing consumers on what they buy.

consumers would be happy but the model I think not.

What truly makes a person a hero? In todays society, a hero is portrayed as someone who stands up against what is wrong and triumphs over it. Although I do agree with the previous statement, I believe it takes an even bigger hero to stand up against what is unjust, knowing that the chances of failure are great, but still do... @velimir, you've possessed great attributes, don't look back people are born to criticize 👌.......... I do enjoy your post, Keeping exploring Steemers

@velimer u r interested in the dress... I was surprised to see the misding tooth in one of them. Not sure the advertiser wanted to show the dress or fiamond studded or the missing tooth... Lol..
Reallymade me smile a bit....
Happy steeming

@velimir you probably will like book Propaganda
Book by Edward Bernays
or "The Century Of Self" documentary.

It exactly explains how ~100 years ago Edward Bernays (his uncle was Sigmund Freud) created PR industry and with that consumer society.
(a.k.a. - selling useless merchandise to each other every single day)

Very eye opening stuff.

P.S. Diamonds are definitely for ever - 100% :/

Magnificent! It's written in very light language much for relief from heavy work of the day. It's tone is hilarious with brilliant message that beauty is really fragile thing.
I think most of young people indulge in creating rather innovating some pictures:)

Well, if this would be done on some other race it would be called racism in the present times, but as it is on whites it is called a prank. And diamonds last until thrown into the fire.


lol come ooooon.... its not that bad :)


Are you sure? Just some 4 years ago I've found a video, that showed one beautiful white woman after the other (I guess the models) and the subs read: "Oh, you beautiful white women who won't be so beautiful so soon." Maybe this one was just a mild version of such statment.

Really enjoyed your writing.

Wow it’s a vadalism in next level. I used to do this to any magazine or newspaper. Hahahaah

I like the photos, your work is very good, develop your masterpiece and hopefully become a science for others.

Rofl xD that made me laugh..

That isn't what made me suprised.Your considerations about it.I have never thought this far by taking a gander at that picture.But when you have said it that way,I see how evident that is.I am so astounded by your ability of thinking!!!!!

hahahahahaha so funny :):):)

thanks for update nice stuff and good blog that is very informative post @velimir
well #black teeth is very funny .
Keep inspiring others as you inspired me akways.
Supporting to you @velimir
Stay Blessed,

Nice editing.this pic is edited not originol post

Omg this Is the funniest thing I've seen all day.. Whoever did this models is the cruelest person of the century

Funnyman. i like your humor. Velimir i think its time to visit my work i am new .

very good work but they still beautiful

lolz... u look pretty except ut teeth... :)

good article
thank you for sharing

i came for titties and was let down


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a very good motive for me as a beginner @velimir

You always have a way

It is about making you think from a different perspective..
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing

This is simply powerful and insightful, great work here @velimir

Amazing.great post.hope all people like your post and you.keep it up.thanks for sharing it with us.it's really very nice post.keep sharing.go ahead.

Aranıza yeni katılmama rağmen size tesadüf eseri denk geldim paylasimlariniz çok güzel severek takip ediyorum.sevgiyle kalın 😊

Hello friend
Your job is deceiving people, their teeth are stamped black as if they are toothless, hehe. it was crazy that the job heard it, I also got fooled, after being noticed, there is something different.
ok friends
Success always for you.

Three cute virgins.....

nice art woks

we've all done this art, I particularly do it in the newspapers

wow..i feel like i am traveling with you when i read your posts :) i like the way how you write things :)

Amazing.great post.hope all people like your post and you.keep it up.I also promote ur post.

Lol..This picture little bit funny.
But your photography and art just outstanding...
Carry on dear...

good art

Its so fun, so happy

this is funny,,i am enjoying

you're a photo bully man XD

Interesting is the art, but sometimes tragic ...

lucu, tapi cantik...


Girl who shoots pictures, videos, and idiots. For the idiots, do you have a preferred caliber?

Very good text, so true...

Cute teeth but still all three still look beautiful

hahahahaha.... funny

great post

i like it



hhhhh very funny photo

your post. truly extraordinary. let me share my post @velimir.

@velimir I personally like the first one. They are so beautiful. Which one is your favorite?

That is funy picture. Your presentation is very good

very nice article bro
u are the best of the best😉.

i am big fan of digital art

Great post, the photo made me laugh :)

This is nothing new @velimir
I guess most of us, at least once did this kind of denials... ;)

This one looks kinda like polaroid photo :D

I think same too. This is very cruel. Those gap teeth are scary at dark night

I use to draw it on the entertainment news paper during the past time when I was too bored at the time!

I think for one who has done a bit of marketing, I could say that this may not be for sale. Perhaps it was used to draw the attention of passerbys to the existence of the shop. Somehow if this photo was without blemish, perhaps we won't find it on steemit. Hehehe it is a world of buying and selling... And no one can sell anything if the buyer fails to see the need for what is being sold. I love your posts. I will keep coming for more. I have written a couple of posts on #WomenSpeakout and tonight, soonest, I will be posting a narrative poem. Do check it out. Thanks.

jajajajajjaja I think we have all done that when we were children, I still see a magazine with a pretty woman and I do, hahahahahahahaha


hahhaha.i do the same but with my friends. making them look faaaaaat as fuck :))

That's FUNNY! This is a post with so much truth in it!

beautiful ladies

love the post and the thought behind 'denied'. It's a bit genius...