Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #181 'Above Us'

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'Above Us'

Space is the final frontier which apparently has no limits, except the limits imposed by our imagination. On the other hand, we very well know that there is no such thing as limitless space or limitless anything for that matter. Everything ends somewhere. Maybe some things are out of human reach of understanding and therefore may be labelled as "endless" but I honestly believe there is no such thing. It all revolves around perspectives from which we observe things and processes. Still, maybe everything revolves and comes back to its beginning, so it can start revolving again. This motion may then be endless. Maybe time is circular just as well. Or maybe all this is only a feeble attempt from a weak human mind to comprehend things it was never built to understand. But here we are, thinking and existing. Isn't that grand? :)

I found this simple but quite interesting artwork drawn on a wall and photographed a portion of it that I like the most. It is undoubtedly several years old. Moss is steadily growing over it. I cannot deny that it is enriching the overall feel. The photo is depicting mountains in some kind of red fog under a starry dark sky. The huge moon is the lightest object and therefore deserving the most of our attention. What I especially like is all the holes and cracks in the wall. They add very much to the feeling of being in some place where the huge starry night sky above us becomes really close.

The green of the moss is nicely complementing the red. Not enough to take the advantage but enough to create very acceptable colour space. It does a similar thing which the dark sky is doing for the bright moon in the tonality scale. These two ratios are the dominant ones for defining the space in this otherwise almost two-dimensional work. That green moss does the most of the trick, I believe.

Did you notice the shooting stars and the bright one on the right side?
And a face in the moon?

Enjoy! :)

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I'm personally thinking that there os existence to "endless" things- the universe and time for example. You pointed the idea of the "circle" which is somthing we can comperhend and it can help us accept the concept of endless things, even if it's not really endless, yet - we get some feeling, if not logic, about the notion of endlessness.
Yeah - that sound irrational - but so quantum theory, and yet so far this theory is proved correct even though it's against human logic - how can an integer equal to 0 and 1 in the same time?! Yet it's possible and there are computers in early development stage implementing that logic.
So we can't fully understand it- we can just try to touch the idea with our mind- get some hold of it. just like in this lovely, somewhat abstract, photo - the mountains are in a red fog, just like our minds are fogged from reaching the comprehension of the meaning of endless, but we can see one mountain tops reaching out of the fog and partially and gently touching the far unreachable moon - just like sometimes, having the right metaphors and after drop thought, we sometimes manage to get a peep into the meaning of abstract and unreachable concepts.

My mind cannot comprehend how space and time work. If I try to think about it I get overwhelmed. Never the less, It is always an enjoyable topic for discussion. My favorite part of the picture is also the choice of green moss and the way the bright parts of the moon are depicted.

I do believe imagination is that power trait of human being which take them beyond the boundaries. It happens with me when i Read Poetry Books.

Lets talk about today's Art 'Above Us'
Well the whole is a depiction of Horrible Situation of Death, That red color is blood all over and those hills are basically witches who are staring at miserable ME who is going to die soon. But look at that Moon which is protecting me through Divine Power; Oh the blessings of Lord are with me. No Harm to die now because the Creator this Universe is now with me at this horrible time.
I can die in Peace now ;)

P.S: This is my fictitious understanding about this ART. Hope so you like it

Stay Blessed and Steem On!

when I read your description, it is sometimes difficult for me to find words that could be added to it :) Nevertheless, all the things we used to discuss and build around them were invented by other people. The very concept of infinity and the universe, too, someone discovered or invented. There are crazy theories that we live in the digital world (which by the way are proved by many scientists) and these are really interesting topics for reflection.
I immediately did not understand that this photo is made from a picture on the wall, it looks absolutely. The moon attracts all attention, and the holes in the wall are like craters. The moss creates a pleasant green shade and complements the red color, although it seems to me that the red color strongly dominates.
Thank you:)

Artwork on a wall? Almost unbelievable to me.

The moss actually looks like maybe the artist planned it that way. There is a sort of an aura near the moon like maybe it's a comet...

It's really an extraordinary piece of art that has been captured by you in an extraordinary way. I keep going back and back to the texture on the moon.

Thanks for another thought provoking piece.

There are two possibilities: Either the universe has an end and a certain size or the universe has no end and extends forever. Both possibilities are mind-boggling.
If the universe has an end, we need to know how wide it is, measure its size, or know where its limits are.
But if the universe has no end, all previous beliefs and ideas are wrong. The space or universe extends and extends forever in all directions.
As for the painting is wonderful and expressive

Beautiful art!

Interesting approach to photographing street art. As a graffiti artists I am used to taking a photo of the entire piece, but cropping small sections can sometimes reveal an entirely different feeling. Never really thought about that conceptually until I saw this. Thanks for opening a door :D

Wow, wow, wow! The photograph pushed me back in my seat as if a wind came blowing out of it! Amazing! It hit me right upon my chest! There is such an energy in it! Great! Thank you for uploading and have a great time! Enjoy your life! Rolf

To me the picture looks like it is an image of the Saturnian moon: Enceladus with its South pole erupting in a gas and water frozen mix from an assumed, subterranean ocean under the moon's white ice surface. This is just like the the moon appears in NASA photos.

Indeed this is unbelievable Art work. I can't express my emotions that how much great work is this and this is on a wall......???
Who is the Artist of this awesome work? Can you let us know who is the Artist @velimir.
Thanks dear for sharing great stuff. You often share unique material and this is your strength. I love your attitude and your way of work. All the best!

Nice art

You art is simply above us @velimir. Space, planets, stars is such and marvel. Seeing your art give me an urgent need to wander and observe. Yup, if you observe carefully the dark sky vs the red vs the green of the moss you'll find something interesting in the ordinary. It is the way you see them that gives magic.

great skill with beautiful art <3
Beautiful hands make the nature wonderful <3
keep sharing :)

nice skills and great art vote for me sir i just join

nice work! very beautiful and unusual

Wow what a wonderful way to express how there is nothing like limit; shifting to the timeless painting makes me grasp the concept and how limitations only exist in my mind. Thanks for sharing.

Great art. You're income is amazing. What to do, please guid to me.

It's an incredible work of art! - A blend of authenticity and a dynamic painting. I don't know truly what it's, called however it's kind of twisting the truth, playing with your creative energy.

Gorgeous and more @velimir that’s so nice👍🏼

It is just gorgeous, I do not know why, but it reminded me of film Alien =)

YES !!! Alien, also Alien: Isolation.

impressive!!! keep going :)

Interesting art. It needs to be stared at for a while, but each individual would get a different perspective and story out of it.

Good work.

Hai all,i am very new to steemit..I am very clueless as to whom to follow and what to do..would you suggest me with some recommendations?

excellent work I love

I scrolled through my feed searching for what would make me say amazing and I bumped into your post.
Guess what I said

@velimir has done it again 😂😂😂

I never exactly thought that was moss to begin with.

If there's anything I love about your posts, it's the fact that you take the pains to give a narrative on the image you're posting to the community. It's a nice trait.

Don't lose it

Great photos, I'm a photographer just starting out on steem it, going to start posting my work daily, look forward to seeing your work!

'the artwork on the wall! 'I wanted to give you a name :) you have a very nice detail. colors and subject are excellent. you made me think with the article you prepared for the photo. I congratulate you for this. Have a nice day

Now when you say space, I can't help but remember "Interstellar" movie.

very exciting, oya greetings kinda my name erdongan46 i live in london i am new kid in steemit, i would love to be your friend here and i want to learn deeply in this steemit from you

hermoso me parece muy excepcional. Saludos

LOL instantly reminds me of these dudes :

Amazing 👍 👍 👍 👍 I like @velimir

I try to find mountain with fog and finally I found it , wonderful piece of art work

Wow.such a beautiful. thank you.keep it up

Human is limitless
Just as space
Therefore space is human

I noticed that the star was shining brightly. but why the star would fall?

sir for me your words are the best here than the picture..we may have different readings after seeing the painting..but after reading your review most of the times i wonder about the beauty in your thoughts :) you are a artist who see the world in a very artistic way :)

Very Nice And Great Article Sir Really Appreciate able We Will Wish By Your Effort Steem Will Grow And Rise Thanks For Sharing Sir @velimir

Thats awesome!!

Very inspirating, your doing a great job here man.

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Beautiful post. :)

So complex photo.. and nice post

nice piece of art.
Do I ask why most of the part of the picture is red?
is it showing the heartlessness of the people of this world?
I Don't know why I can get this meaning out of this pic.
Thanks for sharing.
God bless you.

The painting is the expression of the painter about nature we live in. There are many colors, as if they depict the colors of life. But that is only an illusion of a painter about nature. But the reality of the natural space is not as it is in the paintings, because the space of nature itself is unattainable by human thought. Because the natural space is infinite except in the human mind.

I really love your picutres, and the texts are inspirational :)

I dont know why but I see war, the blood red skies. I love the stars, but the painting tells a story. I will read others comments, see what they see. Maybe I see it because Im not feeling very well. Hmmm.

Great one, keep sharing.
Up till now i await the fall of a fraction of a star

Wow ) It is very beautiful ) You have a talent =)

sir i wanaa ask some question sir i am new here cane you help me? I am in trouble

Great work., keep it up

Nice work really! I like the colors you combined!!!

it's very meaningful!

is spray paint your medium sir ? :)

good post

Wow nice post thanks for sharing

Very lovely piece of art

su publicación es muy interesante me gustaría seguir viendo publicaciones de alta calidad como la suya

This is a wonderful photo, with an insightful caption to boot. 👏🏻

We are here to live our lives so well despite the odds of never comprehending the vastness of this space we all inhabit in. I think that’s a deeply humbling thought to immerse ourselves in. ✨

very nice ;)

I agree, Steem it is full of these kinds of Jems!

Please upvote back my post and follow back me @hery0823

I have always pondered the thought of the universe existing in a twisted toroidal form. If this were the case it would have a limited volume/size but seem to be infinite to the observer within.

Very interesting art, I think art must be just admired, can't be ugly/beautiful, art is just an expression

beautiful art..how amazing is that!!

Really nice post. The photo is 👌

I've never seen something this amazing. Good job!

I'd love to see your submission to my art/photography contest to win 5 SBD that I am hosting!


nice post you have here
you are really doing a great job

you are an inspiration to me as begginner
i have upvoted and follwed you

i am newbie

please support me

together we can make it

Your picture is "above" my skill to create something like this :) How ever, nice picture.

Amazing exposition of a point of view.both visualy and verbaly. Amazing post as allways @velimir ! I am so glad to follow your work !

This is my kind of art. My favorite colors!

Though subject to opinion, this art piece has great depth. i could see more activity than was explained, spiritual. Great job.

I highly appreciate your work.I like the paintings or photos you select and how you elaborate your thoughts about it.You select very uncommon ones and review it in a very different way.I really enjoy reading them

Great work....thanks for sharing

Great art. I invite you to me

Resteemed, followed. Lovely shots

you have interesting visions ;)

You 're so awesome. :)

This is a great depiction of abstract painting. Very much one one of the top photo posts i've seen this week.

Nice photo! Space indeed is very fascinating and understanding how something could be limitless is difficult. Or should I say, understanding what infinity even is.

Regardless, I sometimes find myself wondering why space is even a thing in the first place. Why something exists when it could as well not exist? What would it mean to "not exist"? We probably will never know answer to any of these questions, and we will certainly never know if space is endless either.

Your artwork is confusing, sorry to say.

Hello. Do you know, who is a street artist, who painted this picture with sprays? Where is it made? On the Croatian coast with family every year we look street artists how to create these fantasy artworks. It's amazing how through the process of creation, display their fantasy world and infinity of the universe

Wonderful I really love following you and looking at your art works. I am learning a lot from you. I am still a beginner. I'll be happy if you look my art works too I made some few post of them. I am open for your suggestions and tips too too.

I love this, somehow it reminds me of something out of Star Wars

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