Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #177 'Connected Worlds'

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'Connected Worlds'

Worlds of our thoughts are sometimes connected in a way we cannot comprehend. Nor we are meant to. If we were able to analyze and rationally understand everything there is, where would the mystery go? What would be there left to discover? Would emotions completely disappear from our lives? How would we love? In this photograph, we are leaning to see some different world through a hole in this single exposition. It appears to be a mellow world but no less intriguing for that matter.

Some could argue, but I feel a sad and even scary dimension present in there. It may be the green colour creating it, it may be the dramatic lines of the naked tree, it may be the overall vibe, but probably it is all of mentioned, working together. The greenish and yellowish colours of the 'inner world' work better than expected against black and white pointillistic one, on the outside.

This closed composition consists of three parts and is divided into thirds. The borders between thirds are strong to the left and bottom and almost non-existent to the top and right side of the puddle. What I find the most interesting is the reflection of the tree, spreading from inside to outside and linking the two dimensions. This is happening only to the right side of the hole, linking the middle third with the right third. The border of the middle and left third is firmly in place. I also see this spreading, linking of the worlds, the most valuable element in this piece.

What I also find very good is the formation of four stones in the top of the puddle and a black speckle in the right top corner. It is also the darkest element in the photograph.

Enjoy! :)

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Cool photo

Was this image captured in-camera or altered in post? It's stunning composition and a real work of art. As a photographer/videographer, I'm always drawn to unique framing that forces you to view an image in a way not typically seen by the normal eye. Anyway, bang up job Velimir!

Beautiful and intriguing photo, @velimir!
I love these types of close-ups and reflections that show the interconnection of all there is in such simple things...the huge tree reflected in a tiny puddle makes me think of the big "infinite" and the small "infinite" ~ as within so without~ and at the theory of fractals.
I love how you surround each of the photos in your posts with a story that gives us some context and a way to look at them without limiting our imagination to give other interpretations. Thank you for sharing! :)

Trying my best! :) Thank you for following!

Good lucking phone graph

So. I looked at this one for a loooonnng time. I first noticed the left hard edge and thought it was shot through a piece of porcelain or something. The right edge kind of ruined that theory.

It's just an intriguing photograph. I certainly don't see anything sinister, but... how can the edges be so different? I am boggled.

Thank you. Absolutely extraordinary.

It was exactly like this when I found it. The water is spilling over the right edge, that's why the reflections continue spreading to that side :)

Velimir, you always surprise me with your vision in a minimalist way. This is definitely positive, as it opens new issues with its photos, so I always imagine the publication. In addition to excellent photos and blogs, this is the main reason that I'm always coming back to your posts.

Happy to hear you like my work! :)

Truely great picture:) thank you!

This reminds me of a photo that I took in high school for a competition. Back when you had to develop your own film in the dark room as part of the class. Think I actually got an award for that one too.

Was walking along and almost stepped in this puddle in the parking lot. When I looked down all I could see in it was the moon behind a tree. Was a really cool effect.

:) Glad to hear!

I once again marvel at your ability to see unusual things in ordinary things
If you include the imagination, you can imagine that it is a hole in a stone wall through which we see a darker and cold world. But this does not make it less mysterious. Noborot evokes interest in its study.
Most of your photos can each be interpreted in their own way. Do creative people create a flight of thoughts. This is respectful.
Thank you:)

thank you! :) you are one of my most faithful commentators. Thank you for this!

Wow!!!... wonderful your photography, and i like this art. i want your next post sharing ......... all the best my dear friend ,,,,, upvote and resteemit done

definitely a photo for a cold winters day like today. connecting two worlds. the shattered glass and what is outside the window. I think i'll stay behind the shattered glass today.

I must say I love your interpretation of this artwork. It's an interesting way how you put it.. if we were to understand everything what would happen to the mystery of it all.. I have heard this from a lot of people that not everything in the world is meant to be understood!
Great read :)

The truth that I admire and is impacted by the analysis so thorough and profound that you make about your photography. You have described each thing with special attention...I like the tree in its upper right, have light, bright flowers that make it very striking. Congratulations. Greetings.

"If we were able to analyze and rationally understand everything there is, where would the mystery go?" There is beauty in mystery isn't it? That is what life brings. Your posts never fail to amaze me. Thank you for this. Keep steeming!

Interesting post ,

Really interesting, at a first glance , i thougt that's photoshopped, but i realized later, reflection really well -catched.

just see we trying to appreciate his work but not even one single thanks for us.. is that fair??.. upvote and follow me please

this is not how it works, my friend. show value in your posts and people will upvote, show consistency and people will follow.

I cannot agree with you. If you go back through my posts you will see that I always upvote comments worth upping and answer many that need answering. Some comments need no answer, like yours, for example, but I answer it anyway. My time is very limited working 24-7 to create these series on daily basis and this is why I answer and comment with a day or two delay but I always find time for my readers. You only arrived to this platform, have no clue how it works but you are already exhibited wrongful behaviour... Not a good plan in my humble opinion but as they say...have fun!

okay duly noted.. im new to steemit and i really dont know how things work!!
im sorry if i seemed rude.. can you give me more tips please..

I can see man. I always observed that he doesn't ever comment or upvotes his followers post.. I just unfollowed him.. Even though you are up there reputation wise or otherwise you ought to appreciate people commenting on your post either by upvoting them or commenting back.. I rather follow back.. His post has nothing less than 300$ everytime and he sometimes post 2 to 3 times daily. What does he use the steem power for I like to know? There are other people who does art why cant he create a community of such people with all the money he makes and share idea with them

It does look dark, but in the mist of darkness there is a moon shot! lol... I actually like the pic, reminds me of a cool summer day gazing by the lake front just dreaming away!

I once heard a story of a guy that did mushrooms and in his trip, he said, he lived 4 years in another world, under water. Lol this photo and the title just made me remember of this.

:) dont know that one! :)

If that guy would write a book about it, your photo would be the perfect cover.

Wow what a beauty !! Love it and love the way you describe it even more. And yeah i agree with you, life is not a problem to be solved, rather a mystery to be lived. It's wonderful to look for things that inspire wonder

Dear @velimir!

Your photography is very inspiring! I love how minimalistic yet full of details your work is! It is truly amazing to me how much creativity you put into all of your art pieces!
Also, inspired by your work I started my own photography series. It would be great if you could take a look!

Kindest regards,


Absolutely beautiful post!


I love the way the tree looks in the reflection, it's like peeking into another dimension!

really it's a romantic photo....very nice

So cool and interesting. I love the way you always blend nature with things man made. Its also a really cool perspective you were able to capture. I really enjoy your work.

good post

its really a unique photo ,fantastic concept dear

Good art man. I liked it.

Beautiful image
I myself Love photography. if you could check out my post, that would be great
followed resteemed and upvoted
thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great day
heres a link to my recent post. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@millennium09/a-day-to-remember
Thank you again!!!

what is it all about...this sounds interesting

Why do I get the feeling tons of people like yourself are posting without reading?

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Very interesting post very beautiful scenery I really liked it terimaksih have shared @velimir

This is really awesome photography, loving it

Absolutely brilliant ,I wish I had an eye to capture a picture like that

We are all connected to a SOURCE, , not everyone knows that., bitg human and animals we are all connected

That is beautiful art and how you explain it.

The really look a picture out of sci-fi movie. And yeah the dark element really brings out the beauty of the picture.

This is an amazing photo man. Images like that makes me wanna go out and shoot. Thanks... Do you have a website?

the way the branched blend in with the rocks on the right and also those 4 little rocks on the top part of the puddle .... all together it really looks amazing!!! good job buddy... must upvote this!!

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Wow! Thats just amazing to see! I love Steemit, its just sooooo amazing and I just joined!

I have follwed you for sometimes now. And your art work are really dope.they take me to some kind of imagination I cannot comprehend. Ideas comes to my brain each time I see any of the art you post..there are mind blowing.

wow you captured the perfect moment in a photo, congratulations

The picture is amazing!

I love photography too(:

Such a beautiful picture :)

Good picture selection
Well wrote

such a beautiful picture!

Great post
nice art work

hola excelente publicación, soy nueva aquí saludos

I'm so short of words right now because I got lost somewhere... Though I found myself here "... linking of the worlds, the most valuable element in this piece."

This is beautiful!

Good post i love the pictures very interesting

Very nice and intriguing post sir. Please kindly visit my blog steemit.com/@lizzieharrison and check out my original works

Great artistic insight. Bloggers MATTER!

This is a very exciting post. Thank You for sharing it and the details with us. I have just upvoted and resteemed this post to help share this exciting information on connected worlds. I have also just followed you on steemit. Have a great day!

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It's one of those photos that get deeper the longer you look at it, even the angle doesn't seem to be correct with what expect the reflection to be. Nice color, nice framing, great photo, buddy.

well said.nice blog

Do you ever come on here to read comments people post on your blog..??? Just curious..

Yes I read them all.

Its okay cool, I was curious cause u barely responded prolly cause you are busy or something... Dont you think you need a PA??

Sometimes it's pretty tough to make a good composition of a reflected surface, but you did it perfectly.

Very interesting

This is amazing. I recently started loving arts because of @alexandravart and i can boldly say i love this too.

Exquisite observation sir! I really admire your work. You obviously have a sixth sense for bringing out the best in the world around us through very subtle observation and creating wonderful art from your keen eye. Lovely work!

The point where the worlds connect is indeed what elevates this image from good to great! Bravo! Really spectacular 🙏🏽


Very interesting post... Thank you for the info..

I am a puddle reflection fanatic! This is precious. I don't find it sinister in any way. It takes a slow deliberate vision to find and see that as well as capture it. Bravo!

Amazing post dear

It looks like microstucture

such an another great post, thanks for your work

Interesting and awesome post!

great write up and also i love the view

You need to make your city know about that hole in the asphalt, some car will pass and next time you will be wet like a mouse

Such a beautiful picture

Absolutely beautiful post!

Wow, this is so beautiful, I ad to watch over and over in order to understand the concept

I admire your master piece in photography the way u analyse and explain your photos gives clearity nd imbuilds emotions , it is very realistic . u are my steemite crush.


This reminds me of the Volbeat song Ecotone.

thank for your ctreation,,, it' a great creation...god bless you friend...

Beautyfull picture and nice way how you think to see it..

amazing collection of photographs !!! really like to see more :3

Awesome piece...

A very nice picture

Wow....this is so sweet,thanks for been an inspiration 😊

başarılı, bir sunum thank you

always like your photography and always some thing new

Good information

Siempre es grato ver este tipo de imágenes que nos llenan de emociones y amplia mucho mas nuestra cultura visual. de esto se trata esta comunidad de compartir contenido de interés para motivar y crear conciencia. Felicidades un foto maravillosa.

many dimensions look photographed it. i enjoy it, a lot of shadows are present in my mind ... your photo is worthy in given good marks.

Good picture i like it