Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #174 'Yellow Ghost Car'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'Yellow Ghost Car'

'Taxi Driver' comes to mind when I look at this one. You remember that old film with Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster? I guess what does it could be the expressive roughness and the yellow car reminiscing of De Niro's cab and his awesome role. If some of you younger people haven't seen that one, download it. It is one of the "oldies but goldies" from the seventies. Not sure, but I think it got Golden Palm at Cannes.

This photograph of a yellow ghost car, as is usually the case with the best ones, came out beyond my expectations. It was a double exposure taken in a single take, what is quite a rare achievement since the car was moving. None of this was composited in Photoshop but was snapped on the street as is. The rough surfaces are juxtaposed to the slightly blurred yellow car, appearing as if beaming out of some invisible dimension. The depth of field is interesting to observe, as it was created as an outcome of both expositions. We can observe a mix, creating a single symphony of focused and unfocused parts in the composition. The focus is still exactly where it should be and plays a major role.

The yellow and orange are quite saturated compared to the rest of an even-toned surrounding. Bluish and green even the balance a bit, but not enough to overtake the warm feeling. The real colour rivalry happens between the dark orange and yellow. Their mutual dependence dominates the image. The rest is quite desaturated, letting the yellow car become the centre of attention. The photography is composed of many smaller elements which all work together in creating some sort of a rough but contained feeling.

  • "You talkin' to me?" :D (watch the movie)

I thought of pasting that legendary scene from youtube but better if you watch the entire thing.

Enjoy! :)

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Good photo

Sorry for not taking the time to google it but I want to ask you a question. What is double exposure and what camera can do that? Thank you.

Yeah, I also want to know what camera he uses

Hello Hiro,
In-camera double exposure is a process in which you take one picture on top of other.

It is possible to do it with digital camera, as well!

Not all digital cameras have this capability. Current models that do include the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 1D X, and 70D; most Nikon DSLRs; Fujifilm’s X-Pro1 and X100s; and the Olympus OM-D E-M5, among others. With some, combining exposures works only with RAW captures.

Hope it helps.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Double exposure means, that you shoot two times on one piece of film.
So only analog cameras can do this.

@velimir ......this post is useful and i am grateful for that....
I guess you are a genius when it comes to art/photography and that is if i am permitted to use the word reason? because i believe appreciation is better than been told

Looking at the art work "yellow gost car", my knowledge got widen after going through the whole illustration that you made...

In your post, you said;

The photography is composed of many smaller elements which all work together in creating some sort of a rough but contained feeling.

Good to hear that @velimir ....You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.

@velimir I Love your art, It really transports you and let your mind run. Absolutely Robert De Niro is one of the best love his films. Thanks for sharing!

The photograph is awesome! I feel like I could find myself lost for hours in a gallery surrounded by photos in a series accompanying this one. Nice work @velimir!

Yes, it is very similar to the "Taxi driver", the dynamics, aggression, even the wall of the house there was similar, it seems ... Wow!

the mysterious photo of a phantom taxi ... looks intriguing and evokes interest .. very yellow and orange in the background. This gives the photos some sense of cold, but it is quite harmoniously combined with the name of the ghostly taxi. The ghost - the taxi attracts attention is the center of this picture :)
Thanks for the advice on watching the movie - I was looking for something to see.
Good night to you

an excellent photo, it seems to me it has a hypnotic effect - it creates a feeling that looking at this "ghost" photo that it consists of two different places. Therefore, it seems that the taxi is ghostly - because it is in a different place, and we see only its phantom, the projection superimposed on this gray place :) I am visited by interesting thoughts looking at this photo. Thanks @velimir for puzzling me for the night.

This one is the best in among all. Yellow car is steeling the show here in this art. How beautifully you did that, Even 100% marks for the thinking this into the mind.

Amazing velimir!

Very good photo, super original and thank you for recommending the movie.

beautiful designed one of my art i designed like this. Amazing worked.

Excellent photo!!! I like images that are not usually, have depth, striking . Also, Robert de Niro is my favourite actor :-)

Honestly,this is the most creative piece of work i have seen so far @velimir. So ghost cars actually exist? Interesting.

WOW if i could take photos like that i would be taking picture everywhere i go!!! good job buddy!! keep it up i love the visuals!!!

I wish I have a good camera to capture views and objects..I am only using my phone but I still join photography I might as well buy a camera soon from my earnings here in photography..I have a lot of good views here...I am @baby07 joining your passsion guys

an excellent photo!!! awesome!

what happened there

That's pretty awesome @velimir ! Very good stuff! Loved the pic!

nice post never new photography could be this interesting

Amazing photography and giving the water impact very nicely.I think it is edited in Photoshop for giving the effect.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow, what a beautiful art. I love it.
Very, very good art. I wish I can also paint something like this.

that is a good capture .. I love how you did this .. :)

Amazing art, You can also call it "car inside the wall".
You are doing a great job. Keep the good work up.

I have been a beautiful summer friend :)
I love yellow cars and I need taxi :)

Great shot.... You have magic fingers!..i really like this... Thanks for sharing

What a nice photo i can feel this ghost in the photograph. Really good job @velimir👍🏼

Robert De Niro ... woww! I watched every filmini. I will download this. Interesting and beautiful photo. @velimir

Wow amazing photography all the snaps are awesome.... perfect click....thank you for sharing with us.... keep sharing more

Nice art! Congrats. I adored it..

I really Like Your Post.. im All Ready Follow You... And You Please Follow Me @foridul And Visit My Post...
Thanks You

I like your photos very much.


I really like all your projects.
Big UP

good post...

That's preally awesome Very good post wonderful picture

Thank You for such an amazing art !

You are so talent. Great job! Have a good day @velimir

Filmi gerçekten merak ettim.Anlatım şekliniz kaçırmamam gerektiğini söylü

Lovely image! Very evocative

This one is really super special! It feels like a photo on an oil painting! The explosion of all the colors reflects the immaterialised nature of all things.

I really love the combination of movement & texture! Great job! :)

Really nice photo my friend =)

This is an awesome piece.

I am trying to remember the movie but think as I may I could only see their faces.

thanks again for offering us a tremendous piece of art @velimir I'm going to watch the movie thanks for reminding

Beutiful photo

Thank you for your well-written descriptions of the photos. You are awesome.

Nice post

tthats amazing post

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Any investments or in tradings that any one done made in light of these ideas, trade signals, opinions, and/or forecasts, expressed or implied herein, are committed at your own risk. I am not an investment advisor, information shared here is for informational, educational and research purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell anything .

Greetings sir😊

Wooow ini postingan yang bagus, bagaimana cara membuatnya sedemikian rupa? Alat apa saya yang digunakan untuk membuatnya?

amazing artwork.to produce such artwork that surely can not be separated from a great tool, what kind of camera do you use ???

wow good post. congratulations

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This post very good Thank you

Nice post


Wowwww Wonderful Post !!!

Excellent photo has a hypnotic effect, very original I congratulate you @velimir

Honestly,this is the most creative piece of work i have so far @velimir. So ghost cars actually exist? Interesting.



Taxi are different in color and lose their beauty. Taxi must be yellow and that's it. Such a reflection on the building is interesting and unique. Bravo

w0w amazing picture... someday i can do that heheh... more practice for me...thx for this its my insparation..

waooo great art.. love it

i love photography, kindly follow me hope that you guyz will like my wall i recently started

Ghost car!!!! Great capture.Indeed it looks like a car came of nowhere


Ohh that's great photography sir....so strange... Amazing.. How to take this picture please you can learn me...sir....

good your post

realy like a ghost car

Amazing great Nice good

Nice piece. I loved the color flow
Its simply Creativity at its best


What an awesome work of art sir @velimir 😁. I do really admire artworks on photography, seeing this one is far greater than anyone done it on photography!

Beautiful sir

Wow! I'm marveled

that is a good capture

The thing "Yellow Ghost Car" seems a good title. Pretty creepy :)

This is art. I love originality. Keep it up brother. I am into Photography as well. Not many wound believe a medical doctor could be a photographer. But they are wrong. I am one. :D

Nice work!

looks so good.

I think this is not camera functions, It's editing am i right?

Hey @velimir. I love that photo. It looks so artistic and strange in a good way. Thanks for sharing :-D

Great post, in some point I thought of taxi the queen latifah version, Will definitely try to check out the original version for sure, I love double exposure pic, there are some eerie and fun about it. I also love the pop of yellow from the ghost taxi, great choice for storytelling ^^@velimir

this is pretty cool. it really looks like a painting more than a photo! that's neat how you can accomplish that just with the exposure settings.

nice work, keep it up :)

Nice one you got there Mr Velimir

This is the best I've seen from you so far

I love how it looks like the car is just driving out of the bricks, amazing vision!

awesome post well explained .

I love that quote: "You talkin' to me".

One of the most memorable movie quotes ever.

I watched that movie like 5 times.