Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #166 'To Know'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'To Know'

When I was a young boy, my father told me that knowledge lies in books. Back then, I wasn't too keen on reading. Eventually, as time passed, I started reading quite often. I remember a friend of mine, a drummer in my first band, who read a ton. None of us could ever match this guy. God knows what his father told him. :D I guess it was summer of 1989 when a few of us went to his place on the island of Hvar without our parents. One day after lunch, out of a pure boredom, I decided to dig through some old drawer. That effort produced some forgotten books. Among them was "Illusions" from Richard Bach. I read that book in a stretch on that same hot summer afternoon. Also several times since. There is a passage explaining free will and one's own responsibility, that I loved. Careful now, it might set a direction for you. :D

Let me paraphrase it in my own words, I prefer it that way (sorry Richard): "Your life is a notebook. You are free to choose whether you want to write most beautiful lines, draw most beautiful images, take care of every page like it was a very precious gem; or, you are also free to just scribble pages away, cover them with oily fingerprints and even tear them off if you like. It is completely up to you."

Enough said, right? :)

This image is in hi-key, meaning that the dominant tone is white. I added a touch of colour to it. Blue on the sides and some peach in the middle. This is for to emphasize the importance of reading, and learning the things one likes. However, this doesn't mean that you need to learn things someone else believes are important, against your will. You learn what you like and do learn out of pleasure.

The book and the hand are centred and also emphasized by the warmest colour. It is where observer's attention flows, while the borders are colder and much less receptive. Tonal plasticity is not accentuated in this photo, as I didn't want to create contrast dynamics which would injure the hi-key vibe or it would set it out of balance in a better case. A little colour is quite enough to model the space and point out the idea.

So, are you ready to start painting pages of your life with the most beautiful pictures you can? Guess what - those are your thoughts!

Enjoy! :)

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Yeah! That's how I felt after reading your post. Let's draw a better picture today that we'll enjoy tomorrow. Happy Steeming!

Before i comment, i must say that i have really been missing out on your posts lately and its due to my forth coming papers. I have to defend it, so its been keeping me occupied.
Nice post really. I love the pic. Passes the message properly.
The explanations of the necessities of the different colours makes sense. I really liked the part you said This is for to emphasize the importance of reading, and learning the things one likes

Lol @God knows what his father told him.
Sorry to digress abit, I am writing my exams next month, so i am preparing for it. These days now, if you dont read what the man likes, you dont get to pass the course. Its a shame that this is a generation that encourages students to do what pleases the professor, not what you enjoy. From where i school, lecturers dont spend time on learning new wayd to connect to theor students. Fun, pleasure, excitement – call it what you will, the essential ingredient in any training endeavour is engagement. When it comes to talent management, if you don’t spend the time to make the learning experience a compelling and enjoyable one, how can you expect your learners to spend any time on it?
We should all encourage the next generation to do things they love. Aside from the sheer joy of exercising the imagination, personally, reading for pleasure improves literacy, social skills, health and learning outcomes.

It gives people access to culture and heritage and empowers them to become active citizens, who can contribute to economic and social development. It can improve our sense of connectedness to the wider community. So i must say that you live what you preach @velimir because the way you have wide imaginations and connect with us here is really very nice. The way you see things we wouldn't have seen from your pictures and posts, i must say that you must have been an intelligent student that thinks out of the box back then and you still are. About that your friend, i know their type, they just have two heads, no matter how hard you try, they would always have the highest grades :). Haha

For me, the benefits of reading are more likely to be felt when reading takes place through free choice. The outcomes of reading will occur more often and more strongly if reading is enjoyable in the first instance.

Its sure a beautiful post with a very delicate and important meaning. The world should see this.

@georgechuks Please join ADSactly society's discord server and find me under the same nick :)

@velimir, thanks for the invite, i appreciate. I will definitely join. I will see you there ASAP.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice and impressive comment

Your father was right, knowledge should be drawn from reliable sources. But the main thing is that in our time - it is not necessary to get knowledge from books, now knowledge can be obtained from the Internet. I'm sure we'll see the times when the book will become something rarity.
Good words that our life is writing down a book, we make our own life. If you want to make your life sad - so it will be. If fun, you are the creator of your destiny.
Sometimes life is still linked with a blank sheet ... They say that you can see the sheet - but you can not change the emphasis by which you wrote it.
Thank you, as always deep thoughts

Welcome to the episode # 166 Folks,

I am also unable to understand what your friend used to eat :P Today's Art which is "To Know" is of much importance. In holy Book Quran Almighty Allah says

Surely Allah does not change the conditions in which a people are in until they change that which is in themselves… (13:11).

Let me rephrase this art in this way;
Oh man you need to change yourself? Do you want to be successful in life, or if you want to know about your environment?
Then remember there is only one way for all these confusions you need To Know through books. Knowledge can change one's destiny that is why acquire it from any where or from any place.

P.S; Today's Art addresses the importance of Knowledge

Amazing stuff @velimir :)

The colours are perfect! Alluring and pleasant.
What I like the most is that we see the book from it's cover - the unknown person let us see the book- but only from the cover of it. It hides a message to us regarding ourselves and the way we look on others - regarding ourselves - we might hold the book that is our identity and we might think we know who we are just perfectly, but what we SHOULD know is that it's only the cover, the things we can see at the moment. If we work on it- we can get to deeper, surprising and richer layers in ourselves "when the waves grow stronger, the stronger is revealed" - the stronger parts in ourselves.
When we look upon others - we might see just the hands, and they may look crude, we may look a little more and see the book the person holds and think that we get him, that we understand him, but it's only artificial, it's the cover and no more, there is a lot more to find about each individual if we try hard enough and move though tougher situations in life with him. The red warm color concentrated on the book delivers the feeling of worthiness in each person perfectly, in my eyes.

Thanks for a really outstanding picture velimir!

Great post, as always :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Rightly said @velimir. Every book, regardless of its genre, has a message to pass and it also takes you to places (abstract or physical) that you might never go otherwise. While it serves as a pastime to ward away boredom, it has proven to be much more than that. Finding out about other cultures, basking in the glory of innovation across borders, pushing your minds to the limits of your beliefs and taking up more flexible theories and possibilities; books have given me so much knowledge-induced power.

You cannot afford to go through your entire life in the dark, so know what type of information you are interested in or those that would be useful to you, and read until your brain capacity literally increases.


Yes, it is just amazing. Thoughtful art..thanks for sharing

Cool art, very interesting post. Although I'm not quite sure what to make of the paraphrased Bach.

I really love this post very much. It's so easy to focus and fill our life with complaints or looking at all the negative things that has happened that we fail to look at the bright positive things that we could be grateful for. I will have to look up that book "Illusions" by Richard Bach. Thank you for this post :)

It gives people access to culture and heritage and empowers them to become active citizens, who can contribute to economic and social development. It can improve our sense of connectedness to the wider community. So i must say that you live what you preach @velimir because the way you have wide imaginations and connect with us here is really very nice. The way you see things we wouldn't have seen from your pictures and posts, i must say that you must have been an intelligent student that thinks out of the box back then and you still are.

Amazing topic to start off a New Year.
A philosophical look at ones inner self.
To start drawing pages of great and true happiness of life everyone can achieve if you just look at life in a way that puts things in perspective.
You can go through life as you have simply put, scribbling in pages and tearing them out, passing everyday as If it was a burden, or focus on everyday as a way, a beacon of light, of hope, adventure and love.
A life of happiness and peace through each page we fill in, each day, with positive thoughts and actions.

Hello, I agree with your father I inform that the knowledge is in the books, illusions of this book even if I have not read it, that it has no interest in its content, that I mention it to you.
do not forget to follow me, I invite you to read my publication.
It also helps me with the vote, to help other people.

I love the image and even more your explanation. This is also such a good lesson for artists in the use of tone and proportion to express one's emotion or subject matter. I love colour and tend to use a lot but I also like the use of monochromatic when it suits. Well done you.

I was wowed by these amazing art you presented on your post. It's magical to look at. Also by just using those simple subjects they appeared to be very artistic. I can't say anything actually. it's just beautiful! I really appreciate it. Thanks too for sharing knowledge about art. Keep it up :)

These are beautiful words, Velimir. I especially like to think of life as my own book, writing each chapter as I go.

Great analogy and the art... is it yours? It’s really wonderful xx

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wonderful painting! and the meaning behind it, tremendous! I will definitely follow you, because now, I agree with you about the real value that books deserve and how we must be careful with every action we commit everyday we live; such as every word we write over the pages God gives us to finally enjoy of the story of our own lives.
Cheers to you! That´s why I love art at all

omg..did you write these words by yourself.wow..i don't know whatelse to say..you have written it very well..i just felt for your words..you have written it in a way to address the hearts of the readers..well said..wow :)

Absolutely fab post , Followed and Upvoted feel free to pop on by to my page have a read of the posts .look forward to seeing more from you stay in touch dee x ,

I've recently turned into a book-worm and read 13 books in the past two months. They give you the wisdom that you will take years to learn by just experiencing everything in life.
"Your life is a notebook. You are free to choose whether you want to write most beautiful lines, draw most beautiful images, take care of every page like it was a very precious gem; or, you are also free to just scribble pages away, cover them with oily fingerprints and even tear them off if you like. It is completely up to you." Well said.
And nice Art Photography! :D

Colours and interpretations. Most people have the notion that colours are culture bound (interpreted based on environment) but more and more colours have this psychological influence on us and how we interprete things :) with no regard for culture :D


Language of soul
This Art says thousands of words
Keep it up,well done
Highly Appreciated

wow. what a great collection of excellent steemians. nice art work and keep it coming. upped 100%



Nice one and I know the rest of my days will be dedicated to doing good contents ! Find time to check my blog posts. Thanks

Follw me.. Ill ollow back

Yes you are right.thats why i followed him.

awesome post @velimir! about the painting of life i think that, life is not what you do, it's how you do it. it's not what you see, it's how you look at it. it's not how your life is, it's how you live it.

@velimar although my english is not so good but i got it as you told what actually his told him about study that is funny second thing i learned is you learn what which you like most not other told to the same thing i did and cost me a lot which i cant say thanks for sharing a nice post <3

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I really like your work man
Im also a new film maker
Want to make a documentry about desert life style soon
I followed you

Thats true, a book gives you guidance and knowledge. Nice warm

Great message in a heart touching way.Not all have that skill.You are an exceptional one

Amazing and very interessing post thank you for sharing
resteemed and shared in the steemit

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wow, thats beautiful, thank you

Fake Vs Real - Check This Art Work

wow, i felt like i was in 1989 when i readed that, awesome! (p.d: love that artwork <3)

Nice.. really love this

Nice.. really love this

Good job.

Well Said, @velimir, knowledge lies in books. Actually, books are the best friends of anyone. This is really an amazing art my friend. ilike it.

very interesting and inspired painting, follow me and upvote me, thanks

well done

enjoy your painting and story. thanks for sharing. and i am new on steemit. please upvoting me. :) thanks

Am inspired by your work. How do i learn?

It really hard to believe for me that it's your own art . By the way mind blowing work . Keep it up man. You are going to the right track . @velimir

Good explanation of each part and its importance .. As usual another masterpiece @velimir
Knowlede is not somthing that can b forced upon, it can only b gained with pure interest and dedication. Knowledge is the only thing that never ends even a person can spend whole life..


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Excelente foto y maravillosa explicación del porque de la foto! Leer un libro es visitar un universo sin necesidad de transporte!!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I liked your post, and I can tell you the same thing that you expressed the one who reads becomes wise

"This image is in hi-key, meaning that the dominant tone is white". I love that ✌

Sunguh berlian pemikran

Buen día como estas @kemal13, fascinante dibujo, se ve como en 3D me gusta ese color calido azulado en los borde inferiores, la mano explicando alguna frase, es genial y te daré mi voto, soy un seguidor más te tus Post, sería un honor para mí que visitaras mis publicaciones y me apoyaras ya que con esos ingresos que obtengo en Steemit son donados a una fundación de ayuda a niños de extrema pobreza aquí en mi país Venezuela, mucho sabré agradecerte tu colaboración, saludos

Love the picture.

I liked the art of your hand, thank you for sharing it among us

You are really super hero of steemit media your all post are best and your art marvelous. You have special power of photography art.

Thanks for @velimir

Wonderful post Velimir!

hi, You are a big one here, you have nice photos, your work is excellent. You are a master!

Beautiful, thank you.

Books possess tremendous POWER.
They stretch our minds and take it to new heights from which we never come back.

Great ! I follow you :) https://seeninbg.wordpress.com/

Wow amazing photography...I apprecite to your post.
I think your post i like..

Carry on dear. Well done...

엄청난 그림입니다~! 멋있어요^-^

Waoooo! You are good. Your story is a memorable one. Your photograph is awesome, please keep it up. I upvote you.

reading books add knowledge by reading books can change the way forward thinking and successful civilization

i like this.
help me to be like you
upvote me please @tonyy01

I'm new here and I just discovered you, but I must say that your posts are great!

Amazing art beautiful photography

Beautifull art🖖🏻

I love them!

That's really a warm painting for me. Awesome work! Thanks for sharing 🙌👏

Amazing, as always.

Reading books is like time traveling for your brain. I love this post. Upvoted. Aloha!

Wonderfull Painting... the book structure has come up very well... its a thing to preserve... Wonderful...

upvote and follow me please , , i follow u also .. thanks

cool art photograph :)
the wisdom of learning something, making the book as the window of the world, seeking the identity of life, seeking identity in the freedom of life

Dear velimir.
Can I just tell you that your content is amazing, thank you for being a big part of making Steemit what it is and what I love!

The artwork is beautiful. The words are significant, also. Very nicely done. I too am a reader, though my father didn't give me that lesson.

Richard Bach is a very nice choice for a first read. Someone was looking out for you.

arte espectacular! Felicidades @velimir

very nice content!

Good picture love it

Very interesting post, it is a good art. Follow and upvote. Check this https://steemit.com/spanish/@martymcfly17/abstract-aerial-art-parte-2 and leave your comment

Knowledge is power. Very cool.

Your Photography is an inspiration for me. I keep following and want to learn more from you. I tried a few. Please Curate and give your feed back.



too good

Your photos are very interesting, @velimir. Are you using an SLR or mirror less?

You are a good artist.exceptional work.keep it up.share more of your painting in the next post.

@velimir. Your picture is great I love that reflection that our lives are a notebook, always depend on us the range that we give. Saludos desde Venezuela.

Nice. Really like it

Awesome text and work, I really love it

It was a superb topic to start off a new year.. i will keep following you guys

its really awesome but im thinking why the fifth finger is half?

photography is and will be an art, in it we can capture the essence of things when we capture a good photo

I love the correlation of art and life. It seems so much more beautiful and tragic when you think of it as art. Amazing post.

I rreally like it your story , the pictures are amazing

I rreally like it your story , the pictures are amazing

Amazing Great Collection.

really your story is too much creative.. well done
Highly Appreciated.. good job.

Wow, Awesome!

Very well written words, you have a talent at capturing realism. Thank you.

great art :)

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