Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #157 'Stairway To Nowhere'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'Stairway To Nowhere'

stairway to nowhere 2.jpg

Have you ever taken a road that didn't lead anywhere? This set of stairs does exactly the same. The feeling of, literary, having nowhere to go is quite vividly presented by this photograph. Even though I must've walked past this stairs at least a hundred times, I've never paid attention to this utmost testament as to what hights can absurdity fly. I mean, whoever built this must've been a total joker. An additional comical element is the sawed-off metal fence to the right and the cut-off concrete bottom of the fence left of the stairs. Pay attention as to how the "architect" brutally cut the concrete bottom and inserted these useless stairs right into its place. :D

The light is diffused and therefore casts no shadows, meaning that the atmosphere is created purely by colour combination of green, yellow and pink with a few additional touches of magenta. The main colour ratio is reached between green and pink/magenta. The composition is clean, simple and strictly follows the idea. For some unexplained reason, this setup reminds me of films by Jacques Tati, a French comedy director who didn't make many films but the ones he made are quite memorable.

Don't you just want to walk up these stairs, have a peek at the window and solve this mystery? Maybe people who live here prefer entering their home through a side window instead of the front door? Or maybe that window only shows a reflection of us making fun of things without knowing or understanding the real reason behind them? Yes, I meant that metaphorically...

But... It's funny anyway... :D

Enjoy! :)

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I've never seen anything like this before. Is it for an 'outdoor confession?'

hahaha no idea what you mean :)

Hello @velimir, The famous Artist !

Well i was waiting when will you discuss humor in your post, as on and off you do but in this blog i found usage of humorous vocabulary metaphorically which made my day.
By the way i am still laughing loud on it because it is related to an experience i had in past.
Last Summer I was sleeping in my cousin's apartment, which is situated on second floor stairs on one side and washroom on other side. When it was night my cousin got up to go washroom and fell off from the stairs and reached to another world :P :P
He shouted and i came to rescue him, we often discuss that thing and still laugh out loud.

Today's art work 'Stairway To Nowhere' was related to my personal story. Lets have a look on it deeply;
Yes you are right infrastructure of these stairs is above my thoughts. What was the mason thinking who build these stairs?
He must be impressed by Mr.BEAN because none can dare to put his head in that window except him.

Overall a great piece of work and exceptional usage of wording. You always bring smile and motivation on our faces through your artistic approach.

Keep sharing such good work,

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

maybe it was in the days when couples used to escape through the window

oh, the romantic version ;) and her father would be building the stairs to make it easier for them :D :D :D

This sends the light and the shadows, and that texture. It is a spectacular image, a closed frame that provides many things. A genius friend. . ;) Great result, the eyes are guided very effectfully the stairs and on the handrail. Lovely concept...Congratulations my friend

But in real life sense there is every possiblity that, I would rather take the window because I saw the staircase not minding the inner challenge. Meaning, I thought I took the shortcut without rethink.

I hope you understands.
Thanks for the creative minds. I love it.

Nice one. This post is really for the creative minds.

Old school, reminds me of my great grand mother's house back in Europe. Nice work :) I can barely keep up with your posts...

I often encountered a similar phenomenon, but you have it displayed from a different angle, you allow you to look at the usual things from a different perspective.
There is no shadow, and the whole atmosphere is created by several colors, green, pink, yellow and some others. Green and pink dominate, they set the basic tone of photography.
It looks one-time funny, but it causes some interest in this place.
Thank you, you always do a great job :)

It is likely that there was once a doorway there and it was closed off and a window added into the doorframe. There is a similar construction, but without stairs at my house

Nope :D
There was never a door there, I closely checked. It looks like they planned to make a door but nevergot to that point.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The best-laid plans of mice and men.....

This wouldve been clutch outside my window for sneaking out as a kid 😂

I loved the picture...then after reading the text afterwards had me loving it even more. Great work! I love this. I'm only just getting into photography after admiring many of the photos here on Steemit! Thanks for the inspiration.

Really? haha
I've never seen anything like this before. It makes me laugh

hehehe...welcome to Croatia :D

I definitely resonate with the meaning behind this photo -- we work really hard and hit a wall sometimes, with nowhere to go or not knowing what to do (even if we reach a goal sometimes!)...this photo is beautiful and bittersweet. That's life, innit? <3

should be so ;)

This photo depicts how I feel this past days...climbed a stair and faced with a wall with a small window. I am now outside looking in.

im just curious how did this catch your eye i mean if it were me i would nver see it you must have photografy genes in your dna in my country they also call this an eye of the eagle

lmao :D

I love and respect the posts which are original....thanks for providing sch work with us....loved reading your post great words and beautiful photography...beautifully captured.

One of the explanations is that those stairs could in the past lead to a door... now a window.
But I like to think that the "architect" that built them was a "philosopher" trying to tell people to do things just by for doing them and don´t expect to get anywere, that way you wont get disapointed!

or ... the classic girl who had to go out the window to go out at night: p

Stairways to nowhere may be the stairways to the infinity * . *

A wonderful example of the Slavic architectural style.

But it has a profound, deeper meaning about the life itself.

Do we all strike the wall after the hard climbing?
Do we need to overcome the walls and obstacles and enter the windows and think outside the box?

By the way, do you know that Winchester house (Winchester guns)?
It's full of strange stairs, doors and... Things...

its brilliant concept dear ,this photos has many hidden lessons ,tips ,and advised ,we just need to watch it deeply and think about it

very beautiful concept and great art

i think the grunge look is befitting, but i don’t like it contrasted with the pink.. aha 😛

how do you enjoy being on the @buildteam?

good post

Love that you captured this, the mystery behind these sort of things always intrigues me. It brings questions to mind and a problem to solve.

Wired. But i think its very special.

It is a joy read your post. A debt of gratitude is in order for offering to us, have a magnificent day..

Upvoted and resteemed dear..

Your photography is very beautiful but I also want to work with photography. Your review will benefit me.

Great picture nice view and beautiful capture

that his name indicates an infinite ladder. please visit my blog

good post

Nice photo :)

@velimir is a pleasure read your post! Thanks for sharing with us, have a wonderful day

very nice , thanks for sharing
upvote you

Very subjective ... Take a path to the unknow ...


Awesome photo! but was the architect high😂

haha great photo, seen few stairs like that

Bütün merdivenler kapılara çıkaracak değil ya ;) Farklı olanı seçmek cesaret ister :)

salam kenal kawan hopefully we become good friends .oya me from indonesia and you can greet from indonesia for your family there

Great post keep it up
Aslo thanks for the information, the advice and the tips.

Well, in Dutch it "running against the wall" means making a huge mistake, so this stair can help :)

And how many years is it supposed to be at home?

And how many years is it supposed to be at home?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey thats a great thought behind a stairway.. good sense of humor u have

@velimir its a amazing photograph you got there ..stairs leading to nowhere.. don't life is the same we don't know where its going.....

Nice, this kind of content I can resteem and upvote 👌🏿

love you post thanks... follow you and vote :)

Such a nice photo :-)

lol/,very fun

No bad

Indeed a very interesting tour ride, angel picture can also, really very beautiful work @velimir.
Don't forget to visit my blog.

i love the heading..wow it rhymes very well..and it suits the photo alot :) very funny and there is something to think more too :)

I read the footage of your staircase, but its photography and stairwell, and the baground and all the more like it

Your post is always good I like your post and follow you, best wishes for feature

stairway to nowhere very interesting!

Haha nice name, stairway to nohere.

What was the builder or constructor thinking about... Truly, stair case to nowhere

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi @velimir,

So nice Photography by using your artistic skills, such an amazing view, i think these are not upstairs these are down stairs...

Thanks Velimir very insightful and inspiring . I agree art comes from within.

Strava stepenice! Možda ljudi koji žive unutra vole da ih neko gleda spolja. :D

I really liked your opinion. I appreciate

all time very good post thx

i love art so thats why i resteem

Nice post, but i dont actually find it funny.. did you think of these this way that maybe they were built to cover up something, maybe the fence was cut afterwards to make space for the stairs to be made.. you should actually look for the actual reason why it's they way it is.

This photo reminds me of many people's lives. They are climbing these stairs, leaving their families, friends just to chase money or fame. This way leads to nowhere. The bottom part of the photo is a dark place, and the upper part is bright, cause when in their minds they are at the "bottom" trying to reach the top, they think that the hill is so phenomenal, but in the most of cases it's not that good. People can see only the "cover" of this achievement. They can't see what's hidden underground. Of course it's important to grow, but we shouldn't forget about those who raised us up. Our life is more than material world. Your art really moved me. Thank you. :)

I think there was a door there previously but now a window, interesting, great photo.

wow amazing @velimir

Nice, follow me and vote plz, have a great day...

very interesting information

There's hidden door I am pretty sure.

I've never seen anything like this before. Is it for an 'outdoor confession?'