Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #150 'Pink Dusk'

in #art3 years ago (edited)

The name of this art photograph is: 'Pink Dusk'

A few days back snow fell and lasted for a day. We were all hoping for a white end of the year but it doesn't appear we'll have one. I found myself basking in this unusual colour of the late afternoon. It is not a usual phenomenon for this part of the world, so I thought it would make a nice photograph. A nostalgic moment is definitely present and will not go away no matter how hard you try to run away from it. After all, it is that time of the year reserved for reflections on the past. Probably on life in general, just as well. A good time to feel thankful and humble for everything.

The pastel hues of pink and violet beautifully flow into each other and, together with low light, create this very beautiful and specific atmosphere. The stretch of pink in the sky is a huge addition to that. A lone lantern above the city and pinkish snow make me feel alone but not in a sad way, more like having some time for myself.

The lantern is also the darkest object in the photo what adds a significant meaning to it. The compositional balance is set between the lantern in the left and the post on the right side. Can you feel the weight of both vertical objects evened out? This is a very important in any art piece, just as life in general, as well.

I love that bluish clouds in the distance appearing as a huge wave rolling in the city :)

Enjoy! :)

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Oh. It is a nice photo. I love it.

Oh. Great photo. Thanks for your sharing.

Oh. Cool photo. Thanks for your sharing.

Beautiful picture.

Wooo so calm, serene and peaceful dusk...
When It comes to photography you inspires me...
Whenever I take a photo your photos get in my mind and I feel an inferiority complex....lol
my photography is null compared to yours....but I keep trying just for the sake of art...

No man, you shouldn't feel that way toward anything or anyone. Comparison between people doesn't work at all because each of us is unique and developed himself in a direction of choice. Took me years to get where I am now. Every individual is a book. Write your pages with great care and you will get to where you want to be. The only valid comparison in life is you yesterday with you today.

Peace love and pancakes! :)

By the way, your BW photo of a leaf sprinkled with dew is really good!

Very nice and thought provoking words....Glad to here them...
We only compare to those whom we fancy and are inspired from, to me you are a teacher and every time I take a shot, I try to think about your photos....
Comparing my photos with your's is just my way of improving...I have got so much to learn from you indeed....

Hi @velimir. I like your technique of photography. Lattern is also dark object in this photo. Hence it looks unique and beautiful. superb.

Very glad to hear! @xabi :)

I agree.

be yourself, be a special you - and Merry Christmas.

the atmosphere is really specific, looking at the flashlight creates a sense of loneliness, but soon you realize that this is a deceptive feeling ... the main role in my opinion is played by the background, it is the pinkish-violet background, as if drawn, it creates a charming atmosphere and makes you immerse in it.
thanks, I liked it

yes, you so understood this one! Thank you very much! :)

thanks for your support

I love your interpretation, and here are my two cents - with the addition of the lantern significance I missed and noticed only after reading your interpretation:
Regarding the photo itself - what is most significant to me is that the eye is attracted to the horizon, slides to the right and collides with the black, sharp post - I feel that this effect transmits the uncertainess of life, everything might look pink and happy, but we really can't know what lies underground, silently boiling. The effect of a lantern that is actually the darkest object In the scene in contrast to the horizon amplifies this sensation and also transmits a more optimistic message, it makes ne feel that when one is in hard and black times, the mere thought that there is the opportunity for good things in the future, even in unknown time, like the pink horizon - ungraspable but still there, gives an hope.

Your interpretation is awesome ;)

Thank you. I am really happy I meet you here on steem!

Beautiful art photograph and well explained. Thank for sharing good piece of Art.

Yes. Street light with pink effect looking amazing. Amazing photo I like it.

wonderful photographer

cool photo, thanks.

What is your magic sauce for the success on here! Please share your tips everyone will eat it up, so many starving artists out there trying to grow. I bet there is a huge demand for your growth advice, you clearly know what you are doing so please consider! Thank you and keep it up!

Oh dear, I wrote this so many times, I cannot even remember. :D

  • only post your own original content
  • be present every day but don't post not more than 1- max 2 posts/day
  • comment other people's work genuinely, make friends
  • build lasting relationships. some people here are like brothers to me
  • never upvote your own comments, never power-down
  • be kind to everyone, we are a family
  • if you actually have money - invest in STEEM, your progress will be much faster
  • there must be a couple more

Genuine engagement seems to be a big theme in your list. Writing such a detailed reply to my comment is actually a great example of what your doing right on here! Not posting more than 2 posts per day is hard for me because I feel like I have so much to share, but I understand why you don't want to flood peoples feeds. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me I am sorry I didn't search harder to find your previous posts on the matter. Take care, your an inspiration to us minnows!

My pleasure :)
I never wrote a post about this. I usually write it in comments. Thank you for being here and ready to build this wonderful platform with all of us!

Esta imagen no tiene otra palabra para describirla sencillamente MARAVILLOSA, parece que existe magia en ella porque cuando la ves, te demuestra que en ese lugar se respira y se siente una paz y una tranquilidad deseosa por muchos. te felicito!!!

Muchas gracias por tu hermoso comentario. Realmente lo aprecio. Eres demasiado bueno. ¡Aclamaciones! :)

Perfectly captured @velimir ! It gives a romantic mood, thank you for sharing this! :)

This original photo looks like a photo taken with a filter. I love when nature gives us surreal images. That is why it is always good to have your camera handy as you never know when the next awesome moment is going to arrive.

An amazingly beautiful scene... So melancholy with the lamp unlit. There's a feeling of nature's dominant cycles with us being just out of sync in our endless hope to adapt or compensate. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, a very nice thought! Many thanks!

I've been spending my time lately curating up and coming photographers, which you are not your beyond that . When I saw this photo this morning I had to give it a vote

Impressive as the light changes when the year dies. Winter certainly has a melancholic beauty. Nice picture!

so true, so true!

@velimir - if you didn't use any filters, this is a very impressive photograph, though it does have a rather sombre or even lonely feel to it..

yes it does!

You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole!!

I augmented black a little in Photoshop.

that's cool - it's good photography all the same!

After crack comes dusk...ur post always that amazing

"Pink Dusk" is sad and yet so fantastic. :)

Lord Of The Steemit. my favorite author.

lol thank you, you re too kind! :)

Wow, another great one. This one has a feel to it, feels cozy, warm,soft and sweet, like cotton candy. But I bet is was hella cold out there.

it appears so but it wasn't really that cold :D

Being used to the warm weather, when it is 4cº outside like now, I complain alot about my life. Seeing snow,even if in pictures scares the hell out of me. :D

The coolest of your work! The top of perfection! Very calm and quiet street, it's good to be there and be alone with your thoughts.

Hi i've got to say when i saw that photography, look so perfect i dont know if it's effects or something of photoshop but look so warm and chill that makes want to be there

Beautiful....I recently read a book where in that world it snowed pink..this reminded me of that beautiful fantasy world

Good one. Well done.

You killed it @velimir. The shot is precise, beautiful and speaks volume.

Beautiful composition! It’s not just the image, but discussing your content really adds to the experience.

Nice shot, cant imagine snow in #Florida like this, but it feels like spring time/fall around here currently! #HappyHolidays

What a beautiful photograph, its calm and cool.
Nice post Mr Velimir

Awesome photo! We have epic sunrises and sunsets in las vegas but nothing this amazing!

wow! amazing photography..it is the beauty of the nature.

Wow this is really
beautiful photography....
Thnx for share with us..:
dear friend... @velimir

just one word WOW.,,, @velimir

'Pink Dusk' amazing well done.

Wow this is really beautiful nice one though!!!!

Wow great photo

Sencillamente hermosa!

Hi @velimir. Congratulations, you have been lucky to have developed a great project. The success of the project is based on the friends and the small community. Best regards

Ah, como me encantaría poder sentir esa nieve en persona, se ve tan hermoso. ¡Muy buena foto!

post a nice greetings @mizi23 success always friend

İts really king of pastel !

very nice I like it

very nice I like it

wooooooow, beautiful photography :)

Source for this Image, where to search for same images.

Pink, my favorite color

Lovely view of Nature

Magical work and a great rendition.
You have a gift.
Please don't stop the good work

I'm obsessed with these dawn/dusk magic hour photos! Will post some myself, come check it out on @hors.

Gud work dear. Everyone knows these $ can't be equall to your hardwork.....keep it up n keep in touch @sarinakhan

Really lovely colours in this one!

Ohh this is just so beautiful. Great click.

beautiful colors and texture :)

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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wonderful! I like the fact that you are analyzing the photo, you think deeply about its colours and what it represents, good work! :-)

Beautiful. When I was living with my parents on a country side, I used to go for a long walks, taking my dog and just enjoy the colours of nature.

Beautiful picture. One of those rare random moments worth capturing

This is a beautiful image, I love the lighting, the colours and the focal point! stunning! :)

the color combination is adorable, color of nature ,

Nice explanation of photography....

awesome photo ¡¡ keep on this ¡¡

A great picture, especially the color and contrast.

Beautiful art photograph and well explained. Thank for sharing good piece of Art.cool photo, thanks.

Amazing! Now, I am inspired to create a blog post about photography. I need to showcase them later on. Thanks for the inspiration.

I have written masterpieces on the walls of my own cave, written them in blood from one hundred strikes of my wrathful fists. My own symphonies of sound and color and passion will never be acknowledged by the ones who came before me.

We might have been joined in lush harmonies.

No me di cuenta que hablas español, bueno tengo que decir, man, esta foto me gusto demasiado como dije en mi respuesta en ingles, uno ve la foto tan tranquila, aunque sea asi en invierno se ve calida, con ganas de estar alli, se ve como si tuviese efectos por como se ve pero no es asi hahahah, buenisima foto, espero ver mas

amazing shot, it reminds me of Bladerunner

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you 💏😘

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