Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #149 'Linear'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'Linear'

A great deal of this photograph's value lies in linearity. It is quite a difficult task to achieve a composition in which even the shapes are full of lines, in an uncontrollable environment. It would be easier to create it in a studio than to find it in a real world. But, here you have it. :) Please, keep in mind that I didn't add one single line. I used Photoshop only for achieving this art-nouveau colour combination. So, here you have it - a world of lines.

It doesn't project a relaxed feeling at all, does it? The linearity also creates these photograph's dynamics. Lines clashing into and against each other in many different angles is what does the trick. The most interesting part, where most of the clashes happen, is the middle, a little to the left. Do you see, what I mean? Observer's eyes are pushed to jump all over the image. They have no specific place to rest on, except maybe the white light areas, where they stop for a short while.

Black and white areas are balanced with each other and fully support the colour scheme. The placement of the white colour very much catches my attention. Two thicker lines on the side are doing so much for the composition, while a few short ones in the middle really accompany them well. At first, I had a problem with the top right dark corner and thought of removing it. After half hour of careful analysis, I realized that it is not bad at all and decided to leave it there because it closes the composition from that end and adds a bit of welcomed perspective.

I bet you'll remember me and linearity next time you take an escalator. :D

Enjoy! :)

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Hello. It is great. Thanks for your sharing.

What a great piece of ART WORK this is. I can bet that nobody can beat you in this field around the globe. This is so neat and clean and crystal clear. I don't have an expert of Art work. But I have some friends who are masters too in this field. The person who I'm impressed the most in the world in Art Work is @arthuradamson and 2nd one is you dear @velimir. keep sharing your rich work for the sake of betterment of this awesome community.
By the way I have already followed @adsactly and no doubt I found world's best content their.
Steemit is blessing for all of us. Lot of people have changed their life using this platform. I'm comparatively a new comer, and working hard to get stable in my life. All the best for your outstanding work and Stay Blessed!

Thank you, man. You have an awesome attitude of a proper Steemian! :)

What exactly made the light seem to go liniar on the handrail?
I cant seem to fine the logic behind that effect, I just love this one again. Such a amazingly simple scene, and yet so complex and well captioned.

That doorprint festival has to happen eventually 📸 🚪

The surface was brushed sideways and the blue lights are reflected in it ;)

That is such a relief! Tnx for explaining.

@velimir I loved the angle. Do you have engineering knowledge? Looks like you've studied photogrammetry. I'm an engineer specializing in that field.
An upvote for your scientific approach regarding linearity.

Highest Regards

Hey buddy, I did only a year of engineering but didn't find myself there so I moved my efforts to film academy where I learned a lot about the visual arts before I ventured in the real world and thought myself through years of practice. Believe it or now, we also have different systems for creating and analyzing art, just like you guys do with machines ;)
Photogrammetry is science of figuring out the real world dimensions of objects from photographs in regard to distance, lens, angle etc... well art is not that specific but it has many other laws which you may follow or deliberately break for a reason ;)


@velimir Thank you for taking the time to leave a thoughtful response! You are absolutely right about photogrammetry. I certainly agree that art is a lot more fun! And I bet a lot less torture as well!


Trust me I thought at first that You engineered this photo in some software but then realized the astuteness you employed in capturing this real world linear shot.
I must say "Its a linear shot in a non-linear world"

heeey a really nice one! :) thank you!

Respect to @velimir
What I like most about each of your posts is "REGENCY" that all the content in publish is your original work, I really like it because I also really hate the plagiarist and the like, continue this campaign, and I will follow your footsteps.
Thanks a lot for this inspiration.

My pleasure! :)

Very nice shot. For me, it's reminiscent of a scene you walk by in a 90's movie that's central to the plot but pushed to the side. Almost Kafka-esque.

I confess honestly, at first glance it seemed to me that this photo was turned upside down. but a little closer I realized that it's a matter of perspective;) linear compositions are generally something fantastic. the collision of two lines in the middle is the main trump card of photography and the balance of colors, white and black, is truly observed.
now when I'm on the escalator, I'll remember you :), thanks

Nice photo

It doesn't project a relaxed feeling at all, does it? No it doesn't.

I can't just focus my attention on the other representation without my eyes changing focus towards the white color.

Nice Work Mr Velimir.

Nice shot. You do a nice job taking an ordinary subject and making it something worth looking at, giving it life and engaging in a dialog about the subject. Good work!

Great shot! In addition to the 'linearity' of the image, the thing that impresses me most is the great composition in the square format… something I really struggle with. Lovely colours to!

yes square format is a bit tricky but its my fav (like you guys cannot tell) hahaha :)

XD imas super komentare XD

...i never noticed these thing on escalator...this shows that you are good artist....because you have the qualities of good observer..

It took me a while to figure out what object is that hahahaha nice one! Who would've thought something like that can be made into an amazing photo.

very interesting photo

The angle you use to shoot this picture is really incredible and mind blowing

sorry to hear :D

Dogru olan herzaman yükselir

Dogrusal herzamanbgğven verir insana

Bu sitede var yok bilmiyoruz bizleri aydınlatın

very cool photography...
thnx sharing

did you run this thru photoshop er somethin' ?

only for colours, as I wrote.

Me sher post you

cool photography @velimir

very interesting photo i like this

amazing display of photography by @velimir Just simply fantastic.

a new information for me @velimir
Thank you for sharing
Please follow me

Yep, commenting really is powerful. It even earns more than what my post earns. I'll try to comment 10 meaningful comments a day for a week and I'll publish the results. :)

and you ll do that disregarding the content you re commenting?

Truly exquisite.

Nice post! Resteemed

Awesome photography

How did you do that? It's such a beautiful art :)

Nice photography,I a trying to understand.I like it.

Awesome post, nice photography

Wow! This is good

You seem attracted to dark motifs.

Am an upcoming photographer, but I had to upvote this post due to its rich content, I like the originality of Ur works

Fine photography!! @velimir

I really love your work and I will learn as much as possible to get to where you are. I love photography and photoshop

Every photograph attract me nice photography

beauty post.thanks for sharing

I would be crazy to comment on a work like that .. keep it up

Photography is an art

you had me guessing a t first on this one...until i saw it... well done

excellent art work with good narrative from a talented steemian. keep it coming dude!

Informative and interesting photo graph.

Helpful post thank you for this great post about linearity experience

Thank you for sharing your awesome photography and among us

vary nice photography and you have very nice thinking about it

Cool photo. I need your one upvote. Thank you :)

Woow nice post you.hai fren folow me votes me

Fantastic! I love this. I'm following and I resteemed! I'm an artist too. come check out my page if ya got a moment.

This is a really nice picture and place too...thank you for sharing

Good votes you

Great lines and composition, I've followed you and look forward to seeing more from you soon!

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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Hello. It is cool. Thanks for your sharing.

@velimir, great use of lines to create an intriguing composition, I really like the use of colour too, very well seen Id say ;-)

I love the treatment and crop of this image. But, what I love even more, is your poetic blend of philosophy and commentary that accompanies it.
Do you sell prints?


Nice ! I bet I will remember you when I see an escalator !

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