Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #117 'The Mind'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'The Mind'

I took this motive a while ago when walking close to a cemetery. The sun happened to be exactly at the top of that tree, and I took the shot. At first, it reminded me of a star on top of a Christmass tree, but then the surroundings I was at, made me think deeper. This image is about the human mind.

Sometimes we get a grasp of an original idea which we cannot fully reach it and present it. Like as if it is clouded, screened with something we believe to be correct for some reason. We probably don't doubt our learned patterns enough for to see the full light, to get the full picture and to be able to make our own decisions.

I kept the tree dark. It is the symbol of a mentioned barrier just as is the bottom of the image. Is that darkness representing our limitations or maybe the limitations of our rational mind? The only colour apart from the blue sky is the warm aura around the sun appearing like cornea of the eye, and the pink circle aura. Aura gives the eye more significance and more space.

On the other hand, some people insist that the faculty of reason is the real devil. Did you notice the horns on each side of the eye?

Enjoy! :)

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I love shooting at this angle. A tree partially blocks the sun to prevent over-exposure. I'm not sure yet how it would be like to use a DSLR. Please visit my article about it as well. Thanks!

Like Goethe said on his dying bed.. More Light!

hahaha! :)))

Like always great interpretation @velimir.. I can say one thing that definitely the darkness never represent the limitation of our rational mind, if so at some point it will never kisses the sky. In my point of view the it represents our limitations because when the darkness going to cross or touch the sky the sun stop that darkness over there.. here is our limit and here the almighty will come.. In the beginning u mention the cemetery that suits here that one day even we reached the sky, the last destination should be that.. thanks for sharing.. expecting more..

nice thinking my friend, really nice thinking! :)

@velimir post always good and thanks for yout good comments @amrumk

Very nice.

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such a though provocative post which got me thinking about live itself...the human mind is really deep and this image is a true reflection of the complexity of the human nature and existence...thanks for sharing

You did it again, another masterpiece! And great writing too!

The sun looking like a star in this pic is indeed key, yet what caught my attention, even more, is why I am so glad you left the image dark. At first glance, I saw a tree shaped like the silhouette of a human body with arms lifted over the head towards the sun. Somewhat a form of worship for me. So beautifully captivating @velimir

Interesting pov. Thank you! :)

I like it and I like the way you captured the sun on the top of the tree. Good work Velimir !

Beautiful phot. I love nature and sunsets! Although it is probably not a sunset but it defenitely looks like it. Great wokr!

Amazing picture of the sun setting and peeking through the tip of the tree wow great photograph

incredible photo, and the way you write is very striking.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

Another Good capture done by you, amazing (Upvoted) (Done) Hope you do the same for me.

Checkout some of my work from here @smrizvysarker


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fantastic picture, light is really something that makes this world visible for everyone and I liked that you compared it to the mind. :)

Good picture, keep it up, you have my vote, go through my blog and see my new content :D

Wow.... Nice Click........ Very Natural. You may interest on my last post so I may inspire to post more here My Dad In 1975: He Thought Taking Selfie Before 40 years.....

your post is so helpful...........
please upvote, comment, and follow me I'm going to follow you

grab the moment .. congratulations on a beautiful landscape and a beautiful shot

The picture is awesome and many good

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Yeah you caught that at a good time. I think that a lot of the time, good photograph is just good timing.

I really like this picture <3

Nice one @velimir! Very well thought out with the philosophy. Keep up the great work!

amazing photography ..
will appreciate if you visit to my blogs ..
thanks for sharing...


i like it the first pucture 'The Mind'

of how many?

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