Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #114 'Creek'

in #art3 years ago

The name of this art photograph is: 'Creek'

I took this photograph while walking the woods a few days back. A shiny flowing creek is full of light but blocked by a wooden handrail of a small bridge. The handrail tends to deny our view and prevents our movement further. It is a symbol of a block, a limitation one needs to overcome if he wants to come forward.

The spots of light on the handrail diminish its negative impact and reduce the dynamics which are mainly created by the crossed slanted lines. The perspective is defined by the vanishing point outside the frame to the left. The blurry parts move the image to the soft, dreamy gentle area of understanding. The dominant colour is the orange colour of the leaves complemented only by a few smaller areas of blue, pink and green scattered around the image.

Notice the way leaves on the bridge create a contrast to the leaves by the creek. First are dull and dark, while the ones by the creek are light and their colour carries the atmosphere of the image.

This could also be interpreted as: "the neighbour's grass is always greener", an old Croatian saying. Here, the leaves are yellower, indeed, but let's not tread in that direction. :D

Enjoy! :)

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Promise me it's a wooden handrail and that you weren't locked in a box!

hahaha always such keen eye :D awesome observation, could as well been hahaha

It looks like a screen shot from a horror movie! :O

haha now that you say it does have a little of that evil dead vibe in there :D ;)

you have reason haha

Parts of this seem like an optical illusion. Simple but has great punch.

The eye....how do u get all dis stuff is really admirable. I belive u can take breath out of anything from you photography....keep steeming

the post is great ...
nice view./././././

wou!!! steem-go-to-the-moon.gif saludos excelente si gustas me puedes apoyar en mi perfil cuenta con mi voto

I like the blur part of the image great combination in the picture

Nyc Post!! I like your Post!! Keep it up!!

nice photo ! :) Thanks for sharing fellow photographer.
Would love to hear some feedback on my page .
Have a couple of photography posts as well.

Hope to make this community strong, you have my follow :)
Hope you find my profile worthy of your follow back :)

Nice bro..👌👍

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Nice!! Followed :)

One of these nice small things you notice as a photographer and brighten your day!

wow its amazing 👌👍

Very imaginative interpretation... but thats what we photographers do...paint with light...Upvoted and followed

Nicely presented @velimir and insightful as well. Your words fit perfectly well with what you want to convey on your photo. For me its nostalgic how it get in to me. Thanks for sharing and keep it up😊

Thanks for sharing your photography very interesting picture.

I love water, being near, on or in it. The sound of a stream or creek running over pebbles and babbling over rocks is one of the most soothing noises, and when you add the beauty of fallen leaves and the smell of Autumn, that's really intoxicating. I love it.

I guess the handrail also would symbolize blocks in life that need to be overcome to reach your destination. Just be sure you are not getting in over your head.