Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #112 'Fallen leaves'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'Fallen Leaves'

The rustling of autumn leaves is one of my earliest memories. I remember going home from school and deliberately walking through piles of leaves, pushing then so I can enjoy the sound. Some things stay forever. For me, this is one of them. That fluttering sound brings me back to the time when there was no responsibility and most of the days were filled with curious wonder. This feeling alone is why we should try to see the world like children do.

In this image, I work with that thought. In the bottom, right there is a square stone structure representing what we have become by growing up, our rational mind that took over the command. There is still green grass captured in there, but the hardness of reasonable thought prevails.

I added some blur to accentuate the dreamy, childlike feel of this open composition. Same goes for the colours, orange-yellow, almost reddish colour of leaves against some pink and green on the other side of the spectrum. Especially, notice leaves entering the stone structure to join with the grass from behind. This is, I believe, the message I wanted to convey. Let your early memories enter your mind and make you feel good!

Do you get the wish to just freely kick those leaves and hear that specific sound, right now? :D

I do.

Enjoy! :)

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I have to say that your post brings back so many memories, when I was a little boy in the fall early October when the leaves started to fall. I would watch out my window, watching the leaves falling in the back yard. I knew I would have to rake all the leaves up but before I completed my task. I would play by jumping up-and-down in the pile of leaves. Tthank you for sharing these wonderful memories appreciate it very much you have my vote

Thank you very much for your kind comment and for sharing your memory :) I believe this is how interaction should be going on this wonderful platform. Will check your blog , too!

beautiful :) To me when I look at this image, I can hear the crunch of the dried leaves on the ground! I love the warm colours. Great photo, thank you for sharing @velimir :)

I am an extreme amateur when it comes to photography. You make this photo look great, and I wouldn't even think to take a picture of something like this.

Man, do you use Instagram?

No, I never opened an account there, I think. Do you think I should? :)

Nice shot! Autumn leaves are like the gingers of foliage ;D

There's nothing more beautiful than Autumn leaves and I also remember walking through and hearing the rustle of the leaves. Some memories stay with us a lifetime.

As soon as you mentioned kicking the leaves I heard the sound in my head :O)

hahaha thats how it works, yes!

Childhood is the ever best time of a human life..like you said those memories and the moment will never come back..awesome post my friend @velimir

yes so true!

You didn't just share photo with us. You shared a great photo with us and a moment of your life.

post is great :) pozdrav iz Bosne :)

This picture reminds me of my childhood, especially in the autumn when we were playing over fallen leaves.i really like your post

I love seeing cool pictures like this! Looking forward for more! 😊 FOLLOWED!

Drop by on my blog I have some great shots too.☺

So much of you goes into your photography! Heep on posting!

I Posting Stuffs Like Photography,Travels,Food,Animals,Cryptocurrency,and Natures. if you like these things then follow me :) @rishav851133

Nice pic falling leaves we'll try to paint in on canvas
Please be in touch for new ideas and suggestions.

thanks for your post ..

you share very beautiful photos. It is a great pleasure for me to follow you.
criticism: filters can be more beautiful. :)

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Just about any photo that has to do with nature, I like.

nice art.

if anyone upvote me. I'll do the same

lol this is not the way to go ;)

great publication, very interesting has my vote, greetings.

Awesome pics! Have you ever considered incorporating Photoshop? Check out what I'm doing: https://steemit.com/art/@rebeccamqamelo/digital-art-the-chaos-and-the-calm-1

Wow what a nice post is so realistic nd natural thou in my country there is no autumn period but ur post reminds me of harmatan season when i do play under the tree with my friends it was fun nd ur post reminds me of that wonderful time... Bravo u did great....

Looks like a big path of fallen leaves. i love walk trough there. haha <3

i am new plzzz help me

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