Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #109 'Wings'

in art •  11 months ago

The name of this art photograph is: 'Wings'

I was inspired by the existence of celestial beings for this double exposure. There are many theories propelled by many stories, present and past. However, as far as we know nobody has ever proven this possible phenomenon. Is it possible that there are higher lifeforms in frequencies which we cannot see? Does it imply the existence of energetic beings? Angles? Elfs? I have no idea...but I love to portray something so far out there. Do they look like this? No idea but I love the image, for what it is. Let your imagination run wild! :)

The colours are working together in interesting fashion. We have green, yellow and light pinkish bind together to create a dreamy fantasy-like feeling. On top of that, we have some contrast but not too much. Notice that the only real black in the bottom of the image.

Out attention starts its path on the sun and then spreads to both sides following "the being". The dark branches soften the dreamy look a little, adding a bit of possible danger. However, that little hint is almost fully overtaken by the sun and 'the being'.

Could it be that 'the being' is the observer of the image raising hands at the sun? :D

Enjoy! :)

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amazing photo. Thanks for sharing!

Amazing photo

We only see a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum.

There are radio rays, X-rays, gamma rays, infrared, UV rays...

All this makes the visible light, from blue to red, a very tight space.

Some insects see a part of UV rays, so you see what we don't see in the roses, for example.

And that makes us wonder, how would we see the world if we were to see across the different wavelengths of light?
Is it really going to be a privilege to turn us into people with superhuman powers,
Or would it be a source of harm for us?


yes, our small visible spectrum is what I was implying ;)


God knows what is best for us

Amazing photography double exposure very interesting upvoted

Wow Amazing Art @velimir


Beautiful shot!

your photo collection impressed me...just awesome

If you read fiction, find C.S Lewis' 'Out of the Silent Planet'. It's old, but it presents the theory of beings of different frequencies splendidly.
Cheers! ☺


thank you ;)

Wonderful photography,

Фото-фантастическое! Лично я воображаю как кто-то из иного мира из под водного занавески видит наш земной мир! Он видит наше солнце и всю красоту природы!

Thanks for shareing

So beautiful! Thanks :)

Like u say, there may be LIFE outside this world, or other-worldly !

This is a UNIQUE photo - with the Sunlight gleaming through... it gives a great effect.
In Honor of it, I add this #POEM :

It's hard to catch sunshine
In a jar filled with words
Sifted and strung into coherence
Since it enjoys slipping through my fingertips
So I'll just sit and watch
As you dance across the sky
Falling, laughing sunshine.

By AMBER (SOURCE at: https://hellopoetry.com/words/sunshine )

Thanx 4 sharing

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amazing photography , what’s your lens ? @velimir

I love seeing cool pictures like this! Looking forward for more! 😊 FOLLOWED!

Drop by on my blog I have some great shots too.☺