Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #108 'Grass'

in art •  last year

The name of this art photograph is: 'Grass'

This patch of grass lit by a streak of sun rays caught my attention. I enjoy looking at the relaxing greens and this is the reason behind this photograph. If you take time to observe it for some time, you will slowly relax and probably fully appreciate this one.

The structure of the grass is, of course, little lines. Notice how they are distinctively visible in the foreground, while their linearity disappears toward the top of the image.

Absolutely a minimalist piece in which green of different hues, saturation and lightness carry the felling while the yellow follows along and creates a little dynamics we have in this composition. However, the dynamics are what excites visual senses and more of it would be unwanted.

Let me know if you took your time and how did the relaxation work for you.

Enjoy! :)

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The dynamics composition of Green and yellow is very vibrant and helps in Meditation.
Color Green represents - life, nature and energy, whereas , Color Yellow represents - knowledge and learning.
The composition is best to meditate in serene of nature, helps in relaxing and good for growth and health.


oh, thank you for this thought! i'd surely add this to write up if I knew :) i love to see things from different perspectives!

Beautiful :)


thank you!


Yup, Very Beautiful!!!

The sunlight is so beautiful in the grass! Love it!

The sunlight is like a Yeti's footprint ;0)


hehehe maybe :D

We get inspiration from nature, but most of us are consumed in non-natural activities.


too true!

very good art. :)


thank you :)


good past.i like your post dr

Keep up the good work Velimir. I'm enjoying all your posts!


thank you :)

Hi @velimir, good photo.
I am a photographer. Would you like to visit my photography click here

Thank you.

so much saturation!... :)


yes...awesome full greens


Yeahh, it always works for green color :) good job!

Wow so relaxing .Very better place to practice yoga.you know waking up in "Brahma muhurta"(in shanskrit very early monring is called as "Brahma muhurta") and doing yoga in such greenery keeps you away from 1000 diseases.And really it is working for me.Every body should practice this.


ha! i should defintely start doing yoga again...

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)


thank you very much! I enjoy doing this!

Very interesting photography thank you for sharing appreciate it keep up the good work @mannyfig1956

Amazing Thanks for shareing

Waw good seen