Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #102 'That odd one'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'That odd one'

Once in a while, everyone feels different from the others just like that odd burned piece of wood. The reasons may be many but the fact is that such a feeling exists. I'm not saying that there isn't a good side to individuality but let's assume that the feeling is negative for some reason. No matter how hard we try to shake it off, it still persists. I'm sure at least once in your life you've felt that way. That is the idea behind this photograph.

The composition is fully open. We see only twenty round elements but it is implied that many more of them exist far beyond the frame. Take a look at their interesting structure. It is what actually carries the meaning. I'll explain this in a bit.

The significantly saturated green colour lifts this image up and breaths quite a bit of life into it. The odd element is mostly defined by the dark tone. It is what makes it different from all the rest even though some are slightly bluish, orange, yellowish, brownish and pink. Funny thing is that each and every one of them has its cracks.

Why feel different, then? ;)

Enjoy! :)

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One more surrealistic philosophy bro...That pigeon philosophy still didn't fade out from my mind. Being unique has different colors :)

Thank you so much for following with passion! :)

Can't stop staring at the odd one out of the bunch, nice composition :)

Thank you, I like your work :)

Thank you very much @velimir!

The photograph reminds me of another one that many people have seen: the one of hundreds of black umbrellas and a single bright red one in between. Yes, sometimes one may feel the odd one out, for instance the "black sheep" of the family, or the person that is completely underdressed at a cocktail party. But mostly, being different from the herd is a good thing, in my opinion.

I also appreciate the insight that all of the objects have cracks. No-one is perfect, right? We all have our cracks and scars, and these are what make us individuals, even though we more or less fit in the box.

Resteemed, upvoted, followed.

thank you! ;) yes no one is perfect ;)

Better to be different but in a good way, than to be in the same old herd everyone else is in.
I usually don't like too many mainstream things, so at times it is nice to be the odd one out. The photo captures the message well mate.

Thank you. This is too true :)


The odd feeling comes along at least once for everyone. It's better to embrace it rather than dwell on the negatives. Beautiful photo and I really like the fact that you've taken the time to explain the philosophy behind the photo! Great work xx

Very on point! :) Thank you!

awesome! I always love these kinds of photography. I was wondering how you took this, were you on a tree or metal ladder?

Also, what kind of software did you use in editing the image? I know there are lots of mobile and desktop application to post process the photos..

oh, it was way simpler. i took it standing, leaning a bit forward :D I use photoshop but not too much.

aha! i actually thought you were on a bit difficult situation taking this.. haha apologies for my wild imagination

i could basically relate, yay

Incredible post. Very inspiring :) Thank you for sharing.

When I spin, @velimir, I always spin in your favour! I also remember every single time you fed me. You started feeding me 36 days ago and fed me 10 STEEM in total.Thank you for being good to me and helping me become stronger! Our common cause will help many people.

Yours, Spinny

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Beautiful and inspirational

This is wonderful. ..
Great post and deep!!

yes right velimir beautifully u described through odd burned woods well done bro :)

This is a very nice abstract photograph.

Great photo, great analogy

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Beautiful Post well done

Hey! Another amazing post! I just posted another Voyage into my life journey. Check it out! It's about my travels across the world! Hope you like it!

Cute Cat Cubs...

@velimir really amazing the whole frame... Followed sir already... :) please also look after our posts on @sakpoo and here is one of our recent post fot color challenge..