The Panther Chameleon Snatching A Bug - Sketch Render Art

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The Panther Chameleon is a native of Madagascar and the male of the species can grow to over 20 inches. Scientifically designated Furcifer pardalis, the Panther Chameleon was named for it's "forked" feet, (furcifer). Much larger and rarer than it's common cousin the Mediterranean Chameleon, Panther can display much more vibrant colors.

Panther Chameleon Eying A Victim

enter image description here

Source - Sketch Render By @vegascomic

Panther Chameleon Snatching With Tongue

enter image description here

Source - Sketch Render By @vegascomic

Panther Chameleon Chewing It's Victim

enter image description here

Source - Sketch Render By @vegascomic

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These are really cool @vegascomic
I'm still learning, but what do you mean by sketch render? Is it a photo manipulation program?

They're a combination of pencil and charcoal brushes, layered and different artistic filters applied. If you're referring to GIMP, (GNU Image manipulation Program) - No, Photoshop Yes. They can be considered either #2 pencil or coarse charcoal sketch style that's rendered by an application. Tutorials on how to do it are all over the internet. The trick is taking the time to learn the skill. Just like drawing, painting, sculpting ... they're all artistic, as long as you appreciate the finished product.What you're staring at is a digital medium, what I created is digital art. Glad you like them :)

I started using Photoshop when I worked in newspapers, but it was really utilitarian - crop a photo, unsharp mask, adjust for newspaper print. I've only just begin doing anything artistic for fun now that my kids are grown and I have the time to kind of screw around and explore different craft. The sky is the limit, right?
I do love how it has a sort of scratched edge look, but the detail is really superb. I'm partial to the contrast of black and white with smart shading. I am sincerely in awe.

Everything starts from a photographed image. Most times I want to make my own rendition of something I've found that I like. I also try to find images that are of the same subject so a small scene can be done. Think of this as a 3 panel strip. I only have so much free time, but I like to spend the same amount on whatever post I do. Sometimes longer. This particular one was just shy of 2 hours. Other times though, I write more and add a story. That can double the time frame usually.