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“Few humans see fairies or hear their music,
but many find fairy rings of dark grass,
scattered with toadstools, left by their dancing feet.
― Judy Allen, Fantasy Encyclopedia

FlowerGirl Avatar final.jpg


💜🌸 Hi Hi, Steemit Darlings 🌸 💜

Fantasy has always been my weak spot since I can remember. Enchanted by the delicate beauty and grace of a world where magic blooms and dances to the rhythm provided by fascinating creatures, with marvels that catches all your attention. A World where every routine is full of color and adventure, where every happy ending you imagine can become truth…

…Of course, if you believe in Fairies.


Is difficult to avoid surrendering to such dreamlike and different universe, where everything you believe can become a reality in one way or another, and probably that’s the reason which made me to almost jump to the moon in pure bliss when a Customer appeared at my Fiverr account, saying:

"I would like an Avatar that could be a woman or a flower, using pink, purple and White. An Avatar that could represent the power of Flowers… Like a Muse or a Fairy."

When I asked them if there were any references close to what they would like me to draw, they only replied with:

“I trust you to design it. Surprise me.”

Dear Moon… I admit that I deeply love working with customers that allow me a certain degree of freedom for creating and drawing. When I only have a small concept and I must swim into an ocean of references in order to get some inspiration (Bless Pinterest), leaving completely to my skills to make something eye-catching and surprising.

Untitled collage.jpg

Task that isn’t easy in the slightest when all I have is the first Draft. It’s a complex task when I also have to deliver this step (in the most college-like fashion) immediately.

I had, and still have, a lot of anxiety when it comes to this specific part, probably very accustomed to the usual Draw more sketches that every Design student has listened to, for days and days until the teacher finally chose one… the same deadline day and you have to run like crazy.

It was also the first sketch that I decided to apply color to before sending it to my customer. I was so in love looking at so many pink hues, even if it was just a Draft xD

So I decided to get my hands into work and create a Sweet-Looking Fairy. I decided to create an eye-catching headdress mainly inspired by Firefly Path , butterfly wings and Clamp ♥. I used Roses, Carnations and Irises that the customer proposed. I wanted to create something ethereal and magical, that every single piece resembled blossoms in her clothing and fairy wings. I wanted to fill the images with lovely details and gorgeous glows. ♥

I didn’t have an opportunity like this before and I’m very sad to lack photos of the process, even if at that time I decided to stream the drawing on my Picarto.tv account as I worked (⋟﹏⋞);;...

So I can only offer to you the final image, hoping all you like it, along with some little close-ups of the parts I adored to work with specifically... ♥

Untitled collage (1).jpg
Untitled collage (2).jpg

I think what I liked the most was my Customer’s Review!

hada customer.png

Nothing makes me happier than the final delivery causes such a Good Impression. (ᗒᗨᗕ)


I hope you all liked my Illustration as much as I loved to work on it. Fantasy is and will always be my favorite theme. I can’t wait to draw more works relating to this lovely universe, and share them with you!

I send you my best wishes and good vibes whenever you are, please have a wonderful start of the week. Let’s get motivated and dancing with all the colors around!

Thank you so much for reading!

🌸 Read You Soon! 💖🌸

Vanu loguini for drawings copia.png




Reference Credits:

♥ Firefly Path (https://firefly-path.deviantart.com)

♥ Mascherina (https://www.etsy.com/es/shop/Mascherina?ref=l2-shopheader-name)



♥ Gifs: http://giphy.com

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