Art, passion,.... (work?)

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A nomadic lifestyle is not a job in itself(although sometimes it feels that way).... But that way of living does allow you to work in all sorts of awesome places and live like the locals instead of just being the eternal tourist/traveller. What do I do you ask... I am an artist... My main source of income is tattooing and sometimes just selling art.

One can talk about art for hours but I won't bore you with art pictures do actually speak louder then words..



My whole way of art was born out of my love for comic books.... my heroes back then we're the guys that got to draw them



Besides the travelling my work has allowed me to enjoy the way I provide for my family and to meet a bucket load of amazing people of all walks of I hope to do here as well

I guess it's true what they say...

 "If you so what you love you'll never work a day"
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Boom! No words needed on that post!

Nice Work!

Thanks bud

Thanks for the resteem

Seems to me you are a skilled professional.

I can spot a true artist and I love what I am seeing, especially how you blend the colors. It takes certain skills to learn and apply color theory, textures, blending, etc...something you do with ease ❤

I myself have many tattoos and I have searched years until I found the tattoo artist that fit my requirements. Professionals are kind of hard to find.

Would love to hear about your learning background.

Thank you...... It's been a long road....but in short... I went to art uni when I was younger...and started tattooing really about 6 years ago....and from there it's just keeping my head down... work as much and as hard as I can and learn every day.....and still do... I am not nearly as good yet as I wanna be...

Great photos. Would be interesting a tattoo post, with description and photos from each stage of making tattoo. I just don't get how you go from the drawing to the intricate, blended tattoo.

I will make a post like that give you an idea...but even then you can't really graspbit untill you see it up close.... let's just say it's a lot of work .... Am trying to figure out that dtube stuff so I can maybe do a vlog on there of a session.

Awesome work! I really like your style - even though the comic book influence shines through, you definitely have your own unique thing going... Following and looking forward to seeing more of your art <3

Thank you

I really enjoy you work I would love to get tattooed by you! We both could make a Steemit post on that HMmmmmmm..

lol. But all the same I might track you down to get tatted!

Thanks...yeah man would be a fun blog thing or even do a dtube blog on it..

Yeah funny you mention it lol just made a vlog on my worst tattoo experience! Do you usually aspect a tip when you tattoo?

I never expect it

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Es un trabajo verdaderamente espectacular el que realizas. Mil felicidades por ello y por esa forma de llevar tu vida tan increíble.

Great art work... Keep it up!!!