Drawing Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi) - The Mother of Dragons

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I want to challenge myself I want to try and draw something that's quite detailed. Right from the start had an idea of how I wanted to go about composing this image and normally I would create some rough thumbnail sketches to give myself a few ideas. I started off by making a really rough preliminary sketch and started to plan out where I wanted everything.


It was difficult to draw out such a small scale and create those details but I just carefully work out where to place the marks with the pencil and eventually it all comes together.


Perhaps one of the most challenging things with this drawing specifically, was to draw in the eyes correctly. I had to make sure I was using a sharp pencil so that I could be more accurate.


I tried to draw in the majority of her surroundings first so that I was confident with the proportions. I'm using a 4b charcoal pencil. I was able to get a range of different pencil shades and turns just by changing the pressure I apply to the paper.


Most of the time when you create a portrait, it's the person you have drawn that should be the main subject that means you don't want your background to take away the attention from that subject. You don't want it to overpower the main aspect of the drawing. You should also look at how you have done the drawing. Look at how dark you have shaded in parts of the drawing. Think of the contrast it would have with a certain background.





The overall drawing had taken me a long time to finish about eight hours, so quite a while to finish but I really enjoy the process of creating them and doing something different once in a while.


she's so beautiful, beauty, brain and a good leader in GOT.

Yes she have everything, if only she was real ahaha

My favorite is emilia clarke
Great work man I appreciate your talent and efforts

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Well done ..
Nice .. Thank you for sharing your day with us
For more creativity .. Thank you for the photos

Thank you for your awesome comment my friend! Wish you the best!

Wow , such a great talent you have 😊😊😊

Hey @vaansteam I love the black and white contrast you used to highlight the body of khaleesi. the design of her that you draw is extraordinary, I know its her but its your percepcion of how you look at her, 100 points for that.

I think also that the detailing that you did with khaleesi you didnt do it with her dragons, why? it was on purpose?, because i would love it see detailing dragons in the draw. in the series we look the beauty of Khaleesi that's true, but we also look at the impact of the dragons in the scene. and that would be interesting to rescue for your drawing. and finally I guess if you dark the background a little bit you could highlight more the shape of khaleesi. but thats and idea, idk what do you think of that, haha.

besides that idk how long you have been drawing, but I know that you are a really good artist. And you have the gift, use it! and keep learning and getting better every day!

@ceheiberg thank you for taking your time to write this. Yes it did on purpose. Cause i want to focus more on her but you’re right the dragon does need more attention. I really appreciate your encouragement. Thank you very much!

Amazing work! You are very talented!!

Thank you so much! Means a lot!

i like to draw too @vaansteam how about an art-off between you and me we both can draw something same and lets see who's better. just for fun

Very nice pick... looks like a modern type illustration of her.

Thank you. Yes kinda modern :)

Initially the pet looks real but when we scroll down we can see the wood work

Thank you for pointing that out :)

Most welcome the picture are excellent

Wow, that's really great work. I'm not really a fan of the show (never saw it,) but the details are incredible. Good work!

You should check it out. It’s pretty good :)

Beautiful art work @vaansteam love the passion u put into this drawing

Wow! So amazing!! How to draw like that

I learned through practice:)

Great drawing

fantastic drawing!

your biggest opponent will always be yourself. That is why the best way to overcome yourself is to challenge yourself!

My competition is me Thank you for that :)

wow beautiful woman, like an angel in heaven @vaansteam

yes she is an angel

Great art. Resteem and Upvote @vaansteam.

I really appreciate that @phogyan

This is amazing, love the way her detail was brought to life even more in the last 2 pictures.
Perfect work of art. Upvoted and Resteemed

I enjoyed working on it. Thank you

I wish, if i can draw like you. You've done really well. I can see that, how hard you've tried, spending eight hours on that wonderful work and sharing the steps is really appreciable. And finally, you got your point, you enjoyed it. This is the most important things a artist does need. As a well wisher or like a friend i would like to say, try to focus on Light & Shadow.
Thank you @vaansteam

Thank you for your word s of encouragement it means a lot! I will try to focus more on that :)

nice art

nice art work.... :D

Thanks for showing all the steps--that is a lovely creation. You are so talened.

Your welcome! Thank you the compliment. Means a lot! :)

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Very impressive art you making !
See you around ! :-)

Thank you for following I shall do the same! I’ll see you around!

awesome work! well done with the different shadow and lights effects. I really like the balance of black, white and grey - fits perfectly as well as you managed to create a great plasticity. keep on drawing, very admirable!

Thank you so much for your compliment

Great drawing! I wish I could draw like this :p

Nothing is impossible:)

You draw great! I like what you do.

Thank you! Glad you like them!

wow great art

Thank very much

It is such a wonderful masterpiece! You make me wow all the time @vaansteam!

I'm happy that you like my work. Thank you for the great support!

Always liking your works. I am actually inspired by you in terms of art portraits but I still need to learn more. Haha. I am really far from reality. Hope to see more tutorials from you @vaansteam.

So rude and amazing!

My first ever post on steemit that im going to resteem. Wonderful plate form for talented people like @vaansteam

Oh wow! I am honor. Thank you for that!

You are welcome

Beautiful, just beautiful, impressive attention to detail too, i really hope i see more of your drawings, you have quite the talent

I appreciate that and I will post more :)

You're welcome my friend, thanks for the upvote

Hopefully we can be good, I am happy to be friends with you

Hi, I just followed you :-)
Follow back and we can help each other succeed!

You are very kind, happy to be friends with you

I see, read and enjoy your nice post innovative add knowledge, thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your compliment!

Nice!! I've been enjoying your posts!!

Glad you enjoy it.

Wow!! Wow!! What a great art... How I wish to have a great talent like that ... A gift from God...

I got a little talent thru hard work and god too :D

Keep up... And God bless

excellent post, I love your work really seems to me of very good content, keep it up, congratulations I always follow your work

You're awesome! Thank you for the support!

Fine drawing of her! I'm interested in charcoal lately. I had no idea they had 4B, etc. of that in addition to graphite. What kind of fixative do you use?

Yes I had a whole set. They have all kind. I didn’t used any ficative.

I'm interested in alternatives to fixatives myself. Is there a certain type of sheet or something that you use to keep it from smudging?

excelente trabajo amigo. me encanta.

wow, really nice work, i used to draw/paint alot when i had the time, right now work more than i sleep lol, but i sure wish i could have reached this level of awesomeness, really an amazing piece you got there, keep it up!

Thank you so much. I'm sure you can do it too. Nothing is impossible!

The drawing looks real... Keep it up my friend

I will thank you, friend!

You have some great art skills

Thank you I'll try my best :)

I like this series, one of the best in the modern world. I generally like fantasies about dragons. Good drawing!

I’m a big fan. I love fantasy

And did you try to come up with your own original characters, or illustrate books in an original way? It is interesting...

I wish I could sketch like that! You are brilliant at the fabric folds. Who is she? (I'm going to look her up....)We had a big beautiful bright green iguana in our garden this morning - he would have been perfect on her lap :)

Ah - I just checked her out - learned something new! Never heard of her but you've drawn a beautiful likeness...very nice.

Thank you very much @handmaiden! Yes it’s also a great tv series. You should check it out :)

That drawing is awesome ! I Love that Highlight Contrast ! I did yesterday a Fanart of GOT too ^^

Wow that is really Amazing!

Thank you ! :D
It took me a very long time to finish it. :)

it must be all day long

Awesome. Wish i could draw. My 4 year old is a better artist than me unfortunately. So jealous of your talent here!

Ahaha. I’m sure she must be really good :) Don’t be jealous :)

Thank you very much @vaansteam for considering me for this contest. Really it was a big surprize for me to win this contest. Your sketches are so amazing and your contest is also exellent. Thank you once again.

Not at all. Don’t mention it. Congrats again on winning the contest!

really cool for the expertise of brother @vaansteam in making paintings using charcoal pencils. from the painting I see that the image of a woman has become the expertise of an @vaansteam, but I am very interesting when I saw some pictures of animals around women who are very clear picture and blend with other images. although in the painting is focused on women, but I see the existence of animals in the painting became the main attraction in the painting

Thank you. Yeah the dragons has been part of the main attraction.

Wow! Greatest artwork I've ever seen! Please don't tell me you drew that off heart! Anyway I won't doubt you if you were to say that, because nothing is impossible for such a talented artist like you ☺️.

Thank you for the compliment! Ahaha

Thank you agusnkvic! Very nice of you!

she is mother of dragon. excellent drawing sir.

Yeah she is. Awesome tv series!

You're good at what you do man. You're just too creative and on point....Keep it up.
Hope to learn from you someday #lolz

Thank very much for your kind words. I will continue to work hard. :)

Excellent.I like your drawing.Good luck.

Thank you. You do the same!

Wow I look fantastic, I really appreciate people with virtues for art, it's admirable, congratulations.

That really means a lot! Thank you!

oh... I love your drawing as I love her... It's very attractive,, you are very talented

Thank you so much. Happy to hear!

Really amazing drawing. I like the contrast, it makes the drawing look more alive and real. Contrast is something I usually focus on because it makes a huge difference.
I challenged myself to get better at making portraits. I've done some portraits in the past but I consider myself as a beginner. Have a look at my latest drawing if you like :)

20180324_084003 (1).jpg


I agreed. Contrast is very important. It make the drawing more alive and that drawing is amazing you’re super talented!

I always have a new thing to learn anytime you make a drawing, this drawing though the mother of dragons, the unburnt, the breaker of chains, the great khaleesi (you can tell its my favorite series) is a beautiful one at it. You got the brows and eyeballs correctly, not to talk of the way she sits and chests out, you have done a great job @vaansteam. Keep it up!

You seems to know everything about the series. Good job! And thank you for the compliment :)

Is beautiful boss, you are actually talented in this art work, bravo.

I’m glad you think so! :)

This is some impressive work, I need to start posting tutorials too😊

You should. It will be nice to check out your work

alright, thank you vaan, that khaleesi drawing is amazing by the way!

Wow, very talented work. Perhaps you will inspire me to something like that ...

I glad I was able to inspire you

An amazing drawing, I think only a small part of us has this gift, don’t stop and keep learning😍

You must be that small part too. :) very well said!

Captivating work you have got there... Cant get my eye off it. You are gifted

I’m happy you like it :)

Wow, very talented work. Perhaps you will inspire me to something like that ...

I’m happy to hear that

Well it looks nice. So that's why only Khaleesi is really noticeable and the dragons aren't much noticed. 😁

What's the paper size by the way that you say it is of a small scale?

Yeah you’re right maybe I should focus more of the dragons too. It’s not that big. I forget what size it was

Woah. Very nice drawing. I’m a big fan of GoT and the details are unreal. Well done.