Drawing a Lion with Coloured Pencils

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Drawing a Lion with Coloured Pastel - Time-Lapse

Materials: Chalk-pastel coloring pencils, Charcoal Black Medium, Charcoal Black Medium Dark
Strathmore Bristol 300, Charcoal Primo, uni-ball Signo

Music: Elektronomia - Legacy (Instrumental Mix)


Today's I'm going to be doing a color pencil tutorial on how I drew this Lion that I created using Carbothello chalk pastel. The first thing that's really important is to make sure that you have an accurate sketch. I like to go in and draw the eyes on any animal that I do I always like to start with the eyes.


I"m drawing the darkest parts using the black charcoal and this is the pupil the areas around the eyes and I'm using some lighter shading to block in the shadows in the Iris as well. I'm just adding a very light layer and then I went and I added a base tone uses some light Browns and a darker Brown. Now I wanted to go on to the background and the rest of the fur and so I worked on the top half first. I kind of did it in like two stages, I like rendered the first half and then I went and did the bottom half.


The first thing that I'm doing is I'm just taking that light brown pastel pencil and very lightly. I just get in all of those in and what this does is it helps to see the structure of the animal really quickly because we've got all of the darkest areas in and then we can fill in all of the other base tones as well. I just filled in those black spots and I sketched them first so it's really easy to see where they were. Once I've got in all of the darkest areas I went in with a really light yellow pastel pencil and I just added a base tone across the whole area.


Once I added the base layer I went in with the brown and I started to build up some more of the darker shadows and just to add some more of a saturated look to certain areas and then I went in with the burnt umber which is a darker brown color and I just used this to really get in some of those darkest shadows and just indicate where the darker parts of the
fur was for the lightest areas.


I'll go in and add all of the detail on top and that's what I'm doing now and so the first color that I'm using is the white charcoal by General's and what I'm doing is I'm just creating all of the fur texture and create fur texture. The most important thing is to look at the direction that the fur is going in and also the length of the fur because around like the nose and that sort of sensual area the fur is quite short.


I'm just going over those black spots a bit more for a darker look and adding some more white to really hype up those highlighted areas just really make it pop and stand out and look nice and contrasting and now I'm blending that out. I'm being really careful not to smudge all of the blacks into the surrounding areas. I added some highlights to the nose using the white and just make everything pop and I also wanted to sketch in where the whiskers were. These are just some basic tips on how I draw the Lion and how to draw animals. Thank you, everyone!


Well you prove your self in a drawing that you are a true Lion.

Thank you @introvert-dime I'm sure you're a Lion yourself!

Nice work with pastels!

Nice work with pastels!

Thats what we called skills!
Just by watching it on how to draw something, it seems so easy but when we try it with our own hands - thats the time we find it difficult, LOL

I think everything just takes practice. Sometimes things seem hard but it's actually quite easy.

Creativity, who works hard is worth ..
Well done, great post
Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience..

Thank you. I’m happy to share it with you :)

Really interesting to see you color the eyes first.
Thanks for the share.

I usually like to start with the eyes.

Makes sense. Key chakra. Window to the soul. Power to you and your work.

Wow, that's an amazing skill.
I found it difficult to draw under the camera.
Did you flip the screen after taking a picture from above?

Yes, It's hard not to move the camera sometimes. The camera is right above my head and I took the pictures with my phone.

Mesmerising and beautiful art @vaansteam with amazing video.
I really loved your post. 😍

Nice content

Thanks for sharing this post. ☺💚

Thank you @stardivine It took me quite a long time to put all these together.

Yeah, I can see your efforts @vaansteam. I appreciate your work and wish you all the very best.☺

Thanks you.

"An artist must have his measuring tools not in the hands, but in the eye". The eye's of this 🦁 clearly shows that. Love it.

I'm glad you love it haha :)

Perfect lion, Vaan! You created a very good drawing. Thank you for publishing the process. I like to watch how art is born.

Thank you that really means a lot. I enjoying working on it :)

This really dope. I love your artwork! Keep it up!

Thank you. I’m gald you like it!

My Lion is better than yours 😁

Your lion is awesome. Hope it doesn’t eat everyone here. 😂

Awesome work, it must take a long time

This drawing took me 4hrs

Woww..you are really a great artist.:)

Thank you @manisha.jain9 really nice of you to say :)

Wow what an art! Its look like a photography not an art.
I always like your art that really amazing to me and different from other artists that i highly appreciate you.
Thanks to share your magical art.

Once again thank you for the wonderful comment! :)

That was very cool. Thank you My wife has a lion picture that she Drew in the 80's with charcoal the resemblance of yours to hers is amazing.IMG_20180614_002505.jpg

Your wife is really good. That is a masterpiece!

She says thank you keep up the good work.

Love his eyes!!

Thank you @livvu. I love your work too. Keep posting. :)

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Thanm you for the information

Amazing work

Love the details and the shadows!

Thank you @paulavg How you been?

Fine and you? drawing a lot like always, btw I'm gonna let you my new entry if you want to see :)


I like your drawing :)

Incredible draw!
Good job!

Thank you @viterbo much appreciated :)

Brother you have a great talent drawing freehand, besides drawing faces is not easy at all. I congratulate you on your drawings, I hope one day I will improve with my graphite drawings.

Thank you so much. I think the more I do the more I'm better at it

Thank you so much. I
Think the more I do the more
I'm better at it

                 - vaansteam

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Hi @vaansteam a beautiful drawing starts as something easy but the finish and those colors that you give for its end are beautiful

You are very good at this

Thanks again @yesslife I happy that you think so :)

I'm very pleased to be a winner. The lion looks gorgeous. I always impressed with your amazing drawing. Have a nice day sir @vaansteam.

Thank you! Congrats on being my last post winner. :)

Wow this is amazing!! Great teaching! Followed you!
-Frolickin Raptors

Thank you for the follow! I'll do the same!

I love art, and this is just incredible. You are very creative.

Me too, I think in a way, art has changed my life. I start to see things differently :)

Very good drawing, I loved your work and the technique you use, both in this and other published, some are very realistic like the glass, a pleasure to enjoy them.

I'm happy that you like my work. Thank you for the awesome support!

It is seen that it was a process, that you enjoyed them while doing it. The finished work was eloquent and it was perfect. In truth my congratulations, being this that the lions for their fur is one of the most difficult animals to take it to the art for its details.

Thank you for the compliment! I do enjoy it very much. To be honest I didn't think this was my best work. Maybe If I put more time into it, I think it could look even more realistic.

Hi @vaansteam! Did you draw this looking at a picture or you can draw with just image in your head? Such a beautiful lion!

Hello, @linlee888 long time no see. I was looking at a picture on the computer screen for this one. Thank you!

This is freakin amazing! Glad there are several good artists here on steemit i could follow!☺

I'm flattered that you think. Thank you! :)

Excellent work, congratulations,I would like to paint like that.You have my vote!!!

Thank you so much! I'm sure you can do it too.

Very impressive I’m enjoying all of your work. What impresses me the most is how dead straight you get your camera :P and how much control you maintain even though you’re holding your pencil quite far away from the tip. Thanks for explaining the process too, can’t wait to see your next piece.

Yes, It's quite hard sometimes. I always try to get it in the middle. makes it easier to see what I'm doing. Thanks again for the great support!

Fantastic work! It's hyper realistic! A have to resteem this ! :)

Thank you for the resteem! I really appreciate that :)

This is amazing. Thank you for going they the process and showing how and where to place the highlights and lowlights. This is an awesome drawing. Do you sell your work?

Thank you so much. Yes, I sold some of my work.

Do you have a website that I can browse and purchase some?

Wow that incredible, all the drawing I loved, but what I liked the most were the eyes.

Drawing eyes is very important in art because it can bring a picture to life

you are very talented. That is an awesome lions head done completely with only colored pencils. and your step by step is well done also. thanks for sharing

Thank you @bigskycustoms I will try to do more colored pencils.

Super, artistic as well as realistic. I love your stroke. Thanks for share.

Thank you for the compliment!

Most welcome.

Wow that's an absolute masterpiece.
The shading is perfect. How much time did it took you to finish this ?

Thank you @wa2qr This drawing took me 4hr to complete

The part that most I'm etse drawing attention, were the eyes. This very good portrait.

I always make sure the eyes are perfect. It really brings your drawing to life.

Funny how many artists start drawing heads of people or animals by the eyes. Must be because they are the most magical and fascinating part of the exercise.

I think you can start anywhere. Sometimes I start from the eyes and other times I start from the hair. Choose whatever a good starting point for you, that you feel comfortable with.

OMG you are too talented. You are an inspiration for many people to achieve transmit many emotions with your art. You are a big @vaansteam .💙💙💙💙

Thank you so much @soysam Hopefully one day I'll be big ahaha

Wow, it's amazing the way you do it, I'm very excited to learn how to draw it, thank you very much for uploading this videopost! I liked

Yes, give art a chance you might like it :)

Omg!!! I love, is beautiful

Happy that you love it :)

Man you're exceptionally good, keep up the good work :)

Thank you @ange.nkuru Nice of you!

♥♥♥I'm in love with your work bro...keep doing it♥♥♥
leo 2.gif

Great tutorial. Seeing the process in the video is delightful. I have a question, did you see an image for guidance while you are drawing? Because it's super real.

Yes I was looking at the computer screen for this image :)

Yeah, I guessed so. Good work.

Beautiful work. Thank you for posting

Thank you for your comment!

That's amazing! Working in chalky pastels and charcoal is so challenging- and you've really caught the spirit in this gorgeous animal!

Thank you @eveningart Charcoal and pastels are my favorite medium. But I'm thinking of trying out watercolor

My favourite is graphite pencil, but I've recently been adventuring with watercolour too. I'd love to see how you get on with it. I found it great fun to experiment with some "galaxy" paintings... just to get a feel for the watercolours. They're a lot of fun and you get a quick idea of how the paints move and interact! Here's one of my early ones :) Have fun.
E xIMG_20180430_203539_610.jpg

Wow this really amazing! It’s nice and colorful:)

What a professional sketch @vaansteam. The step by step preparations you have made and posted look really awesome. The colours you used as a mixture give a very real look to the lion portrait. Keep up the good work. It was really appreciable.

Thank you @beautifulplaces for your words of encouragement :)

This drawing is absolutely amazing!! The eyes are so realistic it makes me feel like the lion is looking at me.
Wished that I could be that good with coloured pencils.

I'm sure anyone can be good with practice. Thank you so much!

Nice work, I congratulate you and I hope you have a lot of success!!

Thank you! I hope you great success too!

Wow...this is simply phenomenal!

Wow! Very artistic👍
Arts never gets old. Keep it up!

You got that right! It never gets old. Only we do :)

Very true😊

Just… WOW! Brilliant work and a terrific video of your process.

I’m glad you like the video :)

Beautiful art work @vaansteam.
Great composition.

Thanks for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

Thank you @arpitrathore I really appreciate that

if you ever had a pastel set when you were younger you can smell this post

You you can get some pastel now and start drawing :)

I would like to have your talent :), I know how to draw Anime characters but not like this. It's so cool.

Anime characters are very cool too. :)

Wow that’s so cool !! Great drawing

Thank you @cp123 glad you think its cool

Beautiful artwork.******

Thank you for the compliment @supernova55

You're welcome!!🤗

Happy and lovely week!🤗

It takes good skill to make drawing of high artistic value.
Like @vaansteam

Thank you @chehkuna There are many other artists that have very good skill.

Beautiful and perfect!

Incredible lion, I like how you detailed the eyes. Excellent work @vaansteam

I'm glad you like it @francisftlp

amazing ... you are a great person

You as well my friend

Do you copy from a picture or just draw from your imagination? It’s incredible either way. Another beautiful piece.

I was looking at a referent photo for this drawing.

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

Sounds good

So realistic.

Felicitaciones tienes mucho talento, gracias por compartir tu arte!!

Wonderful image, it looks real !
Regards from Venezuela

Looks awesome!

That looks awesome. We'll done 👍

You always show your amazing artistic skill. This majestic lion's eyes showing his confidence. However, this is the confidence of your skill which can draw so beautiful sketches.

Thank you so much @akdx Yeah Lion is pretty awesome. One of my favorite animal.

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