The Bulls Are Back! | Original Artwork | By @UniqueCosmos

in #art5 years ago

It's been a few tough days in the crypto world.. Today we want to welcome back the bulls with an original @UniuqeCosmos artwork !

Es waren ein paar harte Tage in der Crypto-Welt... Heute möchten wir die Bullen mit einem original @UniuqeCosmos Kunstwerk zurück willkommen heißen!


Feel free to leave your thoughts about the artwork in the comment section! Don't forget to upvote and follow if you enjoy this art.

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Nice painting! Good work

Wow, tolles Gemälde und Malstil👌

Wonderfull painting.cute post

I love the colors thrown on it. It looks fun to see. What caught my attention was the white sketches in the background which makes this artwork more meaningful and artistic because it makes me think and form a lot of ideas in my head. Very impressive. cheers! :)

This post has received a 34.11 % upvote from @aksdwi thanks to: @uniquecosmos.

Outstanding work!

This post has received a 33.33 % upvote from @siditech thanks to: @uniquecosmos. Here's a banana! banana-small.png

Very beautiful, unfortunately I saw it too late to upvote it (I think one should be able to upvote also older articles). I will choose another post of you instead ...

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