Experiment with Vine Charcoal

in art •  3 months ago


Have not used vine charcoal since college, but I have recently seen artists on Steemit and elsewhere use it in interesting ways. After buying some sticks today I thought I might draw my "Twirble" character in charcoal and share it
with you here. Sorry I cannot really scan the image, and it just got destroyed anyway a dog drooled on it; but fun exercise.

Does anyone have suggestions on interesting ways to use this medium I might not have thought of?

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Water, fingers, ink droplets et al. Have fun!

You can ask @thermoplastic. He does wonders with it. I think, like @donnadavisart he uses water to smoosh it around.

I dont have any idea too. Maybe you can learn it by practicing it yoursef over and over again.

Combine with wet mediums - even white emulsion paint!