How to draw a lotus with a pencial?

in #art3 years ago

When you draw any flower you will soon realize the lotus is easiest to draw.
To be able to draw easily and quickly. Draw a lotus flower with a top-down view.

Enlarge the picture. Observe it for a while.

Break a leg!
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I really wish I could draw. :) Great job.

You are really good ^^

This is really good , you are really good :)

Very good line searching thx :) I will try some flowers out upvoted and following

Nice artwork.Thanks for sharing

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing...

Wao i thought photo great job

You have a talent... keep on going ang join some contest here in steemit... im sure you will win...

Is this original?

This deserves upvote, beautiful work 🌸

beautiful! :-)

Chào cậu. Chúng ta cùng một quốc gia 😂

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The flowers are very beautiful. I really like it

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