Pixel Perfect Mascot Entry # 3: A Deer

in #art3 years ago

So I already finished my 3rd entry for this mascot making contest! I want to make two to three more entries because there are animals that I still want to draw but ehh.... I already spent up all my 3 slots and that kinda sucks. Well, I did enjoyed making all these three entries but I better move on making another entry for another contest. Maybe I should make a moonunit contest entry next after this organduo comic contest. Geez. so many contests so little time. Medibang contest is also closing up and all I was able to do so far is just a cover for the one shot I am making. I'm really taking my time on this one to have a higher chance of winning... There is only one and half months left before the dead line and I still haven't finalized the story!

For this entry, I chose a deer because I felt that it is an animal that everyone will appreciate for its slender body. There is nothing much to say why I chose a deer as my third entry, I just really find this animal cool and I think it will be a functional mascot.


For the start of this drawing I made a quick rough draft. When I say "rough" I do intend to do it as rough and as loose as I can so that I can visualize and decide how should I draw and place things. To be honest, whenever I do these plates that have a lot of freedom in it like a freestyle logo or a random art, my mind just goes blank and my hands goes scribbling.

By the way, I am using medibang pro. Medibang pro is a free digital software that you can download on their site. The software itself is so reliable that I almost do everything in it alone. There are things in it that you wish it had but all and all, medibang is a good software. Try it!

For the draft, I used the pencil tool on the brush options. There is no exact rule in doing rough drafts that tells you that you should use this tool or that tool. I just appreciate this pencil tool because it has this transparent feel in it that suites my taste. I know some people that uses solid brushes right away for rough drafts and I think that is also an effective way to do the drafts. For doing this process I would suggest that you just draw right away and start. As you do this process, you'll change, add, remove and replace things depending on how the work should go.

After the rough draft, I made a new layer over it to do the inking. Sometimes, whenever my subject is complicated like if the pose that I'm doing is too hard, I do several rough drafts over rough drafts before inking for finalized line art. I think for people who do not draw as much or who haven't drew for that long like me, this would be the case most of the time. But fret not! If you draw a lot, you'll be faster and be more accurate with your lines that will make you do less erasures and reworks. Just be patient and practice!

After drawing the full body, I started thinking of other things like colors, how should I present the parts of my work, how to remove the dead spaces and other things that you might find weird about me if I mention, XD. That is just how I work, I keep thinking and revising it while I'm doing the drawing.

I added a circle around the deer to make the deer look as if it is jumping forward from a hurdle. I have no reasons for it, I just feel that its cool.

I colored it blue and green.

And added more color variations.

I added more details like those white parts a sexy gazelle have because I felt that without them, the subject is just too plain(despite of it having a complicated pose).

I filled in the dead space behind the deer with a yellowish shade with the combination of a set of gradiented halftones. This work looks finished to me but I felt that I had to add more details into it to make it pop more and so...

I added a "Go, Go, Go Jojo sound effects". Some people might ask what that is and be alienated but I think its a good touch.
There, its all done! I wanted to add the "pixel perfect" name but I felt that the other contestants don't do it so I'm not adding that here in this entry.

break-art copy.png

Everything here is mine, I borrowed nothing! I produced everything here with my sweat and blood!


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