Pixel Perfect Mascot Entry # 2: A Girl With a Brush

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As you can see, I made a 2nd entry and probably I'll even make a third one. For this mascot, I tried to be a little edgier by using a little girl(aka loli) with a brush as a mascot. Why?So people get arrested for lewding her....

I just wanted another subject which is cute but has a little more kink and strike than the first one. I want the new subject to have a harder pose like a Jojo pose or something. For the colors, I mostly used purple because I felt after finishing my first entry that Pixel/ and friends might want to stick with the purple color because maybe that is their chosen theme color for their activities. I'm not sure either with this purple choice if it is a thing for Pixel/ and friends but I noticed that most entries before me and most the assets that Pixel/ and friends use are purple. So why not?

For the hair, I used a less attractive and bright range of yellow so that the eyes of the viewer focus more on the pink parts and the purple parts of the work. On the other hand, I chose pink for the other details because pink is an analogous color(I just googled that term) of purple.

Personally I think I did a good job here. It could be better. If there are suggestions or tips that you want to share, please feel free to share it to me at the comments section!


Everything here in this post are mine!



She's cute. My first thought was, "Why isn't she smiling?" but then I recognized... "That's the exact same face I make when I draw!" So we're all good.

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