Pixel Perfect Mascot Entry #1: Some kind of Pixie Girl

in #art3 years ago

pixel 2.jpg
For this entry, I just wanted a straight up mascot that is unique and effective for it's use. The mascot that I made is some kind of Pixie(cause of the name Pixel) with a pink hair.

For the colors, I chose pink, purple and green for reasons. Green means a lot of good things, like calm, cool and nature. It could mean that people in Pixel or Pixel itself is naturally artistic, talented or cool but I'm not sure about that because I don't know much about them/him/her right now.

Pink means artistic as told by some of my friends and is not "gay"(being gay isn't bad either BTW). To be honest, I just think the pink color is good here, that is why I chose pink for the color of the hair.
For her dress I picked purple because it seems that Pixel loves a lot of purple. I used a different shape of background because the circle shape is so saturated already that almost everyone is using it!

For the lines of the mascot, I used some kind of ragged type of brush to add some more character to the subject. This image's overall size is around 2000 x 2000 which is 500px bigger than what the contest wants. If Pixel wants the Photoshop or the Medibang File for it, he/she/they can ask me so I can email it.

Here are some more variations of the entry:

pixel 2v.jpgpixelv.jpg


Everything here in this post are mine!



She's so cute. ☺ Love the drawing. @turtledancedaily

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