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RE: I am back with... Digital Portrait!

in #art4 years ago

Hi @rebeca.just20, as you know @trincowski featured you in this week's @pifc's Pay It Forward contest.

Very nicely done. Looks like you've gotten some great advice from some of the better known artists on the platorm. That is awesome. I don't draw (everything looks like cartoon characters, except for my trees) I try to spend time painting. I find that when we practice we're not so hard on ourselves and not afraid of mistakes. It's that carefree attitude and love of what you do that makes even a practice piece like this wonderful. You learn from each one. Keep up the great work.


When I'm painting portraits like this one, I don't care much what colors I use. I just try to put a lot of colors that I feel can work haha. Maybe that's why I feel in some way free (?) Idk
Thanks for your comment. I like reading this kind of opinions :D

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