Live Truth Productions Presents "Ethical Merchantry: Yellow Jade Medallion"

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Live Truth Productions is a multimedia publishing house & more from the Garden of Eden sustainable ecovillage!

Education is one of our primary focuses: we want to inspire everyone to think outside the box and open themselves to the infinite possibilities that exist for ALL aspects of life, and we encourage free thinkers to CHOOSE a full spectrum life of thrival that adds value for all beings and our Earth! 

To that end, we want to share some of our projects with you!

We have been hard at work behind the scenes in service to the @gardenofeden's community mission for almost a decade! We have hundreds of thousands of photos, thousands of videos, articles, graphics, and designs, and multiple websites that illuminate sustainable, honorable, responsible options that support a better world for all creatures and our living planet, and we look forward to continuing to share them here on the blockchain.

We have been visual artists for years with combined decades of experience, and Steemit productions are one of our latest masteries! We offer our consulting services to help one and all improve their own success on this platform - stay tuned for an upcoming post with more info.

Now, to get to today's post - we want to share our treasures with you!

While we offer a huge range of honorable goods through our Epic Threads Boutique, today we want to show you a piece of medicinal jewelry!

This intricate hand carved yellow jade medallion is a stunning one of a kind treasure! This talisman is suspended on a leather cord for a rustic yet auspicious feel.

We believe that every aspect of life is improved when one is healthy and thriving! To that end, we offer Quinn's Medicinal Jewelry line--every piece is designed to utilize the unique healing properties of gems, crystals, and stones. The jewelry is both beautiful and functional. The incredible qualities of minerals expand your options for healthcare and wellness!

- protective stone
- symbolizes purity, serenity, harmony and peaceful wisdom
- promotes love and nurturing
- promotes self-sufficiency
- clears the mind
- releases negative thoughts, allowing for inspiration
- attracts good luck and friendship
- brings insight in the dream state
- aids emotional release, especially of irritability
- facilitates true power activation
- supports the body’s filtration and elimination organs
- removes toxins
- promotes the  skeletal and cellular systems
- heals stitches
- assists fertility and childbirth  

Like all of our goods and services, this yellow jade medallion is available by donation towards building a better world for ALL!

SBD transactions help build a real world $teem economy by strengthening our favorite cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange! You  can get actual, tangible goods with it, and we will pay it forward to do  even more actual, tangible GOOD in this world and care for our living  planet! 

A Little More About Our Epic Threads Boutique

We offer valuable master crafted, unique, vintage, custom, and global pieces - all sustainably made or sourced - by donation to our humanitarian outreach!

The Isness of Business

We invite you to peruse our Shop, where you will undoubtedly find EPIC treasures and tools to delight, inspire, and heal you! With each incredible item you choose to invest in for your collection, we offer the PROFOUND opportunity to support a truly honorable cause!

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Do you know we also create the most sustainable line of SteemGear available anywhere on Earth? Check out a catalog from @quinneaker's crypt-o-rrific fashion line available by SBD exchange, or visit our Steem Shop!

Because we stand in support of the greatest good & especially the revolutionary potential of this platform, we've never cashed out any $teem or even powered down - which is good for everyone! This means that when you upvote our posts, you are increasing the value of your own $teem wealth as well! 

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