[Sculpt January] Day 4 - Rigid

in #art4 years ago

Day 4  Rigidwm.jpg

My days are way off. January is over. I haven't failed, well yes.. But to make this daily art a habit I must keep trying till I get it. Tomorrow I'll push to succeed and then and only then will the habit for dailies come, day by day. #sculptjanuary

Link to Trinumedia website


I think daily is overrated XD though it's probably because I really struggled with daily art but I guess it depends on whether you're going for "just do some practise or something every day" or "something post-worthy every day" as I was kind of going for the latter and could not.

So just saying if daily doesn't work for you aim for a longer (once a week, twice a week etc) but still regular period.

I love how cranky the character looks XD

Yeah.. I'm starting to think the dailies are overrated too. Though.. the essence is creative discipline - which I think is priceless. But it has made me re-evaluate what I actually want to do with my art and business.

I'm glad you like the cranky guy. He's my favorite thus far.

It's still discipline if you commit to once or a few times a week :)

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