[Music] Euphoric Bogota 009 - The world is on lockdown... But my soul is not.

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Euphoric Bogota 009.png

This mix was done as a warmup to play around with my cat and girlfriend in my animation studio at home - to chill and get mind off things. It goes all over a techno spectrum - but in general I practiced balancing my frequencies and delayed kick switch on choruses. I wanted to also record in a crisper sound, so tried a higher gain and less volume and worked with that. For a strange reason, I stuck to 11m-4D max in my tonalities. It was good to try balance frequencies better, I have a hard tendency to want to mash everything maxed out because I like to hear it all, but if you balance things, it will sound better and ultimately more powerful.

Tracklist is an guesstimate.. the end songs might not be listed.

  1. My Name is Lincoln - Steve Jablonsky
  2. Love Lost - Linkwood
  3. A Momento to Myself (Deepbass Remix) - Alex Smoke
  4. Meridians (Vocal Mix) - Charlotte de Witte
  5. Orianon - Mr Sosa
  6. Tabris - Never Lost
  7. Atlant - Mind Against
  8. Bliss -Butch, C. Vogt
  9. Lost Angel - Theo Parris
  10. Orinoco - Rodriguez Jr
  11. Acamar - Sandrino and Frankey
  12. Roots - NTFA and Rhadow
  13. Deep in my Soul - 16 Bit Lolitas
  14. Dead End Thrills (Patrice Baumel Remix) - Cubicolor
  15. Submission - Ben bohmer
  16. Tied Up (offaiah Remix) - The Magician, Julian Perretta
  17. Mosquito - Crocy
  18. Mental Resonance - Outline

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