[Blog] Test Renders... A Ritual

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I have been getting into the habit of doing test renders before delivery, mainly to give clients a chance to review - but more for me to iron out bugs. Blender doesn't have a "show render result" toggle in viewport even in Eevee.... #b3d #bfa #rendering #technicalartist

And just for you Steem artists out there, I know I'm quiet here.. but I do have a special place for you in my mind and heart. Hope you're doing well with the whole world going crazy, and hope the home time has been creatively inspiring.

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You don't normally do test renders? o_O I do them obsessively ^_^; though I tend to use Eevee to iron out some things and then end up having to use Cycles to check the hairs because the hair bsdf doesn't work in Eevee yet and I'm too lazy to set up another hair thing for Eevee (also I haven't quite worked out the lighting tricks with Eevee to get really nice renders like some of the other ones I've seen so I'm still using Cycles for the end product anyway).

just buzzing around here for a bit more as I miss some of you ;D

Hair BSDF doesn't work in eevee? I haven't done a lot of hair things in eevee just yet, but I'd love to. I unfortunately have to do a lot of animation, so I tend to go with Eevee because cloud renders or my local network can't hack the speed costs that Cycles has.

Doesn't seem to. Whenever I render it just comes out black (but at least somewhat in the right shape). Mind you I haven't tested yet with the latest versions (currently concentrating on rigging clothes), not that I usually have the bleeding edge versions mind, just whatever is in the Manjaro repo (I'm lazy). Cycles works fine and that's what I'll end up using for my animation because I find it does lights better/I haven't learned all the Eevee tricks to make the lights look good (I know it can be done, I just don't know how to do it XD) but it does take the better part of freaking forever.

just buzzing around here for a bit more as I miss some of you ;D

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