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in #art5 years ago

Very cool work, @noye1981!

How well do you understand English? Would you be interested in participating in a collaboration with a writer to make illustrations for a story which is being published in chapters, in the Steem Network?


ohhh gracias @trincowski, entiendo un poco, uso el traductor de google para redactar mis post😉.

Oh, I see. I am looking for someone who knows English well. Thanks for your answer!

es que me encantaría hacerlo pero no creo que sea de mucha ayuda, tengo que redactar o solo dibujar?

Only draw but if you don't know English well enough, it might be complicated, no?

y si capaz que si. bueno no hay drama, vemos en otra oportunidad 🙋🏻‍♀️💋

igual de corazón le agradezco que haya pensado en mi!!! estoy a su disposición en lo que esté a mi alcance.

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