I painted this woman on my bathroom wall

in #art3 years ago (edited)

Hi guys,

What do you think about the new art deco I painted in my bathroom?





It's based on a Audrey Hpburn image I found on the internet.


Impressive especially the courage to start, I think you did a good job and nice to see this every morning to start your day.

How does your breakfast area look like :D
A la breakfast at Tiffany's

not quite. However I just put up some art a friend of mine did. I'll share this in another post :)

Great! Will wait for it!

Wow! That is impressive!! I love it :)

Do you have any other paintings?

Yes some- I've tucked them away though - I broke my collar bone a couple of years ago, and had only the use of one arm, so I started painting in acryl. What about you?

Looking forward to see more of your paintings. You are very talented!!
I have done some works on canvas. I love creating! it clears my mind when I paint.

Du skriver "I did".
bool answer = er det du som har malt det?
if(answer == true) { Response.Write("Imponerende!"); }

Heading.change("I painted");
Echo "Ja det var det:)";
Echo "takk @svein";

good job! It is an extravagant choice for a bathroom, but very classy :)

Nice job my pal... I love arts too! Please follow and I'll follow back! bbye :)

Nice work! The contouring on her face reminds me of the Peking Opera face painting in China ;)

I love this! Great job!!

this is so good!

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