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I have two young boys (10 and 12 now) that have brought home various art projects during their time in elementary school here in Tokyo.

I asked them if it was ok to share some of the pictures we've taken of them. They both sat down with me to choose the ones I could share (ther were a couple others I also wanted to post up, but they said they were embarashed of them). Here are the ones they picked out with the names and back stories of their art.

SIZE: They are all full poster size. I'm guessing 24"x36'

1. 3D Flower Ice Cream Cones

Various rolled colored paper standing on it's side giving a cool effect. The concept was his and the name as well which was "soft cream no hana" in japanese. Soft cream is what they call the icr cream cones that are filled with the machines in swirl fashion and hana means flower. So it could be translated as the ice cream's flower so not clearly defined like good art should leave you thinking. It's one of my favorites they've made.

2. 3D Colorful Ladybug

Made on a hard brown card stock with rolled up aluminium foil around the painted areas

3. White Fluffy Dog

They could only use their fingers when he made this painting, and he was really proud of making this dog.

4. Night Owl

The painting has real cool bright colors and the imperfections add to the unique attractiveness of the painting.

5. Mega Tower

A futuristic mega tower design with bright blue and purple contrasted against almost non visible brown airplanes. Then the dark people mostly at tha bottom, but a few in the tower grid itself. And the brown, orange, green background colors make it fun contrasts visually.

6. Life is Important

This character is "inochi" in Japanese which means the importance of life. This was done by my youngest boy who has epilepsy and has had a few huge grand mal seizures that put him in the ICU with questions on whether he'd make it or not. So when he brought this home a few years back, we couldn't help but get emotional. It has a note on the back saying he choose this kanji because life is something to fight for. This calligraphy painting hangs on our wall to this day.

Hope everyone enjoyed their art. My oldest boy said we aren't professionals so please don't be mean. :)


I also enjoy painting art and I'm in my 70s. Please tell your boys that as long as you put your heart into it then it doesn't matter what others think. Art is just a way to express yourself. How art is viewed, interrelated, and appreciated is always personal to each different person.
For me, I really liked all of these art works and hope you guys will share more. And I want to share more of mine as well if I can get my nephew to help me take digital photos.
Good job boys!

How precious!.. I really like the kanji character and the special meaning it has for ya all.
We got some paintings with kanji character when my husband was stationed in Okinawa and we lived over there for a few years.

Really cool stuff Dude.... are they all the same sizes or different sizes?

They are all nice and big. I will need to measure them for exact sizes in the morning but just looking online - I think they are roughly around 24' x 36' I updated the post with this info, and here is one of the raw photos which gives you an idea to the size on the floor next to a basketball sized pikkachu.

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