Art School Assignments (includes posters, illustrations & photo manipulation)

in art •  last year


Hi steemit! The semester is almost over (1 week to go!!) so I decided to share some of the pieces I've done for classes that I liked best! c:

This is the most recent one, a poster for my Digital Media class:
maria large.jpg

Another poster for my Communications class:

Some cutesy aspects I used for a video tutorial on how to navigate the campus:
dog walker.png

A photo editing assignment where you had to make a hybrid animal (and then clone them a bunch of times):

A quick food illustration (that I re-used some previous pieces on as well):

A couple of illustrations I made for a video earlier this year:
city final.png
tbh final.png

And a character I painted for a flyer!

Hope you guys enjoyed this c:
See you later!
sign off.png

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