Earth Day Design Contest

in art •  8 months ago

Yesterday was Earth Day and for this occasion Wrappily hosted a design contest. Wrappily is a company that produces eco friendly recyclable gift wrapping paper, something close to my heart 🌿 🌄 🌎 💞

The brief was to design two coordinating patterns inspired by nature. This year specifically nature through the eyes of a child. For every submissions Wrappily will donate $10 to Kokua Hawaii Foundation (up to $2000), a non-profit organization actively engaged in supporting and promoting environmental education in the schools and communities in the state of Hawai.

If eco friendly products appeal to you or you like me or my design, please will you help me out by voting for me? It would mean the world to me, you can do it here until the 25th of April. Thanks 💟 (If you have issues with the submit-button not showing up on a mobile device, try rotating the screen, it should come up!)

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