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And on to the next one.

Meet 'Riyva', the Pirate Queen.


I went a bit old school with this one, going back to the likes of Baskabas and Jinx. The blue colour remains quite popular as I did a little survey and asked people if they prefered blue or black. I ignored the two smartasses who said pink and blue won the vote.

Since I've kept January free for art, I'm starting on the next one on monday.


This is actually really freakin' rad. Looks like a ton of work! The proportion and detail are on point.

A super work again.
Looks so pretty.
This blue is wonderful.
But having all theese colors for possible use,
your choices were always at best.
I would not expect a rainbow maiden at all.
Many thanx for all the details (hair, knobs,eyes .. )

I'm not going to build Rainbow Brite, but some colours may be interesting. :P

The red and green turned out pretty good and the blue is always a favorite, but I'm trying to find a decent black or slate grey. I used a paste on Felicia (the catwoman sculpture if you remember that one) but it needs some maintenance. So a chemical that reacts with the steel and can be sealed would be perfect. Working on it. Watch this space. :P

This is an actual image of an artwork I did 15 years ago.


At that time I used a product prior to the one displayed in the link.
I seales the surface perfectly.
The brand is still the same.
I didnt mind that it was develloped for wood.
You can always polish it up again with a soft brush.

A friend of mine recommended Owatrol oil. Perfect for metal.

Sorry, I didnt want to bother you.
I just wanted to show,
that there are no signs of corrosion after all this time,
and the colours are really fired up by using this.
Please go on producing, you are a really great metal artists.

Oh, but you're not bothering me. I just wanted to tell you there is something similar which is made especially for metal. Nothing else. :)

I personally would have gone with brown like leather...or perhaps a dark purple. Maybe a light steel blue for the skin.

Thanks for the input. I'm a bit limited with colours at the moment as I'm not using paint but relying on chemical processes for colouration. Will be experimenting with other colours when a new order of products comes in, so watch this space. ;)

Well, I know the blue is definitely possible, as it's just a process with heat and oil... If it's steel, a brownish color should be easy as well, cuz rust. The trouble would be figuring out how to modify the rusting process to change the hue a bit, if you wanted to. It could then be sealed afterwards likely to prevent future corrosion.

If you want to go the rusty way then it would be better to start off with Cor-Ten steel and once the oxidation is what you want, you can oil it. I've had 2 sheets of Cor-Ten in my shop for years but haven't used them yet. Maybe I should. ;)

Might be interesting to see what colors you might get with the rust effect included.

I am sort of late to upvote and resteem, but for all it's worth, I put it on my Visionary Art Twitter:

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