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RE: What is Hinterglas?

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Re-discovering this fantastic work of yours - 2 years later - is a rare treat! Some outstanding posts should be brought forward and kept on top of the heap! It is unfortunate that a post 2 years old is buried so deep nobody can find it anymore.
Myself, I had added a tab on my website on the artwork I posted on Steemit that links to the post. This is the GIF I use - it has the old Steemit logo:

On my Visionary Art website, I am so far behind with updating and restyling it, but my plan is also to add that link to select artworks of members that are on Steemit. Which I should do to yours at this moment, while I still think about it! ....................................... and - DONE:


WOW, great job, Otto!! Super idea too, to create links on ones website 👍

Did you see this post about the pixEOScanvas? You should contribute some of your art! And invite friends to do so too.

I was thinking that this system I tried on your page could work for other VA artists too, if they would join up. I could then eventually get rid of the very expensive private network on Ning (which I pay for out of my own pocket) and get new works and updates from these blogs here.
I have to look at the pixEOScanvas later - man, I need a 48 hour day to work, lol
btw - my 100% steempower is not worth much, so I hope others pick up on this tread as well. I told Peter @gric about it on WhatsApp, but he has not seen it yet.

On my latest blog on WeKu I put a image link to the Steemit blog that looks like this:

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