Fan Art in 3D: Molly / Eva

in art •  8 months ago

Hello people of Steemit, how are you?

Well, following my desire to model characters, this time I bring Eva (or Molly) from the French anime Oban Star Racer (by Savin Yeatman-Eiffel), broadcast years ago by the old Jetix (what memories).


This time I did not want to do a render with only a shadeless material, so, I tried a bit more to achieve an effect more anime.

Same as the previous ones: Low poly model made in blender 2.78, textured with krita 3.something. Between them (vehicle and character) there is a total of 5272 tris, and 2 lights. The animation of the face I made it with shapekeys


I think it cost me more to make the vehicle than the girl, since I did not find good references, so if it not is similar, I apologize.

In Sketchfab

Well, thanks for the attention, and have a happy day, until the next n_n

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