Fan art in 3D: Lain

in art •  8 months ago

Hello steemit people, how are you?

Today I share another fan art in blender that I did in a moment of boring (and free time), Lain Iwakura of the anime Serial Experiment Lain of Ryutaro Nakamura.


She because I got a little nostalgic of when the series left me with a mess in the brain, so nothing...

Full Body:




Made with blender in low poly with 2,356 Tris, and Texture made in Krita 3.something. I wanted to make the black borders of the anime, but I do not handle freestyle well, and well, I was very ugly, so I left it like this.

And, the armature:


The hair is a texture with transparency

Soon more things, for the moment, thank you for the attention n_n

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this model looks great!
why did you choose Blender over other software? what's the learning curve?


thank you!!

I chose it for 2 reasons, my pc supports it, and it is also free.

Well, it's not that hard to learn, of course the first time you'll pretty lost, but as you explore it and follow tutorials and those things, you'll quickly grab the rhythm


thanks! :)
I like how you model, few surfaces and very nice proportions!