Fan Art: Drawing to Start Butterfly

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Hello people, how are you, it's been a while, this time I do not bring 3D art, since I bring a drawing, a fanart of the princess star Butterfly, with the new barite, I remember that a fanart of she was one of the first drawings that i went up to my deviantart, and it made me illusion (Besides that I'm a little without ideas).


Star New
Made in Azpainter + Krita


Start Old
Made in pain tool sai


First drawn in pencil, on a notebook sheet.

Then I scanned it and made the outline with azpainter 2.1.2, I did not like it as I drew the arms in the pencil drawing, so I modified them a little bit.

I already made the coloring in Krita 3. something, here the base colors. At this point I realized that the weapons because of the position they were in, rather than in perspective, seemed very small, but I left them that way.
Basic Colors

And here the final coloring, as you can see, I added details that I had lacked, like the bracelet with spikes, and added a nice background.
In DeviarArt

Thanks for the attention, and I hope you liked it

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