Juicy Watermelon | Watercolor

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Hello friend, once again showing one of the paintings that I am elaborating to relax every day, I have obtained in the drawing a way to alleviate the afflictions to which we are exposed.

The pin is one of my favorite fruits, it is very refreshing, in Venezuela you can see it all year round in the market.

I have known that it has many properties in it can be noted that a fruit that is composed of 90% water, contains antioxidants, contains Vitamins, minerals, sugars, is diuretic.

On this occasion use the following materials and tools:

Materials and tools.
A piece of cardboard.
Pencil No. 2.

Next I show you a photographic sequence of the process of its elaboration.>


Picture 1

Picture 2

patilla 3.jpg

Picture 3

patilla 4.jpg

Picture 4

patilla 6.jpg

Picture 5

patilla 7.jpg

Picture 6

patilla 8.jpg

Picture 7

patilla 9.jpg

Picture 8

patilla 10.jpg

Picture 9

patilla ps.jpg
Picture 10

Reference image: Imagen

It is very nice to have shared this publication with you and I appreciate that you have taken time to see this publication.

If you want you can leave a comment, critics are accepted, this would help me to improve.

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