Street Art of PORTLAND, OREGON: Part 1

in art •  last year

Starting off with my favorite, check out the link to see more from this artist->





Upvote if you would like to see more! These are just a few examples near my old home. Just spent over a week without internet due to my moving! If you read my last post about being addicted to #steemit then you know how difficult it was. Will be uploading and posting more after my nesting. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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I was in Portland not long ago and there really it a ton of city art! I love these photos!

Incredible pieces of art!! There needs to be more of this around the world.


Yes! Art can change the world! I love this story, check out the link if you have the time.

Wow these are all so clean. Looks like they could have been painted yesterday! Great stuff

Great photos!

I'm in PDX right now, getting ready to head to the Rainbow Gathering, and just said the other day how much opportunity there is here for photography of the art, the yards, the trees, etc. Very photogenic city for sure.

Hawthorne is so fun :-)

Nice. I'm gunna go with number 3 as my fave.

Thats a heaven for photographers!


Yes! The NorthWest is heaven. I've traveled around the entire U.S 3 times and have never found a place it's equal. I might be biased since I was born here, but I'm also a liberal activist with a ton of food allergies so I don't know if I'd fit anywhere else :P

Siiick, That snake Mural is badass! I really dig it when the artist uses an entire wall or several sides of a structure for their work.


Right? It's always more impressive, size does matter when it comes to murals : ) That's why my jaw dropped when I saw that location in Austin.... One giant spastic EPIC mural.


hahaha. good one ~