Jook Doodle Woman creates a Doodle Universe and lives in it

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Jook Doodle Woman may sound quite a strange name for an artist but it will become clear to you why she did not have to think long about adopting this artistic name.
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We all know doodling, drawing cartoonlike figures on a piece of paper mostly when we are bored out of our minds. Jook seems infected with a kind of doodle microbe; it goes much farther than childish drawings it is taking over her clothes, her furniture, her house, her family and her life.
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So anyone who knows her was not the slightest surprised when her house became one giant canvas for her doodling. Every single second she has, she uses to make very funny and enjoyable drawings.
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She draws now almost automatically even without thinking. It is not premeditated, she does not have a plan, and it just flows out of her imagination with some major developments in her life and the lives of her loved ones. The doodling seems to make her calm and relaxed and everything else is for her irrelevant.
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In the small town of Ostend in Flanders, Belgium, she is working out of her art studio and her ‘Doodle House’. You can have a passion for art but this is like it getting out of control.
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All Jook Doodle Woman needs is a wall and a pen and the rest becomes history. This friendly artist is taking over the internet by storm. It proves that today the public decides for themselves what art is
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