🔝 Experts stunned after discovering the secret messages in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel 🔝

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One of the most recognized works in the history of mankind seems to have a secret code right in the body of God.

It is believed that the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo Buonarroti from 1508 to 1512 reflects the lessons learned by Miguel Angel in his youth, after he began to dissect corpses at age 17 in the cemeteries of the church. Five hundred years after he drew them, they are thought to have found his anatomical illustrations, painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, cleverly hidden from the Popes and countless religious scholars, for centuries unnoticed in their representation of divinity. A kind of new "Da Vinci Code".

This is what experts in neuroanatomy Ian Suk and Rafael Tamargo maintain in an article published in the journal Neurosurgery.

In 1990, Dr. Frank Meshberger published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association deciphering that within "God Creating Adam" on the center panel of the ceiling there was a perfect anatomical illustration of the human brain sectioned. Meshberger believes that Michelangelo covered God with a mantle representing the human brain to suggest that God endowed Adam not only with life but with supreme intelligence.

Years later, researchers Suk and Tamargo endorse this theory with new discoveries. Now in another panel "The Separation of the Light of Darkness", Suk and Tamargo have found that in the center of God's chest and forming his throat is an accurate representation of a spinal cord and human brain stem.

A 500-year mystery arises, what did Michelangelo mean by constructing the rib cage of God from the brain stem of man? Is it sacrilege or homage?

Critics of art have long been mystified by the anatomical irregularities in the neck of God and the discordant illumination of the panel. Nearly irreconcilable clumsiness with the mastery of one of the greatest anatomists of humanity.

For this same reason, Suk and Tamargo argue that it is not an error but an intentional hidden message, since nowhere else is there an error like that, less of such clumsiness.

According to academics Miguel Angel also highlighted the kidney in another place of the Chapel, since this one had special interest for the painter who suffered from stones in the kidney.

The theories about the meaning of the hidden messages of Michelangelo begin to emerge, the dawn of a new exegesis and conspiracy. It is said that perhaps "The Separation of the Light of Darkness" refers to the struggle between science and religion. In the time that Copernicus had been denounced by the church for its heliocentrism. Perhaps Michelangelo, by including the anatomy of man in the divine body, referred to the knowledge of man, to science capable of being at the level of religious knowledge, or even above it?

It is not a secret that Michelangelo and the Catholic Church had their disagreements. The artist was repelled by the opulence and corruption of the Church. Within his masterpiece, in his two self-portraits, he represents himself tortured. He gives his face to the martyr San Bartolome, and to the head of Holofernes, who was seduced by Judith and beheaded.

Although a devotee, at the end of his life, Michelangelo developed a belief in Spiritualism, condemned by Pope Paul IV. Spiritualism holds that the way to God can be found not only through the Church, but in direct communication with God. This Pope interpreted "The Last Judgment" of Michelangelo as suggesting that Jesus and the disciples communicated directly with God without the need of the Church (through the pineal gland, which Miguel Angel emphasized?). Miguel Angel's pension was removed; and the same painter preferred to be buried in Florence and not in the Vatican

Dr. Douglas Field says that perhaps the meaning of the Sistine Chapel is not that of God giving intelligence to Adam, but that intelligence and observation (and the organ that makes them possible) lead, without the need of the Church, directly to God. And he concludes by saying that the work of Miguel Angel combines art, science and religion as a mirror.

No doubt this new Code Miguel Angel will give much to talk about. On the one hand it touches an evident and sensitive fiber: the Church that zealously holds the keys of heaven and the possible divine rebellion of the man who knows he shares in the divinity, without needing an interface. Throwing conjectures: perhaps Michelangelo will symbolize the human brain and its abilities altered and controlled by the God of the Church.

Another interesting theory places us in the area of ​​the pineal gland (which secretes spirits, according to Descartes), the third eye of man embedded in the body of God (also the eye of God in man, the seat of the soul), which to activate it "opens the doors of heaven" and it is in mystical traditions precisely what leads man to see through the eyes of God. Something that is reinforced with the image of God and his legion of angels in a mantle that has the shape of a brain, which with the finger of light pointing to Adam, seems to be a hyper-protuberant pineal gland. We interpret that the finger-divine-pineal neuroelectrically touching Adam means that man can access the divinity, which inhabits the brain (which god resembles man) by activating the pineal gland. The hyper pineal gland is amazingly represented in a similar way in the film "From Beyond", in which scientists seek to stimulate the pineal gland with a device called "the Resonator", and in doing so they make beings from another dimension perceive themselves. We must remember that the Vatican itself has a giant statue of a pine cone, which could be a symbol of the pineal gland, in St. Peter's Square and the Pope in his staff carries the same symbol. Of course, this is just a hypothesis, at the moment all kinds of interpretations are accepted.

"I saw an angel in the marble and I carved it until I released it", Michelangelo Buonarroti.

source: Huffington Post//Frente Fantasma

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That's amazing, I am always blown away by the things people keep finding in the works of the classical masters. Perhaps this is the reason we are so impressed and amazed by their skill maybe its not the obvious that captures our attention maybe it's the hidden message behind it all

A great post!!!

Thank you for sharing, although, this has been known for centuries. Especially in masonic traditions

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