The call back to senses!!! A man seeth fear in risk while a wise one foundeth passion in risk!

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Hello World,

I'm really ashamed of myself writing this today. I myself couldn't believe the fact that I could stay aways from my blog for this long but there is a WHAT in ever fuck up! And that's my believe.

A man seeth fear in risk while a wise one foundeth passion in risk. - Nucleus.

Though I've been very busy with school and all that but even at that, I still do have time to share some part of me here and all of a sudden, I just stopped! I'm really using this opportunity to apologize to all that have been hoping to see more of me on this platform and at the end of the day lost their hope in checking my blog. I've also using this opportunity to let you guys know that in fully back. Back for what? Maybe I don't know. But this I know, like a friend @Dante31 would say; "Come for the money, stay for the friends." I guess I'm back for my friends now. And my watchword seem to be Learning.

I found something missing.

In 3days (15th of August) I would be a year old on steemit and many here then use to know me as an artist even if I wasn't that good but they had that registered that I'm an artist and at some point, I think I disappointed them, or maybe I disappointed myself. For many months now, I had stop drawing nor painting and yet still calling myself an artist. I guess I turned a reckless being after some months and yet nothing brought me back to my senses.

The friend I needed while I thought I wanted.
After many months being a common man on street, I never knew my friend @ezunjoshy was really observing me while I kept calling myself an artist without practicing. Some days back I was only complaining about my financial status and all I could hear from my friend was "There's nothing more since you've lost your artistic sense". And I was there looking like a fool, couldn't say anything cause either directly or indirectly he's fucking correct about me at that moment.

Back to my sense, even as a poor craftsman.

For some days now, though I've been busy cause my exams is gonna start in few weeks or three weeks I guess but yet I think determination keeps all. I'm kind of willing to put even if it's that little effort to my artistic product.

So I'm back and I did or made a quick painting today of a rabbit head. In the absence of quality or much equipment I tend to make do of appreciating the existence of Determination.

My little painting, I hope you love it?

Painting had been my hope for survival. Right from childhood, I've always had it in mind that someday I would make some Dope (Money) as an artist and mostly from my paintings and that has always been keeping my head up even when my pocket is literally empty.


After that Depp thought or deep thinking you think I had, I just decided to make something out of the little equipment I have at the moment, and all I could find is the least form of paint I know which is the Watercolour. Since I have a water colour and some brushes, then I decided to make that little painting you can see above The head of a Rabbit.

The little way to prove my day duty.

Lest I forget, Happy Sunday World. After coming back from church this morning, and I already had it in mind that I must make a painting today. Then I picked up that Sketchpad!


At first, this painting seems to me like helping a little sibling out with his or her art assignment. I just started the wet on wet pattern of painting. Wet on wet means painting without waiting for the layers to get dry before applying another one.


I kept on applying the Wet on wet and at some point it seems my Sketchpad was going to tier but since I know I'm painting by the rules Wet on wet, though my paper wasn't that strong which means I also broke the rule by not using a thick paper and I also choose not to break the Wet to wet rules.


Laying the colours was fun for me and at the same time appeared to be something painful cause I assume I ought to be far better than was I saw today but it also added to my form of Determination!


Yeah, I finished it and I see more coming with better improvement.

Art is all about the act to practice, and that's a rule you should never break. - Nucleus.

I'm so glad cause I know my people here would accept me back. Thank you to all that wonderful hearts, I'm so grateful.

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Welcome back and you are accepted..

Beautiful art work.
If painting is your gift, use it will sure announce you.