As man worketh in vain! My expression in painting.

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Hello Living Beings,

I hope you guys are enjoying the new week? I hope it bring good fortune to everyone of us. I wonder if work was for money sake alone and passion was never involved, who could be happy about work? I thought much on this and some other this came up and I couldn't get anyone to talk to, but I eventually spoke to the world through the small painting I made today.

Working hard but never smart.


I begin to wonder why many people out there who are workaholic seems to be the poorest in the society, not that they don't know the rules and laws, they do but I got to realized that they were never smart and they are always scared of breaking the rules.

Different between the Laws and the rules.

The Laws.

Many people tend to believe that the rules are the same thing as the laws but they are not the same. The laws are natural or should I say natural laws. You can't break the laws they break you instead, cause it's fixed example is the law of Gravity, the law of gravity is a fixed law, you can't break it just like you can't adjust it. For everything that goes up must surely come down, it's naturally inevitable and unchangeable.

These things we call laws or that which everyone know to be the law and not the rules cause it was never made my man, it's of a natural existence which one must obey, and it doesn't require anyone or anything to punish one for breaking it but the nature itself judges one instantly.

The Rules.

The rules are practically made and practiced by man. These set of rules were made from ideas and the act of idealism, whereby the wise ones or the scholars who had studied somethings to some extent and realized or concluded that a particular work, art, or solution is perfect at a particular stage or point.

What happens when you break the rules?

The hidden truth that many people out there don't get to know till its late that the rules were made by man and they were meant to be broken for the sake of advancement. For example:-

In the artistic world.

In the art world there are some rules or there are many rules. When you work by this rules, you get the best of the pictures you intend to achieve but this doesn't make you the best, why? There are many artist out there who have done what you have just done so many times and the viewers out there are waiting for new interpretations from the artworld.

Since the viewers need a new interpretation, how can you get that to them if you still keep on following the entire rules created by man to make art? "You just have to break the rules friend!"

My painting talking of the hardworking but not smart man.

Talking of the story behind the painting above is actually like talking about the state of poverty in every society. In the painting, let's assume it was a man, he washed his clothes and hanged them on the iron by his window so that the sun could dry it up in no time.


He actually spread the clothes outside when the sun was shining but as a working class man, he needed to go to work and at the same time needed to dry his clothes before he comes back from work.


But the rules man created that he wasn't ready to break broke him. After he had left for work, rain started and the same clothes got wet again, even at a very worse scenario.


He could have been smarter, and he could have broken the rules why?

Not only the sun drys clothes but it's ideal to dry the clothes under the Sun. - Nucleus.


I hope I've been able to convince and not confuse some people?

Many things are logical or all things are logical when it comes to rules but not all the time is man expected to respect or observe LOGIC. - Nucleus.

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